Sunday, January 29, 2006

ABC Anchor. Bob Woodruff, Blown Up In Iraq

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Eisner-owned ABC has been a rah-rah warmongering news service. Because the news coming in off the internet is so dire, they decided to rah-rah it up so Americans will spend what little money we have left, fighting there. My husband was watching this propaganda yesterday and I walked in and said, "Well, he better stay in the Green Zone or he will be blown up." And so he was.

From CNN:
ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff and his cameraman were in stable condition Sunday after both were seriously wounded by a roadside bomb north of Baghdad, ABC officials said.

"We take this as good news, but the next few days will be critical. The [U.S.] military plans to evacuate them to their medical facilities in Landstuhl [Germany], probably overnight tonight," a ABC statement said.

Woodruff, 44, and 46-year-old cameraman Doug Vogt were in an Iraqi military vehicle near Taji, about about 20 miles (32 kilometers) north of Baghdad, at the time of the explosion, ABC said.
First, I saw the earliest reports from this guy. All goody gum drops, aren't we wonderful, the Iraqis really love us, they want us there, etc, etc. To prove this, the foolish man, victim of his own propaganda (the Nazis weren't this dumb!) decided to prove his point by going on patrol with the new improved Vichy Troops 2.0 edition.

They get crummier equipment, American leftovers. Many have complained about these moving coffins but it is never on ABC, of course, where the sun always shines and Americans are red, white and blue heroes! Since the opposition watches TV and has access to the internet, they knew this rash American was going to play Russian roulette with them.

They not only blew him up, they shot at him, too, it was a full ambush.

Saddam, growing bolder every day, had tremendous fun at his fake trial. From AP:
Iraq - Saddam Hussein's trial turned chaotic shortly after resuming Sunday, with one defendant dragged out of court and the defense team walking out in protest. The former Iraqi leader was then escorted from the room minutes after shouting "down with America!"
He also cried, "Death to America!" Isn't this fun? His bluster is backed by the knowledge that it is only time before he is sprung from prison and will be carried in triumph through the streets.

Meanwhile, American sabre rattling is returned in spades, everyone feeling very feisty now. From Channel 7 News:
Iran says it will launch medium-range missiles if attacked, and accused Britain and the United States of arming rebels in its south, as international pressure on Tehran over its nuclear plans grow.

"If we come under a military attack, we will respond with our very effective missile defence," Yahya Rahim Safavi, commander in chief of the Revolutionary Guard, told state television.
Won't it be fun when the Gwahair oil fields blow up? Not to mention, we can't pass through the straits there without all sorts of chaos. Great for moving huge, slow, wallowing oil ships! Just the fact that ship owners will be shy about sailing there will be enough to cause oil prices to go up and up.

Since we are a corrupt, old empire, we are doing exactly those things Rome did. In this case, hiring barbarians to fight for us as well as paying off barbarians who annoy us. From the Washington Post:
Congress has granted unusual authority for the Pentagon to spend as much as $200 million of its own budget to aid foreign militaries, a break with the traditional practice of channeling foreign military assistance through the State Department.

The move, included in a little-noticed provision of the 2006 National Defense Authorization Act passed last month, marks a legislative victory for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, who pushed hard for the new powers to deal with emergency situations.
You know, Bush is cutting the National Guard, the National Reserves, everything, they are closing bases all over America and paying foreigners to run militaries from Israel to all the "stan" states and all of Eastern Europe, don't we look like the Soviet Union?

Except we don't have Cuba, we gave them to the Chinese, naturally.

This leads us to our concentration camp in Cuba. From Truthout. org:
Despite force feeding by the American military, several hunger strikers at Guantánamo Bay may be close to death, according to lawyers acting for the detainees.

The condition of two emaciated Yemeni hunger strikers who have been refusing solid food since August is causing particular concern. There are also fears for the life of a hospitalised Saudi prisoner.

The wife of a British resident and hunger striker, Shaker Aamer, visited the Commons last week to appeal to MPs for help. Aamer's wife, 31, who lives in London with her four children and has asked for her name to be withheld, said: "This is the time to do something. My husband is not going to last."

Aamer has been on hunger strike since November 2. Although he has lost weight, he is stronger than some other prisoners taking part in the protest at their detention without trial.
No trials, no Constitution, no Geneva Conventions, nothing. Nacht und Nebel is a Nazi concept: you disappear. When the families and lawyers of these prisoners try to see them, they are rebuffed. Forget the "we let the Red Cross visit Dachau" garbage. When snoopy people come, they lock the "Arbeit Macht Nicht Frei" gates and cock the guns.

We then tell Cuba, we are a free nation under laws that prevent us from abusing prisoners.

And then there is the horrible news that, totally against the Geneva Conventions, we seized women and children and threatened them with torture and held them illegally in small cells, demanding their husbands and fathers surrender. Straight out of the Nazi playbook. Little news about this in America, little fury. Slowly, we turn ourselves into the monster we fear. And in the process, are getting blown up.

Speaking of which, the Taliban are blowing up girl's schools all over Afghanistan, another disaster area. And Pakistan is edging away from us in all this, they are really, really angry at us. So, time for more robots?

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