Saturday, January 28, 2006

57% of Americans Polled Want To Bomb Iran And Start A Global War

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Latest polls show 57% of America wants Bush to bomb Iran. We think we can bomb anyone and everyone. And there will be no blowback, either. This is how world wars begin.

From Financial Times News:
The American public’s position on Iran appears to have hardened over the last year, a period marked by an increasing international focus on Iran’s nuclear program. When a similar question was asked in a Times poll last January, 50% favored military action against Iran.

Regarding Iraq, the latest poll shows that although most Americans remain disenchanted with the war, opinions have stabilized, at least for now. The percentage saying they believe the situation in Iraq was not worth going to war over dipped slightly, to 53%, compared with 56% in a survey a year earlier.

When asked who was winning the war in Iraq, 33% said the United States, 7% said the insurgents, and 55% said neither side was winning.

Americans remain divided over how long U.S. forces should stay in Iraq: 40% believe the United States should remain in Iraq for “as long as it takes,” 36% want U.S. troops withdrawn within a year, and 14% support immediate withdrawal.

Respondents were also divided, largely along party lines, over whether the Iraq war is really part of Washington’s war on terrorism; 51% say it is, 46% say it is not. President Bush has repeatedly cast Iraq as the central front in the war on terrorism. But many of his administration’s prewar claims about Iraq’s ties to Al Qaeda have turned out to have been overstated or based on unreliable intelligence sources.

The poll also found that 32% of Americans believed that terrorism around the world had increased because of the Iraq situation, 17% believed it had decreased, and 47% believed the problem was about the same.
Despite others whacking us on the nose when we get too violent, many Americans still respond to propaganda and end up wanting war, more war, endless war. They are told, this will make us millionaires, we will win, we are number one, God Bless America, Seig Heil!

Because nobody can bomb us here at home (except when they do it anyway) we feel we can mete out bombings to whoever we want, hahaha, our mighty empire can't be attacked (except when it is attacked) and by being very snoopy, very obnoxious, imitating Nazguls, we will shock and awe the world into obeying us and handing over all that oil or else.

Of course, bombing Iran won't bring a drop of oil here. The plan is to have Iran drop the Chinese oil contracts (oh, oh!) while simultaneously asking the Chinese to fund our war machine via loans they will extend to us! A great plan with a small flaw.

It is totally insane!

Since most Americans get undiluted propaganda, they don't know that the Chinese are our bankers because this information is kept carefully segregated. Bush won't talk about it. Nor anyone in the GOP. Nor any of the running dog lackies that exclusively control all dialogue on TV or the radio. Since the Democrats won't say a peep about this, either, this means, everyone can play dumb.

Following a dumb leader, playing dumb, is dumb. And dead as a skunk on a highway. I suppose, the Chinese are praying we bomb Teheran and cause world oil prices to shoot up past $100 a barrel and then they can innocently turn around and say, "Well, sorry, we have to use our $1 trillion in petrodollars to buy oil for ourselves. We hope you enjoy the bidding war. We certainly will." Maybe they will laugh to death, first.
Wtulich, a registered Democrat and retired manager for the New York City Housing Authority, said he supported taking a hard line with Iran despite the strain of the Iraq war on the U.S. military.

“It makes me scared,” he said, “but we may not have a choice.”
Why is he scared? What is so scary here? We lived under a gigantic nuclear sword for over 50 years and we are scared of a tiny oil nation having one nuke? Is the world's biggest nuclear power and greatest military power this measly? This is very annoying. How can we feel this way? Again, let's review 9/11.

On 9/11, Bush (and I) knew bin Laden wanted to attack the USA. We knew that Bush's popularity was tanking. I knew about the NYT/Washington Post/Wall Street Journal paying for the ballots from Florida to be counted properly. This was done to prove Bush won only I heard from sources within the NYT that GORE was going to be the winner of the recount and this would really tank Bush. The news about this was to be announced on Sept. 12, 2001. So on the 11th, we lefties were all online, discussing this coming revelation. I was rubbing my hands with glee and said, "You can bet, Karl Rove and Cheney knows about this from the WSJ people so don't be surprised if we are attacked by terrorists." Hahaha.

Well, when the first jet hit, instantly, everyone was yelling, "Reichstag fire!"

The fact that Bush was la-de-dah that morning is proof he wanted the attacks to succeed. Rumsfeld's la-de-dah attitude that morning is proof he also didn't want to impede the attacks.

The fact that the 9/11 commission didn't deal with all sorts of very relevant questions about this matter is proof the ruling elites want us to follow Bush on his path to war. Democrats want war. Israel wants this bombing to happen so they want it to happen. It looks like rank and file Democrats are against this, for the most part, but they have exactly zero control over any Democrats they vote into office, all of whom except for a very few, are owned, lock, stock and gunbarrel, by AIPAC, the Jewish/Zionist lobby which is today, flipping out over Hamas and demanding more war against the Palestinians.

Iran has a powerful ally. China and possibly Russia. Both are working quietly to consolidate a good relationship with Iran since this benefits both of them. Iran, yesterday, sent gas canisters to former Soviet states because of the Chechnyan bombing of the pipelines. So the deal is, one hand washes the other.

America isn't sending anything to former Soviet states except prisoners to be tortured. The dictators running various former Soviet states are demanding we pay them twice as much to keep our troops posted in their states. They know we are stuck and they will stick it to us, in the ribs.

Meanwhile, we think, bombing Iran will make it safer for Israel to finish their crimes against humanity and allow them a green light to destroy any idea of a Palestinian state. The propaganda raging against the Palestinians is in full bellow right now. And this, dear readers, is how WWIII will start, won't it?

For anyone can start a world war, even insigificant assassins shooting equally insignificant archdukes.
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