Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chinese Arrest Official Who Ordered Shooting Rioting Peasants

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The leadership in China is justly afraid of the power of the peasants for there are literally nearly a billion peasants who can, if they are motivated enough, can rip apart the capitalist experiment. So they arrested the official who ordered the shooting. In America, we often see knee-jerk support in favor of shooting anyone who is rioting. So this is a surprize to me.

From the BBC:
Authorities in southern China have held an official who ordered police to open fire during a disturbance last week killing protesters, media reports say.
The arrest comes after officials broke several days' silence to say that three villagers were shot dead in the protest, in Guangdong province.

Local residents have alleged that up to 20 people were killed.
The party leadership has good reason to be scared. The peasants have been hard hit by the avian flu scare and this has interefered with them raising massive numbers of animals. Almost all plagues that have swept the northern hemisphere these last 1000 years have begun in the successful Chinese peasant's mix of human and animal husbandry which is the most efficient on earth, namely, using ducks to fertilize the rice paddies and clean them of all insects and grubs, ducks are very good for this, I used to turn them into the garden here to eat insects for they leave the plants alone, the pigs would turn the soil after crops were harvested, eating the remains, in the case of rice, pulling up the roots so the plants don't form a hard mat, and the oxen who live like a family member just like my dear ox team who always wanted to come inside with me, using recycled human waste as fertilizer, layering all this carefully means the human/animal complex causes germ mutations and diseases hop from species to species easily and the large population is a grear ecological niche for disease.

In all, the Chinese peasant, intelligent and hard working, has many problems that should keenly interest the rest of humanity. Dealing with all this is our responsibility as well as the Chinese, namely, we should be the beacon, the light of hope and intelligence but we are run by fools who hate science and hate humans.

The Chinese peasant has basically been told to produce as much as possible. In the USA, since the Great Depression broke the back of the small independent farmer, the government has paid farmers to not overproduce. This has been cast out by our rulers who now have everyone running from one crop to another seeking money frantically, the small fowl farmers and small pork producers driven out of business by animal concentration plants that house animals in unsavory, anti-animal sheds that give them no peace, no freedom and no happiness before we butcher them.

All farming systems are in chaos today. In Hong Kong, the New World Order WTO people are meeting, trying to destroy the last vestiges of farm protections, making everyone "equal" so we can all be peasants. The Third world resents the subisdized food flooding in from Europe and America and I don't blame them but I think we should all have strong barriers, not the exact opposite. Japan, for example, protects their farmlands from competition, thank you. Ditto, France. Countries that turn their farms into export machines end up like the USA: manufacturing flees! All nations that want to be smart must understand they, like the Chinese peasants, need all the skills to be near at hand, the blacksmith, the farmer, the furniture maker, the teacher, spead evenly across the land, not everything in one or three cities, worse, in far flung countries.

The many coal mining deaths finally alarm Beijing. From Xinhuanet:
Beijing expects to close down 83 coal mines in its year-end coal mine safety rectification drive, said an official with the Beijing Mine Safety Supervision Bureau.

The city will set up a coal mine safety system which demand coal mine directors and managers to go down the shafts in shifts to ensure safe production and reduce chances of accidents, sources with the bureau said.

The new regulation will be issued next year, said Jia Taibao, deputy director of the Beijing Mine Safety Supervision Bureau, adding that each shift of underground coal production should be accompanied with at least one leading cadre of coal mine, Jia said.
Thanks to the internet, we can influence China to do the right thing. Wish that worked on our own government! Keep on blogging! This is about time, I must say. It grieves me to see the stoic suffering of all those hard working miners. It is a sign of just how morally corrupted the Chinese communists are, letting this fester.

And speaking of festering, the same week Condi has been snarling and snapping at Europe to shut up about our illegal, black hole, anti-Geneva Conventions secret CIA torture prisons in Polands, Bush and his gang turn around and throw the ritual mud at the Chinese. From Xiinhuanet:
China strongly opposes to the assault of the US government on the pretext of human rights issue, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said here Sunday.

Qin made the remarks in response to the US State Department spokesman's statement on Saturday's International Human Rights Day, in which the US side criticized China's human rights situation.

Qin said China has scored remarkable achievements in the field of human rights protection. The Chinese people fully enjoy human rights and freedom according to law.

"The Chinese government and people expressed their strong opposition and firmly opposed to the US government's practice in the name of the so-called human rights issue that wantonly assaulted China," said the spokesman.

The United States itself has severe problems of violating human rights, and it is being strictly criticized by the international society as it refused the investigation of a special rapporteur of the UN Human Rights Commission, said Qin.

"However, the US government still intentionally depicted itself as a human rights guard, often criticizing other countries' human rights 'problems' with the attempt to shift others' attention," Qin said.
Whenever Bush attacks other countries over democracy and voting, I want to rip out throats. The sheer nausea of America lecturing anyone about democracy, voting, civil rights or human dignity is disgusting. The Chinese correctly see this no longer as mere propaganda, they are very offended by this and for good reason.

I am offended, too. Arrest Bush for violating human rights. Put him on international trial. Then we can sit down with the Chinese and begin to explain to them how to run China. Har. As if.

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