Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Putin Won Judo Contest with USA: Government of Ukraine Just Fell

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Hot off the wires: the government of Ukraine which Putin wanted to collapse, collapsed. The Judo expert scores another throw. All the pundits in Europe and America were screaming he blundered but I was right, they were wrong. What a surprize (grinning ear to ear).

From the BBC:
Ukraine's parliament has voted in favour of sacking the government over its recent gas deal with Russia.
A no-confidence vote in the government was backed by 250 of the assembly's 450 deputies, Reuters news agency reports.

Ukraine's prime minister had earlier said consumer gas prices would stay stable despite a deal with Russia doubling the price of gas imports.

Russia turned off gas supplies to Ukraine for three days on 1 January as it demanded a higher price for its gas.
I grew up eating foreign diplomatic and government reports. Riffling through dry, tedious stuff was just like panning for gold. And there always was gold. Also, because my beloved mom and dad were often heading straight into danger, if a hot spot was going hot, they were there, it behooved me to riddle out what was happening. More than once, I begged them successfully to not go when I detected serious danger.

Not that it stopped me from stumbling straight into the Warsaw Pact Armies in 1968! Heh. But even then, I was the first to suspect something when the East German Statsi agents tried desperately to persaude me to not go to Leipzig where the forces were assembling.

To go on: figuring out what is happening, what game plans are afoot, is ridiculously easy. All one has to do is to pretend to be the person in question and then ask, "What would I do, myself, if I were a ruthless leader?" Of course, with Bush, it is the reverse.

"What sort of moronic, idiotic, gads awful worst thing a leader could do?" and bingo! He does it! The fact that he is America's leader says volumes of our future ability to project power and be a power. Namely, imperial rot, here we go!

Putin is busy accomplishing all his interior goals: set himself up as a power to be feared, shut down Eastern Europe's rush to allow occupying American forces, cut American forces off at the knees and warn Germany who they are supposed to court and please. Not to mention, a peacock's display towards China who is also going to use Russia's fossil fuels.

Everyone is now on notice that Putin runs the show, he controls the fuel, the pipelines, everything. He is a man to fear and court. Start bowing, everyone.

And when is the State Department going to start paying me to give them advice? Hahaha. They know where I am and who I am. Gads.
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