Monday, December 19, 2005

Spying Illegally on Americans Has Been Near Continuous

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Looks like our little dictator has been caught doing the naughty-naughty: spying on citizens without warrant. Of course, since Bush's happy 9/11 Trifecta which he "won", we have lost all our civil liberties and live in a bonafide police state. This isn't the first time! We went through this stupidity before! I remember Nixon....

First, today's bloggers trying to figure out what is going on: From Americablog:
Did Bush domestic spy program eavesdrop on American journalists?
by John in DC - 12/19/2005 12:15:00 PM

I had an interesting discussion this morning with DC political consultant Marc Laitin. We both came to the conclusion that it sounds like Bush's super-secret illegal domestic spying program may be targeting US journalists and that may be why Bush never got it cleared by the court and is worried about it coming forward now.
The media has three classes of "reporters": those who work for the government secretly, those who are just plain stupid and lazy or venal and then real reporters.

Real reporters get murdered. Forget the spying, the spying is done not only by government agents BUT FELLOW REPORTERS! Isn't that cute? Real reporters get shot. "Accidents" happen or they commit suicide by flying through windows, shooting themselves repeatedly in the back of the head and other mischievious and devious ways. Oh, and falling off of bridges or plane crashes.

Never seems to happen to government tools or the fool reporters!

I have had alarming relations with doomed reporters. This always upsets me, seeing them die. But the spy issue takes me back in time to when I was a crazy teenager in Berkeley, California, just when Nixon took over America and instituted his lovely police state while we were "fighting for freedom in Vietnam" (sic). Of course, the CIA had to track me, I was a company brat who knew too much who had the interesting life of knowing more than quite a few stellar lights in the left wing firmament. So they tapped my phone.

Friends asked me about this and I said, "Of course, my phone is tapped. It is in my name. It goes without saying." But they wanted proof because I warned everyone to not say anything on my phone or else. So, being a crazy teen, I called a friend and told him Chairman Mao sent me $600.

Voila! The next day, the reporter tools working for the CIA had tucked it into a news story with a big headline!

I called and told them, "I wish he did give me the money but he didn't so my life still is crappy. Do you have an extra $600 you can give me? Heh."

Well, it seems only my blog talked about Anderson's death the other day and you know, Nixon tapped his phone. He tapped his own phone, for crying out loud! Our present dictator isn't that full of hubris but you can bet, he has tapped phones illegally....BEFORE 9/11! The minute he entered the White House, he conspired with his buddies who hold positions of power in the military and CIA as well as the FBI, to tap phones and do all sorts of nasties because he was running scared from day one and if you think Al Gore's phones weren't monitored, think again!

They always do this, you know. Spy on Americans. Look at the right wing! They consider enemy number one to be any liberal who can stand up to them and gets some press! Next is anyone overseas who gets in the way of corporate profits like South American leaders getting elected in fair elections! No way.

They always spy on those they fear and they fear us tremendously.

From SF Gate:
Civil rights groups said a teenager's free speech rights were violated when a suburban school district let the FBI question him for scribbling the initials "PLO" on a school binder two years ago.

The family of the boy, now 16, and the civil rights groups said Elk Grove School District officials violated their own policy by allowing the questioning Sept. 27 without informing his parents.
Lord help you if you wave a little red book! But wait, I read in the news that a student studying the history of China was interrogated for asking an University library for a copy of that little red book! And they told us they won't spy on the libraries except in very particular situations!

And the godless Chinese own us now so what the hey? Hell, they LIVED with me for several years way back in the mid eighties! I asked the State Department if they wanted to talk to me and they said no but the first day my visitors moved in, my phone went on the fritz and the phone company came and told me my line was tapped. HAHAHA. Well! Surprised, I am not!

This need to corner helpless, faceless citizens is illegal, frightful and just plain stupid! Staring at us in the face is the real dangers. I told the State Department they better chat with me about the Chinese leadership because they figured out how capitalism worked and I said, "We are f-ing doomed now!" But no one wanted to talk to me, certainly the CIA didn't want to hire me, they only want to tail after me and mess up my phone service. Rats.

From Editor and Publisher:
NEW YORK The expulsion by U.S. military officials of two embedded journalists in Kuwait, reportedly for photographing a shot-up military vehicle, has prompted outrage from Military Reporters and Editors (MRE), which is calling for a change in embed rules that apparently led to the action.

Sig Christenson, MRE president and a military writer with the San Antonio Express-News, said no rule barring photographs of damaged vehicles existed when he first embedded in 2003. He said the alleged rule is one of several that have been added to the embedding program since it first began nearly three years ago, and should be changed.

"This rule does not have any legitimate purpose in preventing future attacks," Christenson said. "I'm pretty sure the rule was not in the agreement I signed. I think the insurgents already know about the vulnerability of the vehicles."

MRE Vice President Jim Crawley, a military writer with MediaGeneral, cited the original embed rule list currently posted by Reporters Without Borders that does not include such a restriction. He also pointed to a number of photos on the U.S. Army and Marines official Web sites that clearly show damaged vehicles.
This is an example of "pesky reporters who want to know what the hell is going on." They are lucky to be alive. You can be sure, their future in reporting will be rapidly terminated as everyone stops asking them for stories and eventually they will be fired. They did the ultimate no-no, they interrupted the flow of propaganda. Imagine if they were there during the statue pulling down incident wherein our media pretended people were so pissed at Saddam, they spontaneously pulled down his statue when we took over Bagdad!

Like the Al Jazeera reporters, they would have been murdered.

And so it goes. Will Americans tire of dictators running around interrogating children about grafitti? Will we ever go looking for bin Laden and the anthrax killer? Hahaha. Guess what?

They are not being sought out. No way in hell. That is very verboten. Any sleuth who does dig them out will probably have an accident. Or commit suicide like all those officers sent to Iraq to investigate corruption. DOA. Dead. Suicidal. Yup. Seems to be an affliction strictly limited to muckrakers.

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