Thursday, January 05, 2006

UPDATE: Bush Calls In Other Movers And Shakers And Then Shakes Them Down!

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

My link in the previous posting has changed! Oh, the mysteries of the NYT! Instead of the bland, blase opening and cutsie ootsie article, a blistering blast from the reporter is revealed. Who twisted whose tail to get this tale past the censors? Wow. Totally different!

From the same but totally different beginning article in the NYT:
Colin Powell said nothing - a silence that spoke volumes to many in the White House today.

His predecessor, Madeleine Albright, was a bit riled after hearing an exceedingly upbeat 40-minute briefing to 13 living former secretaries of state and defense about how well things are going in Iraq. Saying the war in Iraq was "taking up all the energy" of President Bush's foreign policy team, she asked Mr. t Bush whether he had let nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea spin out of control, and Latin America and China policy suffer by benign neglect.

"I can't let this comment stand," Mr. Bush shot back, telling Ms. Albright and the rare assembly of her colleagues, who reached back to the Kennedy White House, that his administration "can do more than one thing at a time."
Bush can f*ck up more than one foreign policy matter at a time! He can literally mess up South America, Asia and Europe and do this before he rides his tricycle around the South Lawn! Heck.

Now we learn the get together was nastier than previously revealed. I wonder what temper tantrums Mr. Sanger threw to get his real story out? Wow! I thought I goofed when I read the article a second time, like "Huh???" Funny, watching things morph right before one's eyes!
But if it was a bipartisan consultation, as advertised by the White House, it was a brief one. Mr. Bush allowed 5 to 10 minutes this morning for interchange with the group - which included three veterans of another difficult war, the one in Vietnam: Robert S. McNamara, Melvin R. Laird and James R. Schlesinger. Then the entire group was herded the Oval Office for what he called a "family picture."
A Potemkin meeting for a Contemptin President! How charming. How typical.

These ruling class fools should have known this would happen since criminal Karl Rove organized the sheebang. Bet bugs were planted on them, too! To boot. Anyway, gads. Talk about shabby. Did they storm outside and denounce Bush and Rove? Eh?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Gads. What ails these people? Think we don't already assume Bush is barking mad and doing stupid stuff? "Heck of a job, Rummy!" he probably said!
Those who wanted to impart more wisdom to the current occupants of the White House were sent back across the hall to meet again with Stephen J. Hadley, the national security adviser, and Gen. Peter Pace, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. But, as several of the participants noted, by that time Mr. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld had gone on to other meetings.
Oh, stop, please, you are killing me! Hahahaha!

My god. This is stunning. Such open contempt, the war criminals who drove America into an international crime, on a day soaked in blood, with the revelations of a mucked up CIA Iran nuclear bomb faux pas...From This Old Brit:
Mistake piled on mistake. As the CIA later learned, the Iranian who received the
download was a double agent. The agent quickly turned the data over to Iranian
security officials, and it enabled them to "roll up" the CIA's network throughout Iran.

CIA sources say that several of the Iranian agents were arrested and jailed, while the fates of some of the others is still unknown.
I have some things to say to the spooks and kooks and crooks and rooks hanging out in DC and the vicinity: you are all under arrest. If I could only!

But I can't arrest them. Homeland Security is after 4 year old children and authors of anti-Bush books or Senator Kennedy who are being kept from flying around America spreading sedition! Nope. All those dangerous people, Chertoff has no time to deal with mere war criminals.

Rove, throughout his career, specialized in fake photo ops. The pulling down of the Saddam Statue was set up by him, Bush hammering one nail at a Habitat for Humanity photo op, hitting his thumb, was misreported by the lying press as if he worked all day. Many of his photo ops were faked and the reporters knew this and lied about it all. Just as the earlier NYT piece lied about what Bush did today! Lies, lies, lies.

Well, Bush's little Victory Tour is about to hit a very hard wall. People tolerated him only because it looked as if the "elections" in Iraq would "work" only we knew it was a Potemkin Election since everything Bush does is fake on a grand scale.

Now, the chickens are coming home to roost with a vengence, I hope. Time is running out, our debts are climbing steeply.
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