Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bush, In Panic, Calls All Previous Imperial Rulers For Photoshoot

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

No sooner than I said, "Bush is toast" he pops out of the toaster! Seems AWOL has summoned all previous war criminals ruling elite to tell him what to do. Many Nixon jerks there. None told him to imitate Nixon and resign in disgrace. Neither Clinton nor Carter were called. Wonder why (snicker).

From the New York Times:
President Bush reached beyond his inner circle and deep into the past today as he sought the views of former secretaries of state and defense on his strategy in Iraq.

Mr. Bush said afterward that he was honored to have so many "good, solid Americans" at the session. Indeed, the attendees made up a sizable contingent from the Who's Who of the Washington of yesteryear.
Nothing like consulting with people who made the exact same mistakes! And learned nothing! Or if they did, they said this:
Lawrence Eagleburger, a secretary of state under the first President Bush, told reporters that Mr. Bush had come in for some criticism that he had not talked to the people enough, but that it had been mild. "When you are in the presence of the president of the United Staes, I don't care if you've been a devout Democrat for the last hundred years, you're likely to pull your punches to some degree," Mr. Eagleburger said.
Note these pansies didn't talk tough. "Oh, poor baby bubble bookins, we know you messed everything up, don't cry, we wil tell America to stay the course just like we did during all the other disasterous, stupid, illegal wars!" Yeah.

Bring Cindy Sheehan into the Offal Office. She might give him something to think about. Or Congressman Murtha. Me! I don't know. Spanking probably would be a waste of energy and the Secret Service frowns on this so maybe if I made him write on a chalk board, "I will not invade other nations frivolously or illegally" about 100,000 times. Then make him sit in a corner. No cookies.

Better, have him arrested and sent to Bagdad to stand trial with Saddam.
The president said he had listened to "their concerns, their suggestions about the way forward," and he vowed to continue with his "dual-track strategy for victory," relying on a political process involving all Iraqis and helping the Iraqis to quell violence in their country.
So, being mealy mouthed fellow war criminals, they told him to just keep on killing American soldiers, Iraqis and all sorts of people and not change a thing, his "victory" tour will roll on? Seems like this is what he learned!

What is this "dual track" anyway? One going up and one going down at the same time with the train of state derailed in the middle? "Helping the Iraqis quell violence" by siding with Sadr? And bin Laden! Note these clowns didn't talk about him, Bush didn't mention the guy. Who is he? "He who shall not be named"? Did these goofy gad-a-bouts think about protecting America from bin Laden's terrorists? If so, why did they go all mooshy and kissy-kissy with Bubble Boy? Afraid he wouldn't share more goodies with them?

Of course.

Give me ten minutes with Bush and I will give him an earful. First, these vicious, vacuous, evil clowns should have demanded he sacrifice his daughters in Nam Iraq. They should fulfill his duties there. He is murdering Americans, they should, like Agamemnon's daughter, Iphigenia, pay the price. To show that Bush is serious about all that stupid patriots must die for America clap trap.
Frank Carlucci, a defense secretary under President Ronald Reagan, said Mr. Bush's private comments had reflected his public ones in that "the terrorists are still out to get us, there will be more attacks, so we have to take the necessary measures.

Mr. Carlucci, interviewed on CNN, defended the surveillance of people in the United States talking to suspected terrorists overseas. But he added, "The question is what procedures need to be followed."
Ronnie Reagan spied on Americans or rather, his VP, Bush Sr, did this. Iran/Contra was full of all sorts of black bag stuff, 90% of which didn't see the light of day thanks to Fawn Hall and Ollie North destroying evidence illegally. Mr. Carlucci neglects to tell us the illegal spying this time like all the previous times, was directed at enemies of the foreign and domestic GOP policies!

As for attacks on America: they are inevitable since we are murdering and torturing people across the planet. We are causing and aggravating civil wars and theft of lands. We have begun a religious war deep inside Muslim territory.

The news from Iraq is very bad today. This meeting of Mafioso has changed exactly nothing. I can't wait for the panic meetings in the future as these same goofy idiots try to figure out how to deal with our ballooning debts without raising taxes on themselves!

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