Saturday, January 14, 2006

Bubble Boy Bush Babbles While New Orleans Burns

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush went to New Orleans to yap about how great things were going, just like in Iraq. Meanwhile, a huge pile of trash caught on fire, quite spectacularily, sending toxic smoke over the city. Bush continues to demand more dictatorial powers so he can screw up things even as he is clearly unable to parrot small speeches anymore.

From the Washington Post:
A smoky fire was burning Friday in a 100-foot-high pile of furniture, refrigerators and other hurricane debris in the city's hard-hit Lower Ninth Ward.

The fire, reported late Thursday, covered about 4.6 acres and was largely under control, firefighters said. They were dropping water from helicopters and planned to let the blaze burn itself out.

A large pile of debris from Hurricane Katrina burns in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Friday morning, Jan. 13, 2006. The fire has been burning since late Thursday night. (AP Photo/Bill Haber) (Bill Haber - AP)
No injuries were reported. The area remains largely uninhabited due to the extent of the damage from Hurricane Katrina's floods.
Just as Bubble Boy was fiddling around, telling everyone the good news: From the SF Gate:
"We've come a long way in four months," Bush said during remarks at St. Stanislaus College. "Four months is not all that long, and a lot has happened in that four-month period. And a lot more is going to happen in the next four months, and then the next four months."

This small city, which sits on the Gulf of Mexico, remains shattered four months after Katrina. Huge piles of debris are stacked in front of some homes and businesses, while other buildings remain flattened, apparently untouched since they were smashed by the storm. Still, other businesses are returning to operation and many people are working to rebuild their homes.

In his remarks, Bush said that during earlier visits to the region in Katrina's immediate aftermath he could sense desperation and "deep, deep concern" among storm victims. That feeling, he said, has been replaced by "a sense of optimism, a hope, a little bounce in people's step."
Obviously, BB hasn't noticed the news about the riots and insurrections such as when they tried to bulldozer homes in the 9th Ward or the fire during the speech which most likely was deliberately set. Far from a "bounce in the step," I read about depression and fear as huge swaths of that city lie in darkness and ruin. The few homeowners who have dared to come back sleep at night, wondering what the noises in the dark are, dogs running riot in the night, howling. The city stumbles along as we go through one bizarre weather day after another, this time, tornadoes in Alabama, for example. From the Edmonton Sun:
Severe storms and tornadoes swept across two southern U.S. states yesterday, killing a woman in Alabama, damaging dozens of homes and tearing a section of roof off a Florida school where 13 children were injured, authorities said.

The children at Baker School had minor cuts and bruises, said Ken Wolf, emergency management director for Okaloosa County. A nearby post office and several trailers were also damaged in the Panhandle town, about 80 km northeast of Pensacola, the U.S. National Weather Service reported.
January tornadoes? Huh? Well, this summer is going to be very interesting and I seriously doubt it will be pleasant for the deep south.

It is raining up here, in January, for the third time this month.

Back to old Bubble Boy. He wants the Patriot Act formalize the removal of anyone who looks like they might annoy him, on the net and off the net, anywhere. From Rense:
Who is the "disruptor"? Bush Team history tells us the disruptor is an American citizen with the audacity to attend Bush events wearing a T-shirt that criticizes Bush; or a member of civil rights, environmental, anti-war or counter-recruiting groups who protest Bush policies; or a person who invades Bush's bubble by criticizing his policies. A disruptor is also a person who interferes in someone else's activity, such as interrupting Bush when he is speaking at a press conference or during an interview.

What are the parameters of the crime of "disruptive behavior"? The dictionary defines "disruptive" as "characterized by unrest or disorder or insubordination." The American Medical Association defines disruptive behavior as a "style of interaction" with people that interferes with patient care, and can include behavior such as "foul language; rude, loud or offensive comments; and intimidation of patients and family members."

What are the rules of engagement for "disruptors"? Some Bush Team history of their treatment of disruptors provide some clues on how this administration will treat disruptors in the future.
Bubble Boy has so much trouble with speechifying, he can't even recite his lines unaided within the confines of the White House and the stenographers pretending to be reporters. From Bob Fertik at
On Monday morning, Bush spoke a total of 250 words to the media on behalf of Sam Alito.
Even though it was a trivially short speech, filled with talking points he's recited many times before - and even though Bush was wide awake in the best hour of his day - Bush couldn't even deliver those 250 words without waiting for most of it to be fed to him through his earpiece!!!

Here's the word-by-word analysis, breaking down the video from BradBlog, which begins with the fourth sentence from Bush's remarks.
It is interesting to watch the video Bob provides. More and more, Bush moments in the sun have to occure before the sun zenith due to his, ahem, problems. No great nation prospers when led by drunken sots!

This lunatic's friends have been aggresively asserting Neronic powers for their crazy, drunk puppet. At every bill signing, they have increasingly used a Presidential device used very sparingly in the past, all directed towards Bush saying, "This Congressional bill doesn't apply to the Federal branch, hahahaha." From Findlaw:
Phillip Cooper is a leading expert on signing statements. His 2002 book, By Order of the President: The Use and Abuse of Executive Direct Action, assesses the uses and abuses of signing statements by presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Cooper has updated his material in a recent essay for the Presidential Studies Quarterly, to encompass the use of signing statements by now-President Bush as well.

By Cooper's count, George W. Bush issued 23 signing statements in 2001; 34 statements in 2002, raising 168 constitutional objections; 27 statements in 2003, raising 142 constitutional challenges, and 23 statements in 2004, raising 175 constitutional criticisms. In total, during his first term Bush raised a remarkable 505 constitutional challenges to various provisions of legislation that became law.
Bush has been a Constitutional Catasrophe since day one, back when the Supreme Court refused to allow perfectly normal, perfectly legal vote counting.

With the passage of the Patriot Act (sic), the Constitution took it on the chin, again. With the War Powers Act, it began to really take on water and visibly list to port. Bush signaled this several times before illegally taking power when he said, "The Executive interpets the laws, not the court," all the media whores united to say, he didn't say that but....he did! He also laughted evilly when he said, more than once, "It would be easier if I was a dictator." Again, unlike the chorus of fury from the pundits whenever Gore said anything at all, there was dead silence and if the bloggers and commentators on the web didn't talk about this over and over, it would have disappeared into the aether like so many things the big boys want us to forget.

Dictators are bad enough but incompetent, stupid, venal dictators are a disaster. Impeach Bush!
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