Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Israelis Shoot 9 Year Old Palestinian Girl In The Back Yesterday

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

As the USA and the Israelis deafen us with screams to boycott and defund the Palestinians, yet another cold blooded murder is committed by neo-Nazi Israeli troops who use their watch towers to snipe children to death for the fun of it. Time to defund Israel.

From the Guardian:
The nine-year-old girl's parents realised she was gone as they watched the election results on television. They do not know precisely what happened, but the Israeli army later said Aya was behaving in a suspicious manner reminiscent of a terrorist - she got too close to the border fence - and so a soldier fired several bullets into the child, hitting her in the neck and blowing open her stomach.
They could see perfectly well, this was a small girl. They have a long history of sniping at women and children for the fun of it. We never, ever, ever hear about this in American media which is about as honest as the Nazi Beobachter. We get heavily censored news here in America and this has twisted public opinion severely.

In Europe, the imperialists are desperately trying to whip up support of destroying the Palestinian people totally and utterly. The "Final Solution" is next, I suppose. Hamas has had a ceasefire with Israel for a year which has pretty much held. But there is no reciprocation in this firing. If unarmed children are being machinegunned in the back for no good reason, this isn't a ceasefire.

Every Israeli killed in this conflict gets loving attention in America, every Palestinian or pro-Palestinian Americans are defamed, libeled and mocked in America if they get any attention at all which is usually around zero.

My father, when interrogating Germans in the village of Dachau in 1945, asked them again and again, how could they not know what was going on in the extermination camp. They gave him blank looks.

We have to look. This is why crimes against humanity destroy our own humanity if we don't look. We have to see the truth and the truth is, the war for the Holy Land is turning people into demons and little children are being thrown into Moloch's fiery stomach!

And we don't care.
Aya was the second child killed by the Israeli army last week. Soldiers near Ramallah shot 13-year-old Munadel Abu Aaalia in the back as he walked along a road reserved for Jewish settlers with two friends. The army said the boys planned to throw rocks at Israeli cars, which the military defines as terrorism.
The two killings went unnoticed by the outside world amid the political drama, but they made their impact among Palestinians angered by demands from western leaders for Hamas to recognise Israel and renounce its armed struggle.
How could we not notice this? How could the guards who shot a young boy in the BACK know he was going to do anything? Are they mind readers?

And they didn't have even that excuse with Aya. They simply shot her for the hell of it. A nine year old girl is not very big nor very threatening nor has a history of being terrorist.

This is all so sad and so very insane. Wherever Anne Frank is, she is weeping.
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