Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Bush Illegal Spying On Vegans and Quaker Grannies Continues

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

All week long the MSM has been filled to the gills with lying creeps telling us that it is OK to spy on Americans so we can be protected from bin Laden, the Bush family buddy. Well, not one of the pundits doing this mention who was spied upon nor will Bush tell us, nope. Not even if Congress asks.

From Ted Rall:
Civil libertarians relaxed when, in September 2003, Republicans bowed to public outcry and cancelled Total Information Awareness. TIA was a covert "data mining" operation run out of the Pentagon by creepy Iran-Contra figure John Poindexter. Bush Administration marketing mavens had tried to dress up the sinister "dataveillance" spook squad--first by changing TIA to Terrorism Information Awareness, then to the Information Awareness Office--to no avail. "But," wondered the Electronic Frontier Foundation watchdog group a month after Congress cut its funding, "is TIA truly dead?"

At the time I bet "no." Once a regime has revealed a predilection for spying on its own people, the histories of East Germany and Richard Nixon teach us, they never quit voluntarily. The cyclical clicks that appeared on my phone line after 9/11 corroborated my belief that federal spy agencies were using the War on Terrorism as a pretext for harassing their real enemies: liberals and others who criticized their policies. As did the phony Verizon employee tearing out of my building's basement, leaving the phone switching box open, when I demanded to see his identification. He drove away in an unmarked van.
I have been spied upon in my past and am probably being spied upon today. Since few people read me, I dwell in this little corner of the net by myself and watch the ridiculous story unfold. Far from being amazed, this is all old stuff.

The framers of the Constitution wanted to protect the privacy of the mail, visiting people, speaking freely in public, all sorts of radical, revolutionary stuff. They were so big on this, they wrote it all down and made it very important and surrounded it with all sorts of fences to keep out despots.

They didn't reckon with the Ben Franklin media collapsing and becoming co-conspiritors nor the Supreme Court saying, "the Constitution is just a goddam piece of paper" or whatever Bush said, too. Anyway, the laws Bush has been breaking are all the foundation stones of our democracy! He should be arrested and tried for treason.

The cartoon I drew is from two badges the NSA cooked up right after 9/11. Both badges don't exist anymore but I emailed them to a blogger who is now gone. One of the emblems was a hissing black cat for DARPA. It stood in front of the WTC on fire, the eyeball pyramid loomed over it all.

The Total Information guys had the same pyramid of power, glaring over the planet earth, focused on Iraq! Both were suffused with black magic emblems and signs. They were open declarations of satanic ritual abuse. They were, to be blunt, scary.

Now, the media didn't talk about all this. Newsweek mentioned it in a "haha" story. Geeze, the clowns planning to spy on us love satanic ritual evil! Whoopee, America. Merry Christmas.

Bush is a satanic ritualist who worships Geronimo's skull and plots the end of democracy, 322, the magic number of the Skull and Bones and all that nonesense. We have to arrest him. Letting vile evil magic ritualists to run amok in America is causing huge problems. He thinks he can break the law with impunity. Everyone is being told that it is OK to sneak around America, spying on law abiding citizens who happen to be against the war.

The USA even spied on the Security Council countries before our illegal war against the unarmed Iraqi people! I remember when France protested this and Bush and the American media retaliated by attacking France and launching a hostile boycott of all things French. Like a mugger running over the dog of his victim in order to shut him up. This beastly behavior was allowed to pass since the French cannot arrest Bush, they can, like me, only insult him.

Well, arrest Bush. Armies of prosecutors should be besieging the White House. Armies of reporters demanding the truth should be banging on the front and back doors of the White House.

Damn. Paul Revere, where are you now?
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