Monday, January 23, 2006

Britain, Who Vandalized the Parthenon, Claims the Greeks Are Too Careless With Parthenon

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

One of the most amazing acts of arrogance is Britian haughtily telling Greece they aren't capable of caring for the Elgin Marbles. I suppose, what they mean is, Greece doesn't have nukes to keep out thieves and invaders.

From the BBC:
Archaeologist Dorothy King, who breaks the mould of the dusty academic, is an outspoken critic of Greek demands to take back the Elgin Marbles from the UK.

"I think she sounds fun," Dorothy King says of Melina Mercouri, "I wish I could have been friends with her - a bit of a drama queen, but aren't we all?"

Ms Mercouri was the Oscar-nominated actress and Greek culture minister who demanded that the UK return the Parthenon sculptures - the Elgin Marbles - "in the name of fairness and morality".

But standing firm against her is Dr King, who argues in her new book against repatriating the Marbles. Like Ms Mercouri, she is a colourful character. She is irreverent and feisty, with a blog called PhDiva, and she speaks her mind on a range of issues in newspaper columns and on TV.
OK, the Parthenon, looted by barbarians, was badly damaged by the Turks when they stored explosives inside.

So along comes Sir Elgin. "By chappie, what splendid ornaments for my garden!" he said as if he were at a roadside cement garden troll sales stand. So he hired people to crowbar off the surviving artworks, damaging more than quite a few in the process, and took them home.

Once Greece freed themselves from the Turks, they began demanding the return of this tremendous artwork. Nope. No go. Finders keepers, losers weepers.

Some more people invaded Greece and finally, they freed themselves yet again and resumed asking for the return of the severely vandalized artworks. Now, the Brits claim the Greeks don't know how to take care of artwork! Like, there are Greeks running all over the place, crowbaring great art off of walls? Like to see a bunch of olive eaters invade the British Museum and carry off Rembrants to decorate their livingroom couches!

Sheesh. Just because someone ripped off some valuable stuff doesn't mean they get to keep it, does it? If England wants to look at great art, we have the modern means to reproduce this stuff, Rome did it! Actually, the Romans wanted Greek art but when stealing proved unpopular, they simply had copies carved and 90% of the free standing statuary today we see in museums are Roman reproductions. At least, this took some labor and employed people and taught art instead of collecting stuff but then, look at modern art.

It is cheap, easy to make, and pretty flimsy. Welding a box and then tipping it on a side is what passes for art today. No one carves marble statues of naked men poking each other in the eye. Geeze. No stamina.

And the gentilia: verboten. We are so prudish, we really can't tolerate Greek art so we are happy it is heavily vandalized, especially in that department.

Then there are those stainless steel naked breast wimmen in the Justice Department. Oohlala. Maybe some drunk Greek will come by and steal them to use in his patio.
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