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Kellogg, Root and Brown Gets FEMA Contract To Build Concentration Camps

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

A $385 million contract was awarded to KRB to build detention and processing camps for "emergencies". America has more prisons per capita than anyone outside of China. And we need more? Let's review the Bush/Nazi past.

From Legit Gov via Marketplace:
KBR awarded $385M Homeland Security contract for U.S. detention centers 24 Jan 2006 KBR, the engineering and construction subsidiary of Halliburton Co., said Tuesday it has been awarded a contingency contract from the Department of Homeland Security to support its Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in the event of an emergency. The maximum total value of the contract is $385 million and consists of a 1-year base period with four 1-year options. The contract, which is effective immediately, provides for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities... The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency [?!?], as well as the development of a plan to react to a [Bush-created] national emergency, the company said.
Let's review the history of Naziism: the German people, after they went bankrupt and lost a war, went insane. Despite being very "civilized", they decided to become moronic monsters and set out to literally enslave or murder as many humans as possible, all in the name of Homeland Security.

We are well set on this same path.

Why do we think Bush and his neo nazis went to great lengths to deride and mock the Geneva Conventions for nothing? Of course not. Bush is a career criminal whose family unto the latest generation, has trouble staying out of cop cars, firmly believe in exceptionalism to the greatest extreme. I went to Wikipedia to see what they had on the Bushes and it was a total farce, full of lies, evasions and outright rewriting history. For example, they state that the Geronimo skull business was "debunked" but didn't give any proof of this.

The stories about that matter are, as far as I am concerned, and my concern isn't distant but close, real. Namely, yes, they have the skull and it is, as far as my contacts believe, in the Texas White House. Just like Jeb Bush channels "Chang", the guy who betrayed the Shoalin Temple, Bush Jr channels Geronimo.

I always worry about the corporate/military/industrial/raw resources extraction complex. This thing can morph quickly into a Death Machine and all they need are willing hands to do the on the ground, dirty work. This is why they didn't punish the man who beat a general to death in utter violation of the Geneva Conventions but punished soldiers who photographed themselves torturing and then put it online, alerting the public to these crimes.

Here is one example of how war criminals who assisted in killing literally millions of people and earning vast profits doing it, serving only a handful of years after the Nuremberg Trials: From the Dr. Rath Foundation:
From "Arbeit macht frei" to "Codex Alimentarius"

Just fifteen years after they were convicted in the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal, Bayer, BASF and Hoechst were again the architects of the next major human rights offences. In 1962, they established the Codex Alimentarius Commission. (Remark made by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation)

This dark period of German history is inextricably bound to one man, Fritz ter Meer:
He was a member of the Managing Board of IG Farben from its inception to its dissolution. As the Wartime Manager, he was responsible for IG Auschwitz.

In the Nuremberg Tribunal, ter Meer stated: "Forced labor did not inflict any remarkable injury, pain, or suffering on the detainees, particularly since the alternative for these workers would have been death."

In 1948, ter Meer was sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal to seven years in prison for plundering and slavery.
In 1952, his sentence was commuted, due to the influence of powerful friends.

From 1956-1964, he was reinstated as a member of the Managing Board of Bayer AG.

In 1962, ter Meer was one of the architects of the "Codex Alimentarius" - Commission and one of the main designers of the schemes that would profit from human suffering. (Remark made by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation)

The deceptive title "Codex Alimentarius" is no accident. It was devised by the same firms and indeed the same individuals, who gave the Auschwitz concentration camp inmates the deceptive slogan "Arbeit mach frei" ("Work makes you free"). (Remark made by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation)

As long as the Nazi infection continues to work its influence and threaten the lives of untold millions, no German has the right to proclaim that the Nazi era is finished.
I represented my father at some ceremonies on the anniversary of the liberation of Dachau in 1968. It was a shattering experience. Only, unlike many today, instead of viewing it as a thing set against the Jews, I looked at it much more universally. Namely, it can happen to anyone, just look at how messed up Israelis are today, acting more and more like deranged Nazis, stirring up a witches' brew of hate which might trigger WWIII.

There are a lot of unhinged people on this planet and any country that hands power over to psychopaths should expect crimes to happen and to multiply to the nth degree, Indeed, there is no upper limit aside from annihilation which is why, being civilized in the saner sense, is so important.

Bush, in public, pretends he is OK with the flood of illegal labor crossing our borders with impunity. This is because they make excellent semi-slave labor. Easy to cheat, great for strike breaking, can't vote but if allowed in, are tallied up in the census so they swell the relative size of various states when it comes to dividing up the spoils of politics, just like blacks were in the south when they couldn't vote.

The rage in the working class over all this is about to explode exponentially. So they have to have these camps ready to take in hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are "excess" humans since their home states don't want them, either. You can guess what happens next.

The Bush push to hide all the paperwork, all the information, all the meetings, everything from us, is part and parcel of the Bush family Nazi plans. From the Guardian:
George Bush's grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.

The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.
This is a must-read article.
The most tantalising part of the story remains shrouded in mystery: the connection, if any, between Prescott Bush, Thyssen, Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC) and Auschwitz.
What a surprize. Bush Jr's arrest record, his military records, his records while in office are ALL shrouded in "mystery" which is deliberately concoted by these Nach und Nebel Neo Nazis.From Wikipedia:
There are unsubstantiated rumors concerning Prescott Bush's associations with the Nazi party. The Anti-Defamation League has stated, "Rumors about the alleged Nazi 'ties' of the late Prescott Bush, the grandfather of President George W. Bush, have circulated widely through the Internet in recent years. These charges are untenable and politically motivated."
Wink at Israeli spying, hire an Israeli citizen to run "Homeland Security," secretly promise the Jewish leaders that, no, the Bushes won't turn the sword of Naziism on them, only on Muslims, all they have to do is help cover up all the dusty graves, scatter Jewish ashes, support Bush and he will crown them.

With a crown of thorns! For history is full to the brim with stories of betrayal as more than one lamb has walked into the lion's den, trustingly. The far right seeths with hatred of Israel and considers the Israelis to be behind 9/11. The people who will run the concentration camps, if we end up doing this, will be right wingers. And they can't wait, I fear.

More than once, in history, people have dug their own graves. The refusal to understand why the Bushes were Nazis and why secret organizations like the Skull and Bones are dangerous, satanic ritualist death worshipping power hungry psychopaths is vital for our own survival.

Remember, first they came for the socialists and communists, then the disabled and insane, then the Jews...and so on.
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