Sunday, January 01, 2006

Bush Denies He Demanded Wiretap Whistle Blower Be Captured

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush claims he didn't demand Justice Dept find the whistle blower who revealed illegal wiretapping. But note that he didn't call for an investigation a year ago when the NYT told him about the whistle blower! One wonders why! Meanwhile, the White House says more astonishingly stupid and insane things.

From Australia:
THE White House said overnight it had no role in the Justice Department's decision to investigate the leaking of classified information indicating that President George W. Bush authorised a secret government wiretap program.
Lying gets easier and easier if one does it all the time. Bush has trouble controlling his body tics and blicking eyes when he lies but since he lies all the time execpt when he blurts out his "Bushisms", everyone who doesn't want to think about things thinks this is normal behavior.

It is not.

Anyway, as the White House explains their obvious lies, they say really bizarre things like this:
Mr Duffy stressed that "the leaking of classified information is a serious issue." And he defended the use of wiretaps, warning that "Al-Qaeda's playbook is not printed on page one, and when America's is, it has serious ramifications."
Why is revealing the information that Bush and his cronies are illegally spying on Americans revealing information that will help al Qaeda? Does any terrorist not believe the government is trying to spy on them? That the government never ever uses phone tagging or other means?

Hahaha. If I figured this out way back in the sixties when I was a mere teenager, you can bet bin Laden and his merry band figured this out some time way back when they lived in that super police state, Saudi Arabia, where all communications big and small are spied upon!

This is so beyond ludicrous, it is to laugh to death (falling down dead noises at my desk). Good effing grief. The whistle blower, if he or she is found, should be enshrined in our history as a tremendous person who is actively saving Democracy, saving the Constitution, saving the American Flag which is now in tatters thanks to Bush and his gang wrecking everything it stands for.

The leakers in the White House who pushed the Valarie Plame contacts into danger because Bush wanted to shut up everyone in the diplomatic and CIA circles who were objecting to the neo-cons cooking the evidence used to justify a totally illegal war, they need to be put in prison.

For they broke the law in order to facilitate breaking some very grave laws, ones that carry the death penalty: starting wars of aggression for territorial gain.

The NYT, by the way, is again in a broil over all this. Kellner, the editor in chief and the owner, Punch, won't tell the Ombudsman what the hell is going on. They don't want to explain why they cooperated with Bush and why this isn't news but then, this has happened to me, before the election, when they refused to report the story about how Haley Barbour came to their offices, complaining about ME! They still won't talk about that. Or all the other times they conspired to cover up real news.

The secret playbook of the media/Republican party is far more important for us to read than any terrorist playbook simply because the terrorists are police matters but the media/Republican collusion is a political matter and all politics are, by definition, public!
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