Thursday, January 05, 2006

"US Enemies Are Going To Have A Bad Year"---Delusional General In Delusional War

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The head of the Joint Chief of Staffs is a Marine. He is youngish and gung-hoish and enthusiastic about imperial warring. Bush echoes the Lie of the Day, too. All is hunky dory in our gory misadventure in the Middle East. Sharon is dying, too, and American headlines blast lies about him and Israel as per usual.

From Stars and Stripes:
“I predict that the enemies of the United States of America are going to have a bad year in 2006,” chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Peter Pace said Tuesday in a brief interview as he walked through the halls of Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.
We have to keep our enemies amused, I suppose. I remember a film crew that interviewed Afghani fighters in the mountains during their long, bloody war with Russia which ended with Russia collapsing.

"What do you like to do?" asked the reporter.

"Kill Russians." said the mediavel looking fighter.

"What will you do if Russians leave?" asked the reporter.

"Kill someone else, " replied the Afghani, smiling.

Back to Iraq, today:
“We’re making good progress there, and we’re going to be sticking with the program we’ve got right now, which is training the Iraqi armed forces, training the Iraqi police, turning over more and more of the security responsibilities to the Iraqi government,” he said. “We’ll be able to transition then more and more of the country to their control and as we transition that, we’ll be able to have fewer of our forces maybe in country to be able to get the job done.”

He added that the different ethnic groups in Iraq must find a way to work with one another.

“That’s very much an Iraqi responsibility,” Pace said. “They’re going to have to figure out how to work together, how to understand that by working together and cooperating there is a much better opportunity for progress.”
In Vietnam, our rulers had all sorts of stupid delusions, one of which was to not understand the Christian French/Buddhist split between the cities and the vast majority in the countryside. The other was the refusal to understand patriotism as it exists in peasant societies. Since the USA hates peasants and considers them to be pests to be whipped into line or suppressed viciously, as barriers between exploiting a country's resources for ourselves, so it is in Iraq. We refuse to understand or work with the peasants and they, in turn, fight us tooth and nail, having no army or navy or airforce.

Saddam ran a tight ship police state. If anyone knows how to run a police state, he's the man and his people are the people. This stupid story that we have to "train" them is hogwash. It is beyond stupid. It is part of our overall hubris, believing we are better than them and smarter and braver, etc.
The government, the armed forces and the police of Iraq “are going to have to blend themselves together in a way that allows them to take advantage of the strengths in each of those communities,” he added.
This Marine is describing a classic totalitarian police state. He and his ilk are working with Bush to try to turn America into such a state. He thinks such states are great. This is what has propelled our foreign policy towards all Central and South American states as well as Caribbean islands. Imposing a strongman dictatorship using a country's military to terrorize the people in villages, farms and cities is our status quo.

Bush is back to his favorite "light at the end of the tunnel to hell" chat. From Bloomberg news:
President George W. Bush called 2005 a ``year of progress'' in Iraq and said the U.S. will reduce the number of its troops there by ``several thousand'' because Iraqis are taking more responsibility for their own security.

The U.S. over the next year will cut its forces in Iraq below levels that were set before the Iraqi elections, Bush said today at the Pentagon. The U.S. also plans to reduce the number of its troops in Afghanistan, he said.
We are always reducing the number of troops. Just like in Vietnam, the troops would be shipped over in greater numbers, silently. Then, when they are brought back again, it is trumpetted. In this case, Bush withdrew the troops from the streets to save his Presidency and to bring down the American casualties and now Iraq is literally blowing up all over the place, over a hundred killled this week and the week is only half over! At they have a nifty picture of yet another oil tanker convoy in flames, for example. And in Afghanistan, where we are reducing our troops that are no longer looking for bin Laden, 10 people were blown up today as a suicide bomber tried to kill the American envoy visiting the place.

The insurgents stopped their attacks for the election and now that the results are in, they know who and what to attack and they now have the full hearted approval of the other Sunni seeing that we are handing over Bagdad to Sadr's army! The fierce fighting this will provoke will overwhelm our troops. We can't bomb Bagdad from the air over and over again, year after year, what is this, Warsaw?!

Yes. Speaking of which:

The Middle East continues to roil. Sharon is dying. Of course, using modern technology, they are keeping him breathing, sort of, but his brain is cooked. He is now, even if he were to survive, out of the picture. All the headlines in non-Muslim states claim this is a set-back to "peace" in the Holy Land.

This sort of insane, obvious, ridiculous propaganda is why we are losing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sharon is to peace what icecubes are to the devil. He viciously fought the Palestinians and he is putting them into these explosive ghettos, note the border fighting going on at the Egyptian frontier, border guards killed by mobs of enraged Palestinians. The al Fatah party is in collapse because the yes man, Abbas, allowed Sharon to push him around and he tried to be an American tool only to discover this meant being betrayed at every turn. So he is, predictably, going down in flames.

Meanwhile, despite the Sharon plan to assassinate all Hamas leaders, they are resurgent because the usual reasons: they are wildly popular. The more Sharon and the IDF kill the party leaders, the more eager the oppressed Palestinians are in support of the party. Reminds me of Vietnam.

Not one Palestinian will weep for Sharon when he dies. His death won't change the facts on the ground since the Zionist movement to reduce the Palestinians into paupers and slaves locked in Nazi-like ghettos will grind onwards as the Jewish people slavishly imitate the worst of the Nazi regime's philosophies and actions. History is full of victims aping their oppressors and this will go down as a particularily gruesome example.

The bribery/kickback scandals which have surrounded Sharon's corrupt son were in the news the day before Sharon's collapse. Of particular interest is the contention that Sharon knew about the crimes and covered them up to save his son which is a crime, of course. None of that was in the American news, surprized?

The lopsided nature of news reporting in America is particularily in evidence when it comes to Israel. This gigantic blind spot, the rubbing out of most of the real news, causes the American public to support policies that are a grave danger to America. The Iraqi war is burning out of control, the Palestinian fury is just begining to warp into a major negative force, bursting out of the prison they are in, meanwhile, we stumble along the road to hell, thinking there is a light down there, that red, burning light is safety.
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