Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cindy Was Arrested For Tee Shirt With "2245" On It!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Apparently, Cindy Sheehan had a tee shirt on with the stark numbers, "2245" on it, the number of dead soldiers in the military including her own son. This was why she was arrested! Is this America or is it China?

The Skull and Bones magic number is 322. This is for the death of democracy. And nothing infuriates Bush more than magic numbers which is why bin Laden uses them all the time, I am guessing.

Cindy didn't say anything, she just silently revealed the number of the dead to the soul dead gathered below her balcony, the men and women who voted to send her son to die in a futile war, all for our "addiction to oil." The ghosts of the dead can't haunt them but the living mothers can and this is why she was hustled out so swiftly.

The media had to lie about her, of course. They lied about where her son died, for example. They lied about what she "did." They pretended she tried to unflurl a banner. They demonized her, coughing up whatever fake hairballs that roll around in their stomachs. They should teach the Chinese how to lie about protestors. They could show them how to kill off even the most insignificant protests.

And the Democrats could show how to be harmless wienies. Woof.

Go, Cindy! Keep up the pressure. And do talk about socialist things, I love you the most for that. You are opening so many doors, keep it up! All the verboten stuff our flat earth flat worm politicians and media want banished. Kisses to you, sister.
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