Saturday, January 21, 2006

USA Screams That Iran And Venezuela And China Spend Too Much On Military

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

It is truly embarrassing: the world's biggest military empire, caught up in bloody battles and suppressions, outspending the entire planet all together, is screaming about other nations spending money on military, especially if they are rivals or possible victims of the American military shock and awe machine.

From Associated Press:
Venezuela is planning a "buying spree" for military equipment that goes beyond the country's legitimate needs, the State Department said Friday.

In recent days, the United States has sought to block proposed sales of military planes and other equipment to Venezuela by Spain and Brazil.

The transactions are part of what "we would consider an outsized military buildup in Venezuela," State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said.

He also noted that the government of President Hugo Chavez has decided to activate its reserves and to create a million-person militia.
Oh, horrors. Yet another oil country, alarmed at American invasions of oil countries, wants some way of stopping the USA's aggression. How dare they! Sort of like Holland or Poland arming themselves because of Hitler.

Right now, the USA aggresionists are menacing Iran. Their causus bellus?

Iran might hold nukes which would prevent any invasions!

The illustration of this article isn't merely a joke, the picture I used is the actual planes Venezuela wants to buy! Prop planes! What??? Is this the fearsome weapons we dare not let anyone access? High technology? Wow! What next? "No Sopwith Camels for you, China!"? The Red Baron shakes in his boots.

Seriously, this unhinged howling reveals our weaknesses. The number one arms seller in the world aside from the Israelis who sell our technology to even the Chinese, is the USA. We need to balance our spread sheets by selling weapons to all and sundry including the Chinese, whoops, not them! They have to go through our allies in Israel, first. Want to buy secrets?

Ditto. The spy scandal wherein Franklin, a frank neo con, has been sentenced to hard time which might motivate that traitor to spill the beans on his criminal buddies in the Jewish lobby, well, that hasn't been chatted about in the press or nearly anywhere but on the far fringes of the blogsphere universe. We fear the wrong people. What on earth has Venezuela ever done to the USA? Invade Florida? Storm New Mexico? And how the hell did we get New Mexico and Florida and all the other nifty places we now fly our flag?

Ooops. Hey, we can't help it if we burn down Mexico City by accident! We just sort of Halled the Montezuma and shored the Triopli, didn't we? Accidentally and justifiably, of course! They attacked us when we went into their airspace! How dare they! We have a perfect right to hang out in their hang outs and there is no limit to our hanging out, ya hear?

This is why Venezuela getting even small prop planes is intolerable for us. We are planning a coup/invasion! They have zero right to interfere with our private affairs. After all, we are the empire.

And how dare bin Laden attack us? I thought, the gun points only one direction. Oops again.

By the way, the left isn't the only ones upset about all this hooey. Here is a right wing writer who says pretty much what I have been saying, about money. Only he can't understand the full implications of all this, not yet, anyway. From Team Liberty:
On November 10th 2005, the Muckraker Report published an article that described one of the unspoken reasons why the United States had to invade Iraq; to liberate the U.S. dollar in Iraq so that Iraqi oil could once again be purchased with the petrodollar. See The liberation of the U.S. Dollar in Iraq

In November 2000, Iraq stopped accepting U.S. dollars for its oil. Counted as a purely political move, Saddam Hussein switched the currency required to purchase Iraqi oil to the euro. Selling oil through the U.N. Oil for Food Program, Iraq converted all of its U.S. dollars in its U.N. account to the euro. Shortly thereafter, Iraq converted $10 billion in its U.N. reserve fund to the euro. By the end of 2000, Iraq had abandoned the U.S. dollar completely.
Go ahead and read his stuff. It slides along the edges of the real mess here. Of course, he thinks we can just step back from this without much harm, namely, our lifestyles will continue if only we cut our government spending, etc, etc.

Heh. Sinking ships. Punch more holes! Great. Aside from that right wing lust for self destruction, he still has a few points to make that coincide with my own. Being anti-worker means he has no solutions aside from the Great Die Off wherein we just let everyone slide off the cliff.
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