Thursday, December 29, 2005

Saddam's Lawyer Offers Help--Hand Over Iraq To Saddam and He Will Let Us Run Away

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Padilla trial is coming apart at the seams, the trials of all those "terrorists" are going belly up thanks to tainted evidence gotten illegally and now we see Saddam suggesting Bush work with him instead of against him! Next: armed Sunni frees Saddam and carry him off in triumph. Grrrf.

From Yahoo::
The chief lawyer for Saddam at his trial for crimes against humanity in Baghdad told Bush that Iraqis who supported their former leader were waiting for a bold decision from the world's most powerful statesman to free him.

"I call on you ( President Bush) to release Mr. President (Saddam) immediately to allow the Iraqis to decide his fate. Only then will you get out of your predicament in Iraq and truly become an advocate of justice," Khalil Dulaimi wrote in a letter obtained by Reuters.

Such a decision would prove to be the panacea that would end Washington's woes over Iraq, Dulaimi asserted.

"Your relations with Iraq will then be historic and you will win the favor of the Arabs and Muslims and the entire world," Dulaimi said, adding that it was the only way to spare Iraq from undergoing a bloody civil war.
Seems Bush wants civil wars since he toils day and night to create this here at home! A number of American soldiers were blown up this holiday week and I suppose their families are not having a Merry Christmas nor a Happy Holiday. Bush is boning up on Imperial Warriors tripe, reading about how heroic and wonderful fighting in Vietnam was for Kerry and Gore. Well.

Life is full of irony. Why do our media owners put us through these nightmares without at least screaming, "I can't take this anymore" and dashing their heads out on a rock? Oh, the rock would shatter. They can't spatter their own brains, the cavity is empty.

From Christian Science Monitor:
Hoping to overturn a federal appeals court ruling last week, the Bush administration Wednesday asked the Supreme Court to allow the immediate transfer of accused terrorist Jose Padilla from a military prison to civilian custody. The New York Times reports that in its brief to the high court, the Justice Department called the appeals court ruling that blocked the transfer an "unwarranted attack" on presidential discretion.
Naturally, when anyone applies the Constitution to any issue, it is "attacking" AWOL Bubble Boy's discretion! He wants the courts to give him the legal trappings of a full dictator. He has joked and cackled evilly over the idea that "it would be easier if I were a dictator." Before he even took over America, he claimed the President has final say about the legality of anything!

This, November, 2000! I said back then, he should be eliminated from the vote counting because he doesn't understand our government and how it works!

Talking about dictators, Bush pulled another executive decree this week, changing the emergency military line of command so his neo-cons control everything if bin Laden heeds Bush's pleas for more attacks. From the LA Times:
Heading a military service isn't quite the position of power it used to be. In a Bush administration revision of plans for Pentagon succession in a doomsday scenario, three of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's most loyal advisers moved ahead of the secretaries of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

A little-noticed holiday week executive order from President Bush moved the Pentagon's intelligence chief to the No. 3 spot in the succession hierarchy behind Rumsfeld. The second spot would be the deputy secretary of defense, but that position currently is vacant. The Army secretary, which long held the No. 3 spot, was dropped to sixth.

The changes, announced last week, are the second in six months and reflect the administration's new emphasis on intelligence gathering versus combat in 21st century war fighting.

Technically, the line of succession is assigned to specific positions, rather than the current individuals holding those jobs.
Namely, the KGB will take over the military if any attacks happen! Or rather, the SS will take over the Wehrmacht and force Rummel to commit suicide. Eh.

The 9/11 Commission was stupid if not totally evil. They thought, if we emulate Nazi Germany/Soviet Russia, we would then twart all attacks. The real question, why the hell did the Pentagon snooze away the morning of the attacks is something Rumsfeld could explain only he won't.

He wasn't fired, either. Nor was a single neo-con, for that matter. It is amazing we got Brownie to resign from FEMA after killing fewer Americans than Rummy. Seems he lost the "let Americans die" competition?

Well, just remember, these clowns are planning for WWIII and this latest paper along with creating Norcom which is the agency which will take over the country is we win any elections, is just another brick in the neo-con wall. Next, they plan on building walls around America, too.

After Saddam pulls them out of Iraq.
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