Sunday, January 08, 2006

Homeland Security Wants No-Fly List For Space Tourists

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Afraid of spacecraft crashing in Texas, Homeland Security has asked other nations to use our insane 60,000 person+ no-fly list. Just in case stray 4 year olds and Canadian tourists might hustle aboard a spaceship and hijack it to the moon.

From the BBC:
Space tourists must be screened to ensure they are not terrorists, according to proposed regulations from the US Federal Aviation Administration.
The draft report's suggestions aim to prevent a terrorist from destroying a spacecraft or using it as a weapon.

However, the report has no strict proposals on the health of any would-be space tourists.

The suggestions will affect Sir Richard Branson's enterprise which aims to launch people into space this decade.
Virgin Air is going to do what NASA no longer does: put people in space. And just in case Atta's buddies want to fly, everyone is supposed to use this notoriously capricious list that snags reporters, authors of books critical of Bush and musicians against the war in Iraq not to mention anyone vaguely Muslim. How can Virgin Air sell tickets?

A Canadian is prevented from flying with his family to Mexico thanks to the ridiculous Homeland Security no-fly list.
A Canadian man returned home Saturday and was demanding answers after he was pulled off a flight from Toronto to Mexico and detained for being on a U.S. no-fly list.

Sami Kahil was getting ready for a vacation with his wife and two young children but when the plane landed, he was taken to an immigration office for questioning.

Kahil said that officials told him that he was wanted by Canadian authorities but he was given no more information.

Kahil said he's lived in Canada for 17 years and recently travelled to the United States and has never been in trouble.
If this was last year, he might have ended up in a secret prison in Poland, screaming while KGB trained torturers tormented him. He is fortunate we are now wrestling with Bush and his spooky Soviet-style neo-cons and preventing them from disappearing people.

From CNN:
NASA will pay the Russian Federal Space Agency $21.8 million per passenger for Soyuz rides to and from the international space station (ISS) starting this spring.

NASA spokeswoman Melissa Mathews said January 5 that the U.S. space agency and its Russian counterpart concluded a $43.8 million deal just before New Year's Day that includes Soyuz transportation to and from the space station for NASA's newly named Expedition 13 crew member, Jeff Williams, and a ride home for astronaut Bill McArthur, who has been living onboard the station since October.
Speaking of the devil, the former Soviet Space program rolls on and on while ours founders in a ditch, thanks to our shuttle blowing up over Texas.

The complete collapse of support for the space program is astonishing. Al Gore loved techie stuff and he was enthusiastic about planetary and space studies and I remember he wanted to put the earth on the internet and we could access one of the more distant satellites and see the entire planet all at once, I used to log onto that site every day. Beautiful to see. Well, one of the first things Bush did was pull the plug on that out of pure spite.

Now, space is never mentioned except for brief notices like this demand that other countries use our totally stupid, moronic, vicious no-fly list. As if any names on that list are terrorists. What do we imagine will happen? Bin Laden signing up to fly under his own name?
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