Friday, December 23, 2005

Right Wing "Christians" Force Doll Maker To Cut Off Funds To Charities

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The right wing Christian Taliban attempt at forcing Ford to cut off all contact with gay organizations and publications has failed but this doesn't stop them. Today, they managed to force a doll maker to cut off liberal donations. They are determined to prevent any and all money going to any liberal organization or event. This coincides with GOP attempts at punishing any corporation that gives support to Democrats.

From CBS News:
With $379 million in sales last year, the American Girl dolls are just like the girls who adore them — wholesome and sweet and rooted in American history.

They were a huge hit in the Wiesner household.

Claire Wiesner says, "They are so much fun to play with and they seem so real." Her sister Elena adds, "And they're really pretty."

Renee Wiesner, Claire's mom tells CBS News correspondent Mika Brzezinski, "Everything that they sold to us seemed very consistent with our values."

That was until the Wiesners found out that the American Girl company donates money to an organization called Girls Incorporated, which offers support to underprivileged girls. Girls Inc. also endorses Roe v. Wade — the right to abortion and it promotes acceptance of homosexuality. It's an association that families like the Wiesners are protesting with their wallets.
Give the little girls Eva Braun dolls! Hey! Of course, we can't prevent such boycotts. They are an American right which the right loves to wield themselves but if we do this, they scream that we are unamerican.

The neo-Nazi Pope is encouraging all this sort of thing. The lunatics who want the Apocalypse also want unfettered human reproduction because this is a race/religion war that is won using women's bodies to crank out cyphers for the churck and state. Namely, Muslim reactionaries are preventing birth control and encouraging population growth which is why their birth rate has been so high though, as they congregate into cities, the urge to have many children is dropping just like it does in any other part of the world, this ideological race is important to white, Christian racists.

Right wing Jews do this, too, for that matter. Have gigantic families so they can extend their little empires. Ditto the Mormons. All religious groups know that preaching converts few but raising children as captives of various ideologies is a great way to keep a religion or political organization expanding!

The other side of this dangerou coin is, rapidly growing populations then neeed "lebensraum" and this means killing as many people who are in the way as fast as possible. Millions and millions of people died during WWII in this race to kill off rival civilian populations. This is why all modern wars end up targetting women and babies.

Much of the planet uses English because with the industrial revolution and the introduction of the potato, the population of the British/Irish Isles exploded. The excess population was shipped out as fast as possible to the four corners. This also happened to Germany which sent so many to America, the chief language almost became German. Ich bin halb deutsch.

Emigration was shut down in the twenties after WWI and Germans were not welcome thanks to that stupid, useless war so Hitler did two things: tried to force "Aryan" women to have lots of children and then use them as tools and an excuse to invade other people's countries and annihilate or enslave them. Kinder/Kuchen/Kirche ends in a bloodbath.

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