Saturday, April 30, 2005

Nuke, Nuke, Who's There?

I found this poll in a rather odd corner of the net. It is pretty amusing.

According to a recent poll conducted jointly by Frontier Times and the 21st Century Research, nearly half of the people of South Korea (44.4%) believe North Korea's nukes are good for Korea. Voting for the nuclear Korea were 51.9% of the male respondents and 37% female, 56% in their 20s and 18.3% in their 60s, indicating clear gender and generation gaps. 43.8% believe North Korea needs nukes for defending against US attacks.

Which nation is the greatest threat to Korea?

First - The United States (29.5%). Second - Japan (29.2%). Third - North Korea (18.4%)

45.7% of people in 20s and 50.1% of the students believe the US is the number one threat to Korea.

Will North Korea use nukes on which nation?

South Korea - 26%. USA - 19.2%. Japan - 18.1%.

30.8% believe North Korea will not use nukes.

The poll sample size is 1,058 adults 20 or older and has an error margin of 3.1%.

OK. We are trying to get the world all hyper hysterical about nukes. The world has obliged by yawning. When the most heavily armed military hyper power on earth squeals like a stuck pig about WMD it is beyond hilarious, it is pathetic. Note that South Korea is our ALLY!

So back to screaming about Iran:

Iran will resume nuclear activities concerning uranium enrichment next week if it failed to reach an agreement with the European Union over Iran's nuclear file, the chief nuclear negotiator said on Saturday.

"Iran will make decision on resumption of uranium enrichment in Tehran next week," Hassan Rowhani, also secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, was quoted by the official IRNA news agency as saying.

Oh, aren't they scared of us. Watching us bleed to death right next door, too terrified to put Saddam on trial, our military bleeding and worn out hunkered down in bunkers, the whole government slowly falling into Iranian hands, they can afford to flip us a bird or two. It makes perfect sense. America leaves one alone if one has nukes.

There was this wonderful time from 1990 to 2000 where we and Russia could have disarmed and persuaded China who has relatively few nukes to disarm. We instead hyperarmed. Now we are striving to outdo the entire planet's spending on military stuff and are now facing true bankruptcy.

Which takes us back to why Bush needs to "reform" Social Security. Soon we will be taxed at double or triple present rates to pay the interest and some of the principal of all those trillions in loans we wracked up the last twenty five years. In 1980 we owed just over a trillion.

Today it is approaching 8 trillion. Wow. Just wow.

As Hu and Wen Triumph USA Squabbles With Allies

Our military might at work:

US investigators are reported to have found the soldiers who shot up the Italian allies, "not culpable".

The Italians refused to sign the report which, as per usual, excuses the American leadership from any responsibilities. This is a diplomatic disaster. It already made the Italian government wobble very badly. It might fall because of this fracas. This is how we say, "Thank you for your support".

This inability to do decent diplomacy with our allies is killing our country. We can be forced to be nice to the Communist Chinese but then we turn around and slap Putin in the face who then runs off to the Chinese for a better can bet the Chinese said nothing about internal Russian politics! We feel as if all other nations are rushing to us for support and help and money. We cannot understand that we are the ones going around, begging for money. We can't understand that our military is making enemies faster than it is making friends. This is a disasterous course to follow.

Already, revelations about Britain's leader, Blair, and his rash rush into war in Iraq is threatening to take him down, too. His party is significantly weaker because of his closeness to Bush's disasterous policies. He may fall soon, too. This is why he rushed to call a snap election, to head off the strengthening opponents, give them little time to organize for an election.

Meanwhile, Bolton is still being supported by Bush and Cheney. They desperately want him in the UN so he can rally the right wing troops at home by being an ass in the eye of the international community, "kicking ass". This assinine policy is going to kick the USA in the rear.

Big time.

Triangulation Like Crazy

All over the world, diplomats are very busy except for poor Bolton who sits idle. As China racks up one bilateral agreement after another, it must be Tuesday because Hu is in Moscow:

"The two state leaders will discuss major international and regional issues of both concern and how to further bilateral ties," Assistant Foreign Minister Li Hui told a news briefing here on Saturday.

And so India, after signing a peace treaty with China concerning their mutual borders, signs up with Japan: India, Japan initiate high-level dialogue

.Indian and Japanese governments decided on Friday to launch a high-level strategic dialogue, upgrade economic links and enhance energy, security and defence cooperation.

I am happy to see this cascade of diplomacy. Shows that the New World Order is running smoothly for at least Asia!

This frenzy of activity has a darker side. Before WWI we saw similar activity and before WWII the same thing happened. This sort of swift triangulation and co-bilateral sphere of influence peddling is a symptom of great changes afoot. Everyone who can read books and look at the USA with a clear, nay, predatory eye can plainly see the writing on the wall: America, bogged down in Iraq, is bleeding red ink in a torrent and will be bled white in pretty much no time at all. Gravely weakened by this war, our diplomats go around alternately snarling and begging. Note here at this blog mocking them with the "Diplomacy for Dummies" series.

The surrender of the Nationalists to the Communists in China was, as I predicted, a huge historic moment. It pretty much shows exactly how weak our position now is in Asia. This has freed up everyone to play musical chairs and to rearrange the furniture without consulting the USA. It was obvious at the secret ASEAN meeting where the Chinese pretty much told the other nations "the time is now'. This is why there is an open scramble. Blue light special, indeed!

We will see more of this. The defiance of North Korea showed clearly the USA is totally incapable of projecting power in Asia. The Japanese are overextended in this way and have to now rush to make up lost ground as they had put all their eggs in the American basket. Culture of Life News expects the Japanese to make similar arrangements with the Chinese that we just made.

China won again. Congratulations. This interesting Game of Go will continue.

America Surrenders Power to the Chinese: China, US to enhance military exchanges

Before WWI diplomats were very busy. Everyone was making deals and treaties with everyone else. The King of England who took over after Victoria died of extreme old age was very busy, personally inking joint communications and concords of mutual support. Everyone emulated him. In particular, military matters were scrutinized and many deals, mostly hidden from view, were inked. The British were anxious to preserve their domination of the world and at the same time wanted to do this with minimum effort. They recognized the rising power of the USA and Germany and Japan but wanted to keep their premier position.

There was a very vibrant antiwar movement running along side all of this. The Boer war upset many Brits who thought that was enough rough housing for the time being. In France, the workers wanted to have the Internationalist Front and their slogan was "workers of the world unite!"

It all collapsed into WWI. One shot.

We are in a nearly identical phase right now:China, US to enhance military exchanges reads the top headline in the official Chinese news service in English today.

Senior Chinese and US military officials agreed to strengthen military exchanges and promote mutual trust in the coming year after holding their seventh round of consultation on defense at vice-ministerial level here on Thursday


The Chinese side briefed US officials on the contents of a new edition of China's Defense White Paper and the Chinese military modernization while the US side informed Chinese officials of the plan for the redeployment of US military forces around the world.

Both sides agreed that China and the United States have common interests on many regional and global issues and therefore should strengthen coordination and bilateral exchanges, broaden common ground in order to maintain regional and global peace and stability.

This surprise move which, AS PER USUAL, didn't make any headlines in America, is a key moment in our history. We are basically surrendering Asia to Chinese domination. Public shows of defiance such as when Bush called the Chinese names and bragged he would use force to bring home our spy plane and our provocative display of war games with the Japanese fleet right in front of China's face have reaped this: near total surrender to the Chinese.

Make no mistake. This is a surrender. We will no longer secretly spy on them by flying planes right next to their military bases. They will no longer hold secret war games pretending to invade Taiwan. Taiwan will reunite quietly with China. We saw the first overt moves in this direction this week with the surrender of the Nationalist party to their bitterest foes. The currency boggle yesterday was a test of the new system. It worked.

The "peace and stability" part is very interesting. We are basically saying, it is OK for the Chinese to continue their pressures on Taiwan for reunification. And we won't threaten China with force. And we are not going to flaunt our power there anymore. Evidently, reading between the lines, I am guessing that we can't manouver in the China Seas without clearing it with the Chinese first.

Seems someone besides me has noticed that the USA pretty much lost the Great Game of Go. I wonder if the American people will be told this.

And a warning: in 1914 the web of agreements collapsed very spectacularily.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Mass Demonstrations Foil Fox in Mexico

This isn't top of the fold headline news in America perhaps because it isn't Lebanon or Ukraine and it certainly isn't what Bush wants as headlines but here it is!

The good people of Mexico are busy forcing el Presidente Fox to retreat from his plan of winning the next election by making it impossible to run against him.

The legal proceedings that threatened to knock Mexico's most popular politician off next year's presidential ballot and to plunge this country into turmoil seemed to come to a sudden end on Wednesday night, when a beleaguered President Vicente Fox announced the resignation of his attorney general and a review of the government's case against the politician.

In a nationally televised address, Mr. Fox said he had accepted the resignation of Attorney General Rafael Macedo de la Concha, who oversaw the prosecution of the politician, Mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico City, and thus became one of the most polarizing figures in the government.

Rats. The counterrevolution failed. Fox was supposed to be wildly popular and Mexico renouncing a revolutionary past will support pro-American, pro-Bush right wingedness. Ooops. Better not headline this news! Tuck it away where few will notice it.

According to the BBC: Huge crowds rallied on Sunday in support of the Mexico City mayor.

President Fox said he had acted "to promote national unity" and called for "a calm exchange of ideas".

"The new attorney general will exhaustively review the case against the mayor, while seeking to preserve the greatest political harmony in the country," said President Fox.

Fox wants everyone to "calm down". No need to get riled over a little coup or two! The new attorney general will meet with his buddy, Fox, and plot how to rid themselves of this troublesome mayor without any fingerprints. In the past, this meant assassination.

The election of the mayor of Mexico City, Manuel Lopez, will mean there will be changes to the "free trade" and OIL agreements that America exploits. Venezuela is watching closely. Americans forget that we buy furious amounts of oil from Mexico. Meanwhile, the NYT and WP and everyone prefers to look overseas far away to see popular uprisings. Can't do good to look closely near to home much less here in America itself which is Terra Incognita for much of our press.

Historic Moment: Two Foes Formally End War


Now you would think this would be headline news. The news of troops withdrawing from Lebanon (hello, civil war time!) got loving and close coverage in America. Every little propaganda piece flung out of the Vatican is immediately regurgitated in America. The long death of the old previous Pope dominated headlines for weeks in between headlines about a dying brain dead woman.

But when the world's biggest economic power finally succeeds in winning over a previous foe who is vying for the Presidency of one of the world's top economies, dead silence in America.

This is most odd because "who lost China (to the commies)" wracked the State Department after WWII and led directly to the HUAC hearings run by far right winger, McCarthy. An entire era was named after him. The USA was the sole supporter of the Nationalist Party in China and when defeated, protected and coddled them when they took over Taiwan.

Taiwan became a democracy only very recently. Embarrassed by Tiananmin Square, unable to critisize China because of the Nationalist grip on power in Taiwan thanks to fake elections the rules for running for office and the tools used to run were changed and the playing field was leveled somewhat and elections were freed up. This doesn't mean parties don't play games to win, it does mean that finally there is some semblance of democracy there.

It is with great joy I read this, mostly because I enjoy predicting events and then seeing them unfold exactly as I reasoned:

Two old foes embrace.

BEIJING, April 29 -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Kuomintang (KMT) Party, whose leader Lian Chan has just arrived in Beijing today in a historial visit, are reportedly to end decades of hostilities at a meeting between their leaders on Friday, Reuters reported.

Lien,69, chairman of the KMT, or Nationalist Party, arrived at the Beijing Capital International Airport Thursday morning for what he has called a "journey of peace".

"It is a historical mission for all of us to shoulder and represents the irresistible trend of public opinions to build a peaceful and win-win future through reconciliation and dialogue," Lien said in his brief speech at the airport.

"As you all know, I myself and my delegation will exchange views with General Secretary Hu Jintao and other leaders on major issues concerning peace and economic, trade and cultural exchangesacross the Straits," he said.

All the pictures show smiling faces. Note Lien says, "win-win" just like I editorialized yesterday.

Analysts said Hu and Lien may jointly announce an end to the civil war and boost exchanges, a move Shi described as "tantamount to a peace agreement between the two parties."

"But there is still tension with the government in power in Taiwan, which is for independence," he said.

A shot across the prow.

Both mainland and Taiwan media have given Lien's visit blanket coverage. TV networks broadcast his arrival live and newspapers splashed the story on front pages.

Analysts said Lien's visit and another by James Soong, the chairman of Taiwan's second biggest opposition party, from May 5-12, would prod Chen to mend fences with Beijing.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's mass circulation United Daily News said Hu also would offer Taiwan gifts in each of his meetings with Lien and Soong in the form of a Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), which would eliminate import taxes on Taiwan farm goods and other products.

Chinese analysts say there could be more goodwill gestures in the pipeline from Beijing

McClellan puts a good face on this saying Bush wants peace (he has a reputation for lying that is so great he is horizontal). I am certain there is a great deal of consternation in DC. Taiwan is the dagger at the breast of China. Whoever controls Taiwan controls the China Sea. Any rapport between the mainland and the island is bad news for American hegemonism.

Meanwhile, after utterly and totally ignoring the real news broiling out of Asia, the NYT decides it is time to renew the attacks on the Chinese leadership.

China's selective memory"

EVER since June 4, 1989, when the world's cameras embarrassed the Chinese government by recording the slaughter of unarmed protesters in Beijing, spring has been a sensitive period in Chinese politics. Public demonstrations of all kinds have been repressed as if they were vicious cancers. It is indeed news, then, that people have been protesting in the streets of Chinese cities about Japan's wartime past, its textbooks' reluctance to face history squarely, and its proposed accession to the United Nations Security Council.

Of course, the fundamental nature of these protests is different from that of the demonstrations of 1989, because they so far have had the tacit approval of the authorities. The protesters have incurred essentially zero risk, and suspense over the outcome has also been near zero. But even when protests are government-sanctioned, they still offer the Chinese people a rare chance to let off some steam.

I know the NYT has really crummy editors who refuse to fact check editorials or stories for that matter but this is an outright lie and reveals the writer is either a liar or a fool. There have been a number of arrests of rioters. It is in the Chinese news every day. Anyone doubts this better start reading Asian news instead of American news.

This comparison haunts me. When I think of the forced labor in Japanese prison camps, I am reminded of forced labor camps in China, and also of the Chinese miners who lose their lives when forced to re-enter mines that everyone knows are unsafe. Are the rights of China's poor today really so much better protected than those of the wretched "colonized slaves" during the Japanese occupation? There was the Nanking massacre, but was not the murder of unarmed citizens in Beijing 16 years ago also a massacre? Is Japan's clumsy effort to cover up history in its textbooks any worse than the gaping omissions and biased blather in Chinese textbooks?

OK. About Tiananmin Square: I was directly involved in that. I was proud that China allowed even one day of the Tiananmin protests because if that were America and the protest were happening in the Mall in DC, the military and police would have brutally suppressed it totally on day one. The Chinese allowed this to grow for weeks! The Chinese killed many protestors. It was horrible. I immediately posted a formal complaint both at the Chinese Consulate in NYT and at the UN.

We tried to force the UN into voting to condemn the violence only BUSH SENIOR himself not only nixed this but tried to deport the hundred students demonstrating quietly for a month in front of the UN under the aegis of my umbrella. Every time the cops came to move in and the immigration officers tried to arrest the students I barricaded them out and said on CNN live, "You will have to kill me". They retreated thanks to CNN whose wonderful film crew spent the month camping with us. "You are my shield" I told them.

If this were DC and 100,000 students were camping there demanding Diebold machines be banned from elections you can bet our government (sic) would literally drop bombs on them. I remember when Reagan used helicopters with poisonous gases that made you vomit on my neighborhood of Berkeley when I lived six blocks from the campus. To this day I always track helicopters and they make be snarl with fear. I even warned the students in China about this when to my alarm I saw helicopters on CNN hovering over the square.

But this fracas with Japan isn't about "history" or who is right or who is wrong.

It is about power and who has a right to push around someone. Japan is trying in vain to push around China and China stomped on Japan. It was Godzilla vs Mothra and Mothra lost.

NO country is fair about history. England's history with China is very dirty. They invaded China to force illegal drug dealing that was destroying the Chinese people! They looted palaces like Mongols on the rampage. Then they occupied the country and the famous signs, "No Chinese or dogs allowed" littered China. To this day they refuse to return any items stolen from China. Many of these precious things sit in London's museums taunting the Chinese.

The NYT editorialist wants China to treat workers better. Hello? How about America? The Republicans want to end workman's comp and cut back on health care and unemployment insurance and social security. Help! We need a Tiananmin Square event here in America.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

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Part of the renovation process here, this is the launching of the Breaking News page. Every couple of hours if events occur this page will be updated and all updates linked to the home page.

Thank you for being so patient.

Elaine Supkis, editor.