Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bush Calls For More Sacrifices In Iraq As Support Collapses

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bubble Boy is none too happy these days. He pumped up the stock market but this made everything worse, more chickens will come home to roost from that mess. It is obvious Iraq is blowing to smithereens. His fabulous photo-op was ruined by the New York Times reporter so he is back, flacking his failing war, increasingly unhappy.

From Yahoo:
"2006 will be a time of more testing and sacrifice," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said. "The terrorists and Saddam loyalists want to continue to try to derail the transition to democracy."

Still, the president planned to highlight progress in fashioning a democracy in Iraq, rebuilding the economy and training Iraqi forces to take over responsibility for the country's security from American military personnel.

"He will talk about how in each of these areas we have learned from experience," McClellan said. "We're fixing what's not working and we're adapting as necessary to complete the mission."

Bush was to press the number of foreign governments who have not yet followed through on their financial pledges to Iraq's reconstruction to do so quickly, McClellan said.
With his Napoleonic hat askew, Bush wants us to follow him into the war he shoved our military into.

We have a tape of him pumping his puny arm and going "Whoo hoo" just before he launched his illegal war. Now, things aren't going so well. When the insurrection held fire for the election, he assumed wrongly as usual, they were banished and the sun was going to shine on his great enterprise.

Then night fell.

Tony Blair is in more trouble, too. From This Old Brit:

Here are today's relevant 'Rose' headers, hotfoot from the BBC news website.

Blair impeachment over Iraq urged

Prime Minister Tony Blair should be impeached over the war in Iraq, a former top British soldier has said.

The ex-UN commander in Bosnia General Sir Michael Rose said Mr Blair had to take responsibility for his actions.

"To go to war on what turns out to be false grounds is something that no one should be allowed to walk away from," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.
More and more people in positions of responsibility are speaking up. Impeach, impeach, my kingdom for an impeachment!

The impeachment rumblings here in America remain mostly subterranean, confinded to the Internet for the most part, but it is sufficient force for half of America to wish it would happen.

The K street mess continues to pull down the GOP gang. Delay's funnel of funny money, the lobbying firm his wife worked for (hard work!) is closing its filthy doors today. From the Washington Post:
Buckham said in a telephone interview that the company was fatally damaged by publicity about the ongoing federal investigation into the affairs of Abramoff, who pleaded guilty last week to fraud and conspiracy charges. Abramoff is cooperating with prosecutors in their probe of congressional corruption.
Note that Bush and his many minions have said nothing about all this corruption pouring out of the Texas GOP grindhouse! He hopes everyone forgets he claims to live in Texas. Note the paucity of "home at last" propaganda lately. And the Longhorns win the Rosebowl and Bush is no where to be seen. Usually, he loves to flash the sign of the Evil Eye. So why the limp response now?

He even watched (passed out on the floor) the game, he claimed. Yeah. Right.
Buckham's firm employed DeLay's wife, Christine, for four years. It also benefited by working closely with Abramoff. Abramoff's plea agreement mentioned his close ties to Tony C. Rudy, one of Buckham's colleagues at ASG, identified in the court papers as "Staffer A."

Rudy, a former DeLay aide, worked for Abramoff before joining ASG. According to the plea document, a political consulting firm run by Rudy's wife allegedly received $50,000 in exchange for official actions Rudy took while working for DeLay.
This is like Dicken's "A Christmas Carol"---past associates are wafting past Bush's Oval Office window, moaning and clanking their chains which are welded to the iron money boxes they lusted after.

Meanwhile, Iraq's hot hell grows ever redder: From Antiwar.com:
U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad has been trying to convince the Sunni population that a share of political power will protect their interests. But the ruling Shi'ite party – supported by the anti-U.S. cleric Moqtada al-Sadr – has now broken decisively with that strategy, castigating both Sunni political leaders and the United States as being apologists for terrorists.

Responding to the Jan. 5 suicide bombing in Karbala that killed 60 Shi'ites and wounded 120, Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, the leader of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), which heads the ruling Shi'ite coalition, said, "We hold responsible Coalition forces, and political elements that have openly announced their support for terrorism, for the pure blood that has flowed."
It is pathetically easy to project the present course into the future. The future isn't merely grim, it is hideous. We lost, we lost long ago, when we allowed Bagdad to be looted while we protected only Chalabi's beloved Oil Ministry. Our super secret, super strong embassy will be the home base of whoever wins this civil war. They will either force us to be their bodyguards and to die for nearly no purpose or we will flee, Saigon-style, from the rooftops.

Either case, the stupid propaganda about democracy will collapse just like it has in Haiti.

Meanwhile, the issue of Iran and nuclear bombs continues to broil, too. From Yahoo.com:
A senior State Department official, who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity of the issue, said the so-called P5 -- Britain, France, the United States, Russia and China -- had sent separate notes to Tehran in recent days over its plans to resume research on nuclear fuel.

The United States had been looking for a strong joint statement but finally settled on separate statements with the same message -- that Iran should not resume the research.
Evidently, the joint threat from rival powers giving Israel its excuse to attack Iran has bellyflopped.

China, in particular, objected. The behind the scenes diplomacy here would be interesting to eavesdrop but the Chinese are notoriously mum. Pakistan teeters on the edge of the nuclear abyss and after the earthquake, it is worse. Masses of people are fleeing deeper into the interior of the cities, displaced by the earthquake. Americans recently bombed a Pakistani village and then flew in with helicopters and kidnapped villagers who are undoubtably being tortured right now as I type.

Just remember, the torture never stops!

Meanwhile, the religious fissures in the Muslim world widen, thanks to imperial adventures of the Europeans, Russians and Americans.

Meanwhile again, back to the warmongers at the WP:
Once again we are confronted with stories about how the Pentagon and its ubiquitous private contractors are undermining free inquiry in Iraq. "Muslim Scholars Were Paid to Aid U.S. Propaganda," reports the New York Times. Journalists, intellectuals or clerics taking money from Uncle Sam or, in this case, a Washington-based public relations company, is seen as morally troubling and counterproductive. Sensible Muslims obviously would not want to listen to the advice of an American-paid consultant; anti-insurgent Sunni clerics can now all be slurred as corrupt stooges.

There is one big problem with this baleful version of events. Historically, it doesn't make much sense. The United States ran enormous covert and not-so-covert operations known as "CA" activities throughout the Cold War. With the CIA usually in the lead, Washington spent hundreds of millions of dollars on book publishing, magazines, newspapers, radios, union organizing, women's and youth groups, scholarships, academic foundations, intellectual salons and societies, and direct cash payments to individuals (usually scholars, public intellectuals and journalists) who believed in ideas that America thought worthy of support.
The CIA's efforts here were laughed at even in the Soviet Union where humor was in as short supply as good shoes. Note the approval of the CI-fucking-A paying journalists!

Well, they were paid to lie to Americans! The rulers knew the propaganda was a joke overseas but they knew Americans would just eat it all up. When I lived overseas, it was amusing to watch all this from inside the CIA bubble. As a radical revolutionary, I could haul out the CIA lies and make amusing speeches about them, was rather popular in Europe, back in 1968. Right under the guns of the Soviet Army, we mocked American propaganda as well as Soviet lies.

Thinking that corrupting reporters in Iraq will turn the Iraqis into American slaves is insane, stupid, laughable. The CIA should have "won" the insane Vietnam war but we didn't. Well, DUH. So why do the neo-cons writing for the Washington Post which existed back then, think this moronic exercise will work today?

Arrest Bush. Send him and all the warmongers to trial. Including the flacks being paid by the CIA to lie to us. Especially them.
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