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Russia Leverages Power By Sharing Space Technology

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Thanks to alert readers, I got several URLs concerning the ongoing space chess game. It is unfortunate that the Chess Master representing the USA in this game is a Chimp Master and only moves bananas. Alas, Putin loves chess and is pretty good at it, actually, excellent. He and the Chinese are enjoying a very interesting Go/Chess game and missiles and money are the moving agents and cornering the USA King is the goal.

From, via Daliwood, one of our most faithful readers:
Taking their strategic partnership to a new high, India and Russia will sign four key agreements on space and defence cooperation during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's three-day visit beginning on Sunday.

Besides the crucial military Intellectual Property Right (IPR) agreement, an accord is also to be signed to amend the Indo-Russian Military-Technical Programme till 2010 to enhance and expand strategic partnership relations, Indian Ambassador Kanwal Sibal said on Thursday.

Also, space agencies of the two countries will sign a Technology Safeguard Agreement to operationalise the 2004 pact on the joint use of space-based Global Navigational Satellite System (GLONASS) to end the dependency on the US Pentagon controlled Global Positioning System (GPS) in military and civil applications.

ISRO and Russian Space Agency Roskosmos would also ink an agreement on cooperation in Solar Physics.

"The GLONASS agreement is very significant. It is a signal to the whole world to show how far Russia is ready to go with India in its strategic partnership," Sibal said in obvious reference to Moscow's denial of such sensitive partnership with China.
Putin has been triangulating like crazy. One partner he has danced with a lot is his counterpart in China, Wen. The Chinese space program will rival the Russian program and the Chinese, unlike weaker countries, doesn't want to be totally dependent on another nation, they want to develop their system from the ground up which is why they are sending students all over the world to learn things instead of buying them wholesale. Namely, it is what you know that matters, not what you have. Russia, anxious to keep India as a friend, they have had good relations under communist efforts, to keep India as a counterbalance to American and Chinese influence, will give India a shot in the arm periodically so they don't drop way behind, technologically.

In response, the Chinese have been courting India, too. So this isn't an anti-Chinese move but just another balance of power scheme. America, once we decided we wanted an UNBALANCED power position, has alienated many allies, run off in various directions with no one following such as blowing off the Kyoto Accords and in general, has stirred up a hornet's nest of oppostion which always happens when any country gets too powerful, all others, even former allies, suddenly form secret or not so secret alliances to cut down the influence and control of whoever is the most powerful.

Russia's ruler is playing a very good game here. Here is another example. Just as NASA has unceremoniously ditched the long planned, long in building International Space Station, here comes Putin to the rescue!From Sympatico, via No Impunity, one of our readers:
It's all but official—Russia and Europe will soon embark on a cooperative effort to build a next-generation manned space shuttle. Speaking at the Paris Air Show, in Le Bourget, France, in June, Russian space officials confirmed earlier reports from Moscow that their partners at the European Space Agency would join the Russian effort to build a new reusable orbiter, dubbed Kliper. After the cautious optimism they expressed at the beginning of 2005, Russians are now confident that their European partners will be on board for the largest, boldest Russian endeavor in spaceflight in more than a decade.

"The prospects of our cooperation [with Europe] are very good, and I think we [soon] will see official statements to this effect," said Alexander Derechin, the head of international relations at S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corp. Energia (known as RKK), in Korolev, Russia's prime developer of manned spacecraft. The question now is what contributions in hardware and expertise the European partners will provide.00

According to Vladimir Daneev, head of the division responsible for the development of Kliper at RKK, his company will likely seek European expertise in the development of the spacecraft's crew module, onboard avionics, and thermal protection. "We now want to understand which available European and Russian systems are best suited for this project," Daneev said.

THE RUSSIANS, encouraged by support from their prospective foreign partners, came to Le Bourget in June with a better, bolder Kliper than the one they were showing off just a few months ago. Instead of the wingless vehicle originally envisioned [see News, "Russians Propose a New Space Shuttle," IEEE Spectrum, February], RKK now favors a minishuttle with swept wings. It will double the cargo and crew capacity of the Soyuz capsule, replacing its venerable predecessor, which served more than four decades as the transport and resupply vehicle for the International Space Station (ISS).
It is almost never mentioned in America but our space program, the civilian part, is being run in Russia, not America. Namely, the rockets we are launching are mostly old style military ones, the humans in space program is now 100% Russian and now Chinese. We have pretty much abandoned humans in space. We claim we will come back in a decade or so with a better (old fashioned) system but this is all just hot air, we can't afford to build much right now because we are too busy screwing around, running up huge debts rebuilding the same pokey crummy properties along hurricane corridors, over and over again. And rebuilding the same stuff over and over in Iraq. Everyone isn't going to wait with bated breath as we screw our heads back on, we have three more horrible years with the Worst President...Ever (tm-Bartcop) to suffer through.

From Moscow News:

Russia has asked Japan’s space development agency to participate in its new Kliper spacecraft development program, Kyodo news agency reports.

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has started collecting information on the program and will decide by the end of the year whether to accept the request, the officials said.

Kiyoshi Higuchi, a senior agency official, hinted that the agency is willing to participate in the basic development, which will start in January 2006.

The European Space Agency is also considering taking part in the joint development and Japan’s participation would enable Russia, Japan and European nations to operate an international space station without relying on the U.S.

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has said it will retire the space shuttle by 2010 and plans to return astronauts to the moon by 2018 in a vehicle designed to replace the space shuttle.
2010 is only 5 years away. How we are going to make this time table puzzles me. Are we going to have John Glenn and all those old NASA guys wheeze up the Apollo program again? Har.

Most Americans imagine the space race is over. We won when we played golf and off-roaded all around the moon. That was merely the opening of the race, not the end. Now the hare sleeps while the Russian tortoise plods on. In ten years we will be hopelessly behind. Of course, there is the secretive Star Wars stuff and military missile technology. From Yahoo:
Russia is annoyed at Poland's plans to host a U.S. anti-missile system, a top Moscow general told a Polish newspaper, adding that such a space umbrella in central Europe would only make sense in a conflict with Russia.

In what critics said was a diplomatic lapse, Warsaw's new conservative government said last month that it was considering hosting the U.S. anti-missile system, making public what had previously been a subject of discreet talks with Washington.

"Of course (such a system) would be aimed against us," General Yury Baluyevsky, chief of Russia's general staff, told Gazeta Wyborcza in an interview published on Friday. "Rockets from other states would never fly to the West over Polish soil."

"Including central Europe in the U.S. anti-missile system would strengthen it in case of a conflict with Moscow ... I don't expect a nuclear conflict between Russia and the West."

The United States is investing tens of billions of dollars to develop the Missile Defense Initiative (MDI), which would use rockets to shoot down ballistic missiles that could carry nuclear, chemical or bacteriological warheads.

Poland's ruling conservatives, who won September's general elections, regard the United States as the guarantor of security for Poland and want the NATO and European Union member to continue its close military co-operation with Washington.">Gads. So, we are going to stick our necks out in the Warsaw Pact countries to bribe/pay them to serve our Soviet America? Are we going to rile Russia yet again over the issue of the flat plains that extend from Poland to the Urals? Are we to repeat every single stupid historical mistake ever made by mad rulers? Russia is correct to see this as a move to aggressively attack Russia. America already has shown a tendency to attack nations illegally, with no just cause at all, to merely steal. Russia has oil. Russia has influence. Will we use Poland as our cat's paw to menace Russia if Russia's successful diplomatic moves hem our empire's ability to bully nations?

Not only Poland but Japan is manipulating our military to use us for their own purposes. We have no say in all this, we are clients of the victorious Japanese who evidently won WWII. Note: you don't win a war just because someone surrenders. If they end up running your country, you lost! And thanks to the Reagan/Bush I/Bush Worst President Ever's tax policies, we now are owned by the Japanese who intend to use their new toy for imperial ends.From the SF Gate:
The Navy announced Friday that the USS George Washington will become the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to be stationed in Japan, replacing the diesel-powered USS Kitty Hawk in 2008.

Although American troops have been based in Japan continuously since the end of World War II, the Japanese public had long opposed a U.S. nuclear presence because of concerns about possible radiation leaks and the memory of the U.S. nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki that brought the war to an end 60 years ago.

The Navy had announced in October that the U.S. and Japanese governments reached agreement to allow the stationing of a nuclear-power carrier to replace the Kitty Hawk, but it had not identified the carrier until Friday.

The Navy said the George Washington will move from its current home port at Norfolk, Va., to Yokosuka, Japan, in 2008. It currently is undergoing maintenance and upgrades in preparation for the move.

"This rotation is part of the Navy's long-range effort to routinely replace older ships assigned to the Navy's forward deployed naval forces with newer, more capable platforms," the Navy said in a statement. It said the George Washington would be operating in "the unpredictable security environment in the western Pacific."
What on earth is so "unpredictible"? It is easy to predict. I can do it while sleeping in bed! If the Navy wants to hire me to predict events, I will be happy to help out. My father was, while in the OSS, an ONI man, too. Go, Navy.

Now here is what has to be the stupidest Secretary of State ever, hard at work, clueless:From Xinhuanet:
Japan's new Foreign Minister Taro Aso said here on Friday that adjustments will have to be made to a deal with the US military presence on Okinawa because of continuing local opposition.

"I explained to Secretary Rice that it will be difficult to reach a final agreement, but certain adjustments need to be made because of local opposition, and she agreed," Aso said after holding talks with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Aso, making his first visit to Washington, said Rice was "very aware of that fact that there was such opposition, and we agreed to continue our discussions on this issue."

The two also discussed the UN Security Council reforms, Aso said.

Japan and the United States reached a broad agreement in October on military cooperation that will reduce the number of US marines on Okinawa and give Tokyo greater responsibility for security in the Pacific area.
Japan wants to be on the Security Council. Of course, the party that destroyed the League of Nations wasn't Germany or Italy, it was Japan, when they invaded not only Korea but then charged into Manchuria way back more than ten years before WWII began in ernest. They pretty much started WWII. Before Hitler even got near the Reichstag which still stood, unburned.

We are basically handing over power in Asia to Japan. In return, Japan lowers the value of the yen and locks us out of their markets and we kiss them. Smootch smootch.

I want to smack Bush and Condi. Whack.

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