Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brazilian General in Charge of UN Forces in Haiti Commits Suicide

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Barely making any news, off the AP wire, is the story of the Brazilian general in charge of supervising the coming election in Haiti. We enabled violent gangs to overthrow a democratically elected President there, forcing him into exile and now we lost control of the place just like Iraq.

From Yahoo:
The Brazilian commander of U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti was found dead on the balcony of his hotel room Saturday in an apparent suicide, authorities said, a blow to the 9,000-strong force and efforts to restore democracy in Haiti.

The multinational force is attempting to restore democracy to this impoverished Caribbean island nation two years after a rebellion overthrew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Peacekeepers from more than 40 countries have struggled to control gangs that still hold sway in sprawling slums.

The security situation has been unraveling in past weeks, with a rash of kidnappings hitting the capital. International election workers, journalists and ordinary Haitians have been among the victims.
16 Americans died in the fierce fighting engulfing Iraq today. But a much quieter but quite onimous war is raging in our back yard colony, Haiti. When Aristide won the last real election, Bush just stole into the White House via judicial/vote rigging coup and the first person in line of fire was Aristide who has made friendly gestures to Castro.

Right after setting into motion the coup in Haiti, Bush then tried to spring a trap on Chavez who slipped the CIA noose and now rules not only his roost but he is quickly chasing us out of all of South and perhaps Central America as his allies win real elections in every country, one after the other. A true domino effect.

Every time international observers show up and view election methods the liberals or leftists win. This is why we want the UN to supervise our crummy elections. First, they would ban all electronic voting. Period. Heh. Go, UN.

Only the head of the UN election observers would commit suicide by machinegunning himself like the President of Chile did, supposedly, when we sprung a totally illegal coup on Chile back on 9/11/73 (and you tell me who just looooves the magic number of 9/11+odd years???) or like other famous suicides, pushing themselves off of bridges or shooting themselves repeatedly in the head (fist doesn't kill, do it again, from the back!).

Anyway, I wish we had UN elections. And I think Aristide will be returning in triumph soon. Anything is better than the murderous stooges we prop up in that dreadfully poor land. And Mexico. The possibility of a real election scares the dickens out of the dicks in the White House.

Heck, real elections in Canada frighten them! Shows us subversive stuff like, voting in a real election. Arf.
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