Monday, January 30, 2006

Department of Homeland Security Spends A Lot Of Time Surfing For Porn

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even as documents now reveal how the DHS goofed off and didn't allow flat boat rescues after Hurricane Katrina, we learn their computer alert system has tracked over 65 million security alerts due to staff downloading porn.


Homeland Security bureaucrats just look at pornography all day, a startling new government report suggests.

The terror bureaucracy’s internal computer network logged a staggering 65 million security alerts in just 90 days, according to the study (PDF) released today by Homeland Security Department inspector general Dick Skinner.
Amazing. Just amazing when connected to this news: From Associated Press:
Responding to a questionnaire posed by investigators, Interior Department Assistant Secretary P. Lynn Scarlett said her agency offered to supply FEMA with 300 dump trucks and other vehicles, 300 boats, 11 aircraft and 400 law enforcement officers to help search and rescue efforts.

"Although the department possesses significant resources that could have improved initial and ongoing response, many of these resources were not effectively incorporated into the federal response to Hurricane Katrina," Scarlett wrote in the response, dated Nov. 7.

Scarlett added: "Although we attempted to provide these assets through the process established by the NRP, we were unable to efficiently integrate and deploy those resources."
People were dying and DHS was worried about what make up to wear on TV, setting up photo ops for Bush and Cheney, spreading lies and blame. I will note, the Israeli Bush hired to run the joint is nearly never in the news, I wonder if he is even in the country since Hamas has taken over Palestine. Anyone know Chertoff's whereabouts? I don't.

And I look for his name in the news. He isn't there, hasn't been for months and months. Bin Laden issues another tape and dead silence from our ultra super secret Israeli.
At one point, Scarlett's letter said, FEMA asked U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to help with search and rescue in New Orleans, St. Bernard Parish and St. Tammany Parish but that the rescuers "never received task assignments." The agency, a branch of the Interior Department, apparently went ahead anyway, according to the letter, which said that Fish and Wildlife helped rescue 4,500 people in the first week after Katrina.
We know we forced Bush to get Brownie to resign but I notice not one Zionist in DC demanded Chertoff be removed, too. He was around during that time, and in the news, even. He seemed just as disinterested and clueless as his boss, Bush and his underling, Brown. So why the silence about him?

Do you think our press that went insane over Clinton's blow job are going to go nuts over this story? Hahaha.


This story really shows how urgent DHS takes their job. Namely, they goof off all day long. I noted earlier that they set up a kiddie website and it took them only almost one year to launch. I launch websites at a mad rate. It is laughably easy to do!

And cheap. DHS could hire me and I could do all sorts of things. Heck, the Feds should have me replace Greenspan. But then, I know too much.

Bankrupcy and graft, goofing off while Rome burns. America! God bless.
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