Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oops. So, Bin Laden Isn't Dead Yet. More Magic Number Day Fun For Us

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Repeatedly, all the people running America and Britain, assured the world that bin Laden is either dead or dead. Now that he has proven yet again, he ain't dead yet. what is going to happen next? Well, the best way to understand what will happen next is to review the past magic number days. Bin Laden loves magic numbers and he believes in magic and in Allah, in a very strange and unsettling way.

From Associated Press:
U.S. counterterror officials said Thursday they have seen no specific or credible intelligence to indicate an upcoming al-Qaida attack on the country.

The United States will not let up in the war on terror despite the threats on the tape, said White House press secretary Scott McClellan. "We do not negotiate with terrorists," McClellan said. "We put them out of business."

While warning against downplaying the taped threat, officials at intelligence and law enforcement agencies said there has been no recent increase in "chatter" that can indicate that such an attack is imminent.
Hahaha. "Chatter". Like, everyone knows, before you attack, dead silence falls. This is usual in nearly all cases going back to...when we were barely more than monkeys.

If you want to ambush someone, the last thing you do is chatter about it beforehand! And what is the record for stopping the multi-tasking attacks so far?

How about zero.

Of course, we could kick in the doors and faces of countless Muslims but this won't stop the fighting, look at Israel.
A Palestinian suicide bomber posing as a peddler blew himself up in a Tel Aviv fast-food restaurant Thursday and wounded 20 people in an apparent attempt to destabilize the region a week before Palestinian elections.

Islamic Jihad, the only Palestinian faction boycotting the vote, claimed responsibility. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas accused the group of trying to sabotage the Jan. 25 election.
Looks like more bombings, more hate, more fury. The Israelis assassinate, murder and steal like crazy and instead of making them safer, it makes the demon stronger. Now the extreme religious jihadists are on the march, secular Fatah is finito and is that better? Radicalizing the heck out of the populace?

Or how about Iraq?
Two near-simultaneous bombings targeted a crowded downtown Baghdad coffee shop and a nearby restaurant Thursday, killing more than a dozen people. The attacks came as a foreign assessment team reported evidence of fraud in the Dec. 15 elections, but did not endorse calls for a rerun.
These bombings are a seperate issue for bin Laden. He has this Greater Circle or maybe more accurately, a Pentacle of Power set up which was put in motion some time about, about before 9/11, I would surmise.

Because the right wing neocons live in a fantasy world where they are gods and everyone else are dogs, they cannot prepare for the inevitable magic number day attacks. Nor will they acknowledge what is painfully obvious to me, that these days exist, the things set in motion are long there and not easy to find and no one talks about it, not the ones doing it, anyway, because like all occult matters, it has to be kept secret, this is what occultism is all about, ask the darn Skull and Bones to open the crypt door to their playhouse and let us rummage about there!

Heck! They love magic number days, too! So why do we pay taxes the same day they celebrate their little demonic connections? April 15th is an interesting day, isn't it? And 322 is a funky number. Ask Bush about it! Or Kerry. Neither man will even admit this number is significant, much less, magical.

Well, Bush is pushing for war with Iran, this would please bin Laden no end. To help this enterprise, old bin will be happy to push over yet another domino. Bush is sweating bullets, wondering if he can pull off his end of this satanic ritual. After all, he has to drive us into war, get us to attack Iran, this is very important to him, to the Zionists, to the satanists, to bin Laden. It is one more element in this pretty Pentagram.

Stand in the middle and meet Mephistopheles.
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