Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Anglo/American Empire--Canada's Election, One Third of the Voters Want Right Wing Politics

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Once again, a close vote, much of the world is very divided these days with one unstable coalition government after another fight over the middle ground, torn between wanting to be part of the American Empire and wondering if that isn't a disasterous choice. Today, Canada gets to find out if more war and military spending and a loss of social services is a great way to go. I doubt it.

From the NYT:
Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party defeated the long entrenched Liberal Party in Canadian elections on Monday. A Conservative victory is a striking turn in the country's politics and is likely to improve Canada's strained relations with the Bush administration.
....opinion polls indicated that many urban voters were wary of allowing the country to veer into uncharted ideological waters.

But in the end, Mr. Harper seemed to reassure the public that he had evolved into a centrist in recent years and that his government would emphasize cutting taxes and cleaning up corruption, rather than social issues like abortion and gay rights.
Once again, the tax cutting. I suppose Canada wants to be owned by the Asians. They have no problem with this. They can't wait. The Canadian people see us buying all sorts of neat toys and cheerfully driving ourselves into eternal debts and seemingly, nothing bad is happening aside from the loss of our industrial base. So why not emulate this?

The new government promises maximum Anschluss with America. Prime minister Harper did the usual right wing election trick: he lied about his intentions. He pretended he wasn't as radically right wing as he really is. And like all right wing liars, he will cheerfully cast aside the election disguise and rule entirely from the right except he doesn't have anything approaching a majority. One third of the vote isn't a date with the mandate.

It is "hanging on by the fingertips" rule.

The real winner is whoever he tries to get as allies. The Conservatives will have to hand over various powerful positions to the lowest bidding party.

Pie chart courtesy of the BBC.
Many observers think the Block Quebecois might make a deal with the Conservatives. It is hard to tell since all parties will be negotiating secretly and whatever is hatched won't be stable or free of corruption. For this election was all about corruption. When any party is in power too long or too much, like, say, the Japanese Liberal Party or the Communist Party in China, they tend to grow corrupt which is why it is good to swing the old pendulum regularily.

But in this case, the desire for a clean government will be a failure. It just won't happen.

The corruption from contracts with corporations won't be fixed by handing over the government to corporations! Period! Instead, since the Conservatives want to ape the American empire, they will have the same, nasty, totally corrupt system we have! Since taxes will be cut, this means, the usual Trojan Horse Tax Cuts will simply shift the burden onto the lower working classes and this emphatically includes cutting social services and resorting to war activities in lieu of real industrial work.

Right now, Canada, like most of the nations belonging to the American empire, exports a lot to America. Energy, wood and automobiles. As our economy begins to contract as we can no longer afford to live 30% beyond our means, this means the Canadians won't be able to collect lots of money exporting to America. Already, they have to sell themselves to foreigners, advertising that they are willing workers and will cheerfully toil for any alien with money to burn, the bidding war against American workers will accelerate. Americans think, an Anschluss with Canada will make us stronger. In some ways, it does. But unfortunately for the American workers, it will make life much, much worse.

I wouldn't mind an Anschluss with Canada if this meant single-payer health plans and all that. Unfortunately, we got the worst of both countries, now that Canada's new leader is going to imitate the ruler of America.

And war! Canada will now join in the war games and they want a piece of the war pie. There is still some money to be made, waging war. From the Washington Times:
U.S. private contractors, until now the biggest private-sector employers in Iraq, are preparing to leave as U.S. money runs out and Iraqi ministries take charge of the reconstruction effort.
"We are drawing down," said Ken Oscar, Fluor Corp.'s vice president for strategy. "We are not done by any stretch of the imagination, but we are drawing down."
Indeed. Sorry, Canada. No more pie left for you all. Maybe we can get the Asians to fund a new war in Iran and then you can feast along with Halliburton.
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