Monday, January 23, 2006

increasing Violence---American Victories Fuel Self Defeating War

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It pays to make graphs. They show trends and connections that might be obscured by mere numbers. The invasion/occupation graph here illustrates how the death toll is escalating on all levels as we fight the "War on Terror". About 2/3rds of the deaths are women, children and the elderly, at least the ones since 9/11/1. Where will this all end?

From Associated Press:
Pakistani security forces stopped Islamist opposition leaders Monday from reaching a border village hit by a U.S. missile strike, curbing an anti-American protest as the prime minister visited Washington.

The opposition politicians, addressing hundreds of their supporters at a roadblock in the foothills of the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan, condemned the obstruction and branded President Gen. Pervez Musharraf as an "American slave."
Our ally in Pakistan is terrified of his own people. The rage in the earthquake zone hasn't really hit yet because everyone is still struggling to flee the mountains there. Most of the dead from the earthquake are women and childen since they tend to be indoors more than the adult men.

So we have an army of bereaved and footloose men flooding into the rest of Pakistan, all of them pretty desperate and pretty angry at the government. Mix that with the fierce, independent minded mountain tribes fuming at American interference and you get al Qaida (al Qaeda) recruits up the yin-yang.

Like all great wars, the ingredients for this one to escalate are all here. The graph shows how, during our brutal invasions, we killed many more than were killed in the USA, initially. As we deliver "shock and awe" we see the same thing happen each time: our occupation troops settle in and begin to subdue the population by being pretty arrogant, petty and ill tempered. The Muslims, in turn, regroup, reorganize and then begin picking us off, one by one, five by five. We then brutally retaliate, killing many more of them than they kill of us, only, we kill many women and children, too.

How thoughtful of us. In turn, this fuels the Muslim's feeling of outrage and of being in the right, now. God is definitely on their side, if there is a God that hates killing infants, fetuses and their mommies. The Americans this week had pro-fetal demonstrations, and the ruler of America, the increasingly unpopular Bush, struggling at 35% approval/58% disapproval ratings, talking about how he wants to save babies and fetuses even as our troops butcher them without warning or just cause, in Muslim lands.

The robot murder machine we used in Pakistan particularily outrages the Muslims for it is totally cowardly. They have to go in, personally, at great danger, to fight. We are resorting to robots that are indiscriminate. So, in our eagerness to win while not getting even scratched, has caused two things: it cranked up the rage against our Death Star Machinery and it has driven more Muslims into arming themselves with weapons of greater destruction.

World War Three won't be pretty and if this graph adds another color for Iran with the same shape, with the death toll in our War on Terror reaching into the millions, you can bet, it won't end there. None of these sorts of wars do. Since we are dishonest of our intentions and desires, this makes it all much worse, for how can the Muslims negotiate with us if the entire business is about us ruling them so we can steal their oil profits and further, lock China out of Middle Eastern oil businesses?

When we twisted our own 'free trade" laws to prevent the Chinese purchase of an American oil company, as I detailed on this blog, we basically ripped up all past statements of our intentions to do business fair and square and we launched an all out grab for as many oil countries as we can lay our hands on.

Hostile American attempts at disarming Iran are deflating as the other members of our unholy coalition beging to get scared as world oil prices shoot up. From Reuters:
The International Atomic Energy Agency chief on Monday refused EU and U.S. requests for a broad report on Iran's disputed atomic work in time for a February 2 IAEA crisis meeting, saying he needed more time to prepare one.

Mohamed ElBaradei's response, whose text was obtained by Reuters, said he had given Iran until a regularly scheduled March 6 board session to answer questions about its nuclear program, which the West suspects aims to make nuclear bombs.

"Due process, therefore, must take its course before (we) are able to submit a detailed report," ElBaradei wrote.

Western leaders want a broad accounting of Iran's activities for the February 2 meeting to help them persuade skeptical Russia, China and developing states on the 35-nation board to agree to refer Iran to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions.
We smeared El Baradei when we shoved him aside so we could invade Iraq. We screamed that he was stupid and we were smarty pants and we knew where the nuclear bombs were hidden.

This lie was obvious to me since Bush and his gang made no preparations for the possibilty of any bombs being dropped on our troops.

From AP:
A new judge will take charge temporarily of the tribunal trying Saddam Hussein and seven co-defendants in the 1982 massacre of more than 140 Shiites, an official said Monday.

Raouf Rasheed Abdel-Rahman, a Kurd, will preside at the trial that resumes Tuesday, replacing chief judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin, who submitted a letter of resignation on Jan. 15 amid complaints of government criticism in the process, said Raid Juhi, the chief investigator who prepared evidence for the Dujail case.
Meanwhile, the chances of Saddam being sprung from his jail rises by the hour. Popping in an obscure judge of the wrong tribe simply means no Sunni is going to accept the verdict and momentum to spoil the Kurd's plans for revenge might actually work against our desire to punish Saddam for cooperating with us with his war against Iran, a country we intend to attack.

Meanwhile, Saddam's lawyers are, and I think this is correct, demanding Bush and Blair be put on trial for war crimes since Saddam was cooperating with the UN and was truthfully disarmed when those countries invaded, illegally. These war crimes are serious charges and right now, Europe is trying in vain, yet again, to try the Serbian president who tore up Yugoslavia, with war crimes and he, too, is demanding American and British imperialists be put on trial, too, for invading Iraq!

As the Western world sleep walks into yet another World War, one must try to understand why they are addicted to this. It isn't Russia or Iran who are pushing this war, it is us. I see no Iranian planes, boats or subs anywhere near the USA, Canada or Britain.

Just like when our spy plane was caught in an accident with a Chinese fighter jet that was trying to buzz away our snooping nose, our outrage that they dare try to stop us from invading their privacy was amusing and sad to watch. Instead of slinking away, we shoved out our chests until the Chinese forced Bush to kow tow three times. You can bet, we no longer buzz arrogantly back and forth right off their shorelines. They don't do this to us.

And this, in a nutshell, is why huge empires start world wars! By girdling a planet and having troops marching literally all over kingdom come, an empire tends to stomp on lots and lots of toes. The Chinese, for example, are signing treaties and trade accords all over the planet. And not one trooper is outside of Greater China, so far. Will they succumb to the siren song of empire? They have, in the past!

Meanwhile, here in America, the Pentagon is sucking up half a trillion a year and our deficit is half a trillion a year and we can't afford this empire anymore. Period. Sleep walking to Armaggeddon won't end with us falling out of bed like the Little Nemo cartoon character.

When we fall, the crash will be deafening. And look at the chart! American deaths going up and up and up. There is no infinity. There is an upper limit. But it could be 100% death if we have a nuclear war over oil.

It ain't worth it. Not even slightly.
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