Saturday, January 28, 2006

CIA Censors Presentation At Spy Ethics Conference

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

CIA spooks hold a Spy Ethics Conference only the papers to be delivered there are so heavily censored they can't be read at the Conference. The Cone of Silence is working just great, isn't it? ("Get Smart" was one of my father's favorite TV shows ever)

From the NYT:
A group of current and former intelligence officers and academic experts think there is, and they are meeting this weekend to dissect what some others in the field consider a flat-out contradiction in terms.

The organizers say recent controversies over interrogation techniques bordering on torture and the alleged skewing of prewar intelligence on Iraq make their mission urgent. At the conference on Friday and Saturday in a Springfield, Va., hotel, the 200 attendees hope to begin hammering out a code of ethics for spies and to form an international association to study the subject.
OK. If the organizers of this Spook Shinding thing our vicious torture and renditions were "bordering" on torture, well, kiss your ethical souls goodbye, you ain't seeing them no more.

This is why we are feared and hated by billions of people. Far from being the beacon of democracy, the light of the oppressed, the savior coming to rescue the maiden tied to the train tracks, we are actully the bad guys. Occassionally, the evil actions cause so many problems, they have to be stopped, temporarily. Some lower level agents are punished or even upper levels are threatened with punishment then the President forgives them and they slink off into the dark shadows from whence they came.

There are certainly ethical, nice CIA agents (ahem) but there are nasty, vicious, evil ones. And the nice ones are being driven out and replaced with an army of the Nacht und Nebel. Neo-nazis always had a niche in the CIA since the end of WWII, indeed, 100% bona fide Nazis worked with the CIA after WWII, for that matter!

The CIA supposedly spies overseas and not at home (hahahaha, I will die laughing, eventually). Of course, this is violated whenever a President wants to abuse the Constitution. Like today, with Bush running around America, telling us it was perfectly legal for him to ignore the law and spy on antiwar protestors. After all, Quakers are dangerous, they have ethics and ethics stink!
Ms. Mahle, now a foreign policy consultant, was scheduled to speak Saturday on the practice of rendition, in which terrorism suspects are seized abroad and delivered either to trial in the United States or to imprisonment in other countries.

But in a required security review, the C.I.A. refused to clear about one-fourth of her proposed 23-page text, Ms. Mahle said Friday. She said the deletions "gutted" the paper and made it impossible to deliver. She decided to attend the conference anyway, because she believes its goal is "so important."
No one is supposed to talk about our kidnapping and then torturing people by moving them to despotic lands that are not constrained by the Geneva Conventions nor the Constitution.

This is why we put our evil prison from hell in Cuba. The legal excuse is, Castro is an evil dictator so if we act like him on our base in Cuba, this is OK since it isn't in America even though it is run by Americans and flies our stupid flag.

Let's go back to the CIA's screwy past. One of their top things on the "to do" list is to watch out for secret agents and terrorists who plan to attack America or assassinate Kennedy. Well. We know how that business went, don't we?

Forget the 9/11 "This is my Trifecta! I love reading about goats!" Bush mess. Oswald was a sharp shooting Marine who defected to communist Russia in the height of the McCarthy Era Cold War Atomic terror 1950's hysteria. The CIA and everyone knew he defected because it was big news when he did it! So, one fine day, he suddenly comes back again. Now, since the CIA and FBI were spying on nearly everyone if not everyone who was even remotely interesting like Quaker grandmothers and Martin Luther King and anyone, why didn't the CIA pass off to the FBI the task of tracking Oswald very closely? Eh? What?

One article I read recently (not on file, alas) talked about how he was tracked by the FBI (and others) for 15 years after writing a letter which said, communists should be allowed to exercise the freedom of speech. Heck, when we students began to demand freedom of speech in the famous "Free Speech" marches and demonstrations in San Francisco and Berkeley, we were spied upon, too! So, during this period when innocent letters to the editor in smallish newspapers would trigger phone tapping and letter stealing as well as open eavesdropping and tracking the movements of citizens, how on earth can they pretend no one, absolutely no one, had the faintest idea that Oswald might be up to no good?

If there was anyone in America with a red flag of danger attached to him, he was Oswald.

Well, the Warren Report didn't report on all this very convincingly. Anyone reading the lies being spewed today, concerning obvious facts about the Challenger space shuttle disaster, can see that lying about salient, obvious facts doesn't faze our ruling class and the clowns who work for them.

You know, the Reagan shooting: today, the assassin gets to go home for visits. He gads about, no one pays any attention to him, in his comfortable asylum. No prison for him! And the GOP isn't angry about all this. And the Bushes...well, he is a friend of the family, so why would they protest his comfy treatment? And why aren't Americans upset about him? Why this lax, who gives a hoot attitude? Well, the press could stir things up and GOP Congress critters could yell about it but despite the professions of love for Reagan, they don't seem to give a hoot, do they?

The Reagan family doesn't care much, either! Isn't that peculiar?

The denials of the Bushes, pretending they never heard of the assassin or his family, easily debunked, were accepted by the press just like the lies about knowing Ken Lay or Abramoff are accepted.

So why do we have spies? We really don't need them since we are going around pretending there is no reality and not giving a hoot who we aggravate or violate. We can just openly become full time Nazguls and run around the planet in dark robes and red, glowing eyes and scare the bejeezus out of everyone, damn any "ethics".

Assassination! Torture! Steal! The CIA's motto.
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