Thursday, January 26, 2006

K Street Lobbyists Lobby Congress To Not Stop K Street Lobbyists

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Keep that sewer of dirty money flowing! The GOP has to pretend to fix the clogged toilets but in reality, they desperately need to keep the corrupt system going because how else are they going to lord it over all of us, working hand in glove with corporate America and foreign governments, destroying our country?

From the NYT:
Leaders of the lobbying and advocacy community pushed back on Wednesday against the drive to impose new restrictions on lobbying, saying Congress risks cutting off lawmakers from valuable information and educational travel.
Oh, yeah, those educational golf courses and of course, cruise ships and hoola dancers. Got to study the problems of Aruba up close. Search for missing white women and all that.

Yeah. Right.
"I think elected leaders who cherish our unique freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution should act very carefully to ensure the ability of Americans to educate and inform our elected leaders is not restricted," said John Engler, president of the manufacturers' association and a former Republican governor of Michigan.
Um, yeah, like all those factories demanding huge tax cuts and various funds and benefits or they will bolt to China! And our retired politicians, doing the negotiations, holding a gun to our heads while wheeling and dealing with their buddies in DC!

No wonder we are going down in flames.
In a letter sent Wednesday to members of Congress, the head of the American Society of Association Executives said he feared a ban on travel provided by private groups for lawmakers and staff members would deprive officials of views from those outside Washington.

"Congress must create a distinction between unnecessary 'fact-finding' trips to exotic locales where the agenda is more socially or recreationally driven, and educational trips to an association meeting or conference," wrote John H. Graham IV, president of the group.
Hahaha. Conferences=golf jaunts. Meetings=whorehouses and free flowing bars in Nevada or the Bahamas.

It is getting worse for the GOP dead wood employment agency on K Street. From the Washington Post:

Republican lawmakers yesterday ended their long practice of routinely summoning lobbyists to the Capitol to try to persuade them to hire their aides and colleagues, in the wake of the Jack Abramoff political corruption scandal.

GOP lawmakers for years have regularly presented lists of job openings on K Street to lobbyists to encourage them to hire Republicans over Democrats. The program is a remnant of the K Street Project once championed by Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) as a way to coerce trade associations and companies to hire Republicans as their top lobbyists and to warn firms that hired Democrats that they would not be welcome.
The squealing piggies in the GOP want desperately to make this a bipartisan scandal but they own it all, 100%. They went to great lengths to insure no Democrat gets so much as a penny.

The whore media has been very clever to always frame this issue as an "All politicians are corrupt" on so their buddies servicing them in the government will keep on trucking. This works, to some degree, but at the loss of increasing numbers of viewers and readers who are straying off the reservation and reading blogs for information.

Eventually, this whole rotted edifice will collapse from internal weaknesses but unfortunately, it will happen when we all collapse.

Looks like our auto industry is collapsing. Aside from the charity factories set up by the Japanese.
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