Monday, January 23, 2006

Brits Use Rocks To Spy On Russia, Unlike Israel Who Does It Openly Here

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After being caught yet again, red handed, the Israelis had to cool down the open spying on our military although there isn't much anger about it all, wonder why they are bothering putting Franklin in prison, anyway, the Brits decided to spy on Russia and to manipulate democracy building organizations, using them as fronts for Anglo/American imperialist schemes.

From the BBC:
Russia's state security service, the FSB, has accused British diplomats of spying in Moscow.
It backed claims made in a Russian TV report which showed footage of what it said was British agents retrieving data from a fake rock planted on a street.

The programme also said a UK diplomat made regular payments to Russian non-governmental organisations.

The UK Foreign Office said it was "concerned and surprised", and denied any improper conduct with Russian NGOs.
Diplomatic junken: rock/paper/scissors. Of course, we all spy on each other and then feign surprize when caught. This is all part of the game. Of course, we are not supposed to be at war with Russia and we always tell Pootie Poot that he is a great buddy of ours and we don't mean him any harm, do we, poke, poke, nudge, nudge.

Just like the news that we are funding al Fatah by two million dollars, this sort of interference, if it is meant to make things better, backfires when people find out the system is being manipulated by outsiders. Duh. Sort of like, we should be outraged that foreign governments manipulate our political system, hijacking it to serve their ends rather than ours! Unconsciable. Of course, it is not a subject of outrage anymore, is it? We are supposed to not care about all the manipulations of our political process. When Reagan ran to Japan to collect his $2.5 million dollar bribe, the corrupt media praised him and petted him, marveling that it cost the Japanese so much to win his services. Whoo hoo.

This rock business is really bizarre. It seems too James Bondish, maybe should be called "James Bombed."
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