Thursday, January 26, 2006

Democrats in Alaska Demand E-Vote Data, GOP Operatives Refuse

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

GOP operatives in Alaska refuse to hand over voting data, claiming, "Private corporate information" as an excuse. I thought elections were public matters! The farce of democracy goes on in America, one of the few counties on earth that can't count votes.

From Anchorage Daily News:
The state Division of Elections has refused to turn over its electronic voting files to the Democrats, arguing that the data format belongs to a private company and can't be made public.

The Alaska Democratic Party says the information is a public record essential for verifying the accuracy of the 2004 general election and must be provided.

The official vote results from the last general election are riddled with discrepancies and impossible for the public to make sense of, the Democrats said Monday. A detailed analysis of the underlying data could answer lingering questions about an election many thought was over more than a year ago, they say.
With all the howling and bleating over the Palestinians voting and of course, the hidden tallying of Iraq's votes which denied the majority population, the Shi'ites, their obvious victory there, we would think the "democracy is great" blow-hards of the GOP would at least cooperate a tiny bit on counting votes and examining the flawed tools we use for voting, tools owned lock, stock and barrel by two right wing GOP operatives!

The idea that vote counting is a private matter for a business and public officials have no business looking into vote machine operations is ludicrous. This proves the last three elections were totally fake. Since our system is this corrupt, it should be declared null and void and all laws passed by the House and Senate and President under false circumstances, are all fraudulent.

Then we start all over again. This includes the Bush tax cuts. All an expensive fraud.

But then, the media is a fraud, too. This is why we are deep in red ink all over the place. The red ink wasn't the will of the people but the will of the frauds who cheated us out of legitimate votes in three elections.

Arrest them all, while we are at it. I know of Republicans who cling to every news story of one or another corrupt Democrat, hoping this would OK their rank theft of this nation. Well, Democrats aren't even remotely perfect but they can't hold a candle to the ultimate corruption in America: stealing so many elections, ripping off voters of the most precious thing they have: the right to choose who runs this joint.

Our ancestors fought a revolution over this very issue.
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