Friday, December 23, 2005

NYC Police Deliberately Provoke Police Attacks on Demonstrators

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This developing story from the time of the giant antiwar demonstrations in NYC and the GOP Conventions here continues to evolve just like the spying on Americans story. We live in a bonafide police state. The GOP, just like when they controlled events when Nixon was elected, allow the police and military and spy networks to run amok, infiltrating demonstrations in order to start a fake riot by pretending to attack the police or spying on little old Quaker ladies. This has to stop, now.

From the New York Times;
Undercover New York City police officers have conducted covert surveillance in the last 16 months of people protesting the Iraq war, bicycle riders taking part in mass rallies and even mourners at a street vigil for a cyclist killed in an accident, a series of videotapes show.
This is insanity. The bike riders who promote healthy living and better use of our public streets have always been totally peaceful. Their goals are totally laudable and completely legal. Their actions are legal, they simply pedal down various streets in a large enough group to force cars to yield the right of way which is totally legal.
Provided with images from the tape, the Police Department's chief spokesman, Paul J. Browne, did not dispute that they showed officers at work but said that disguised officers had always attended such gatherings - not to investigate political activities but to keep order and protect free speech. Activists, however, say that police officers masquerading as protesters and bicycle riders distort their messages and provoke trouble.
They are shameless. How dare they claim planting hostile police in peaceful demonstrations, police agents who hide their identity and then try to uge people do break the law or rush fellow officers and pretend to fight them aren't protecting free speech!

Far from it! Never ever in my life have I seen the police protect left wing demonstrators. They will surround blatant Nazis with cops so enraged residents and citizens can't hound them out of their own communities but lefties, well, we are on our own. We can't hold any demonstrations without the police being blatantly hostile. They won't protect us from violent rightwingers if we are outnumbered, for example.

I have been charged with riots that the police themselves deliberately started. One of the funniest attempts was when they blamed me for a riot I wasn't even aware of, being home, sick with the flue at the time. They had to apologize for that one and it was a turning point in my relations with them for they had to meet with me and listen to my good advice on how to prevent a riot, not start one.
Mr. Browne, the police spokesman, said the department did not increase its surveillance of political groups when the restrictions were eased. The powers obtained after Sept. 11 have been used exclusively "to investigate and thwart terrorists," Mr. Browne said. He would not answer specific questions about the disguised officers or describe any limits the department placed on surveillance at public events.

Jethro M. Eisenstein, one of the lawyers who brought the lawsuit 34 years ago, said: "This is a level-headed Police Department, led by a level-headed police commissioner. What in the world are they doing?"
What are they doing? What police always do, every time, since the beginning of time: abuse power. They can't help it. This is what they live for. This is why the overreaction to potential terrorism inevitably leads them into trying to destroy pesky citizens who are trying to change society peacefully. Their idea of order is Ordnung. Namely, everyone obeys authority without question and keeps their heads down, passive sheep herded in whatever direction the rulers capriciously wish.

Well, they herded us all into a fake war, an illegal war and this war was hatched by former Trotskyites who switched sides and decided to unleash the full power of the police state aparatus upon what used to be free Americans. Luring police into behaving like despots is easy. And allowing the military to bloat up and abuse the planet is easy. Undoing the disasterous results of all this is very difficult.

Today, Rummy and Bush are chiming in that we will now be withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afganistan. This is exactly what bin Laden and the Iranians want and it is a signal that we lost the war Bush launched and just like under Nixon and like with Nixon, as he withdrew troops, he attacked us lefties harder and harder.

Just like in Nam, we are replacing soldiers on the ground with aerial bombing which happen daily in Iraq. We are fighting peasants there as if this were WWII. The civilian bombings by all sides in WWII were war crimes. What we are doing now is a war crime. Like in Nam, when we at least had to contend with MIG flying North Vietnamese who also had ground fire to take us down, we bomb the very poorest people but unlike Vietnam and just like this whole stupid war from day one, we disarmed the Iraqis and then bombed and killed them making this a much more serious war crime!

The whole point of the UN investigations was to insure Iraq was truly disarmed so we could sweep in. The UN still hasn't dealt with their own complicity in this great crime. Historians will record it as such. A conspiracy to defillibrate a nation.

As usual in life, one crime leads to another and the criminal culture spreads like the Avian flu throughout the population, demoralizing and destroying it. We never learn. Our founding fathers understood that a police state is a bad thing. Why can't we figure this out?

Like, read the damn Constitution for once, guys! It ain't just no piece of paper.

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