Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Wins Elections----Imperial Efforts At Suppression Fail

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hour after hour, headlines in the Imperial realms shouted that Fatah, not Hamas, won the Palestinian election. This is the first, real election, ever held in Palestinian lands, wherein everyone could vote no matter what religion or ethnic tribal ties. It doesn't surprize me at all to see the trapped, displaced peasants supporting Hamas. This is the revolution sweeping Muslim lands: the peasants following the path of jihad, fighting the Christian/Jewish invasions.

From the NYT:
Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will ask Hamas to form the next Palestinian government after the Islamic militants swept parliamentary elections, and the defeated Fatah Party will serve in the opposition, a senior Fatah legislator said Thursday.

A Hamas-only government, without Fatah as a moderating force, is sure to throw Mideast peacemaking into turmoil. The Islamic militants, who carried out dozens of suicide bombings and seek Israel's destruction, have said they oppose peace talks and will not disarm. Israel and the United States have said they will not deal with Hamas.
The New York Times is a Zionist newspaper. They always look at things through Zionist lenses. So they can't see the obvious. As Arafat grew corrupt and turned himself into a tool of the Israel/American empire, he became so profoundly unpopular, when he died, there was little mourning in Palestine. I noticed this and wondered if the American media would put 2+2 together but of course, they couldn't and didn't, just like it is obvious Sharon is a brain-dead living corpse and this hasn't been any headlines despite weeks of breathless headlines like, "Sharon's Right Arm Moves!" (no surprize, ja?)

The need to steal from Muslims is very strong because they have things we want badly. Land, oil, water, you name it, we want it. Bush and his pro-Zionist neo-con buddies have been caught with their pants down in Iraq with the illegal war they launched. To keep themselves out of Nuremburg style trials, they decided to start a revolution in Muslim lands, namely, to have real elections monitored by the UN.

This has got to be the funniest thing that ever happened since the French Revolution.

So in a few places, Muslim peasants finally have a voice, a chance to choose leaders and they are doing this with a vengence. Time and again, our sponsored tools go down in spectacular defeat. We lost the hearts and minds of the people and they are letting us know as loudly as possible. Imagine real elections in Egypt or Saudi Arabia! In every case, there is 100% probability that the Jihadists will win.

When the Anglo/American empire systematically destroyed any nationalism that popped up in these important countries we want to dominate and loot, the only alternative was religious war. And so, here we are, 60 years later, staring at the growing maelstrom of Jihad. Do these people have any other choices? Obviously, not.

Bin Laden blazed a path, he showed everyone how to fight the empire and now, millions and millions are joining forces to do exactly that. Bin Laden, like so many revolutionary leaders before him, can be killed or supressed but the seething masses are much harder to supress once a fire is lit under them and they collectively agree there is no other path but war, then you get a raging war that is fought, peasant-style: brutally, daily, unorganized but relentless. The eye on the prize keeps them going for they know, slavery and death are the only alternatives, so why not feel the joy and energy of revolution?

For despite the killings and brutality, revolutions are....FUN. The element of fun is often overlooked by people fearful of change. Look at the faces in the photos from Palestine: they are happy and raring to go. They know the Israelis will attack them mercilessly and they will fight back, mercilessly, and they are looking forwards to this battle and feel, Allah is willing and Allah is finished punishing them all for not carrying His message of Jihad forwards.

Unlike Arafat who was fighting a secular fight for land for some tribes, some religions, this is now a religious war that will spill over the borders, no ifs, ands or buts. When the Franks invaded the Holy Land a thousand years ago, the Muslim forces suffered many defeats but in the end, they drove out the invaders after undergoing huge changes within. In 1250, the alien Mongols destroyed Bagdad and drove the Muslims all the way to the shores of the Red Sea and on the border of Egypt, were defeated at last. Then, the religious mullahs went amongst the Mongols and their fellow tribes such as the Turks, and converted these fearsome warriors to Islam and they, in turn, swept forwards to create the Ottoman Empire.
Israel and the United States have said they would not deal with a government led by Hamas, which has carried out dozens of suicide bombings and which they consider a terrorist group.

Acknowledging the Hamas victory, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia and his Cabinet ministers resigned Thursday -- hours before official results from Wednesday's vote were released.
This is pure madness. We aren't going to "deal" with the Palestinian's chosen representatives? Talk about sore losers!

We can't negotiate a peace with puppets because this would not only be wrong, it would be a waste of time. We have to grapple with the fact that the Zionist/Anglo/American imperial push has totally outraged and has completely motivated the greater mass of the people in Muslim lands to choose war and revolution over dealing with us as if they were our slaves. And as far as I am concerned, this is a correct thing for them to do since we have given them no decent alternative.

"Eat dirt and die," isn't very appealling. Obviously, "Die in the dirt!" is the answer. All previous negotiations in the past meant only that the Palestinians would have to accept things that were bad for them, over and over, as Israel used the American club to smash them into smithereens. By paying Arafat bribes, they got him to sign the dotted line. Well, there are no more Arafats left.

And the assassination of all Hamas leaders has backfired, as it ought. Arresting and killing all opposition works only if people are willing to be enslaved. Since the Zionists are offering the people nothing, there is no reason to stop fighting and now, the fighting will pick up, after a pause.

During which, the Palestinian leaders will go out and form new alliances with other people. And that, my friends, will be another victory for bin Laden's Jihad. We know who will be the allies. And we won't like it one bit.
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