Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Welshofer, The Soldier Who Beat and Smothered Iraqi General To Death Given No Punishment

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Lyndie England and the other soldiers sent to prison for torturing prisoners after being encouraged by their bosses to do it, were punished only because they photographed their crimes. All others who didn't photograph it, get pats on the head even if they murdered people.

From Associated Press:
A military jury has recommended that an officer once facing up to life in prison for the interrogation death of an Iraqi general be given only a reprimand, a decision that drew applause from soldiers.

Initially charged with murder, Chief Warrant Officer Lewis Welshofer Jr. now faces no jail time, the forfeiture of $6,000 in salary and what amounts largely to a barracks restriction for 60 days.
It's OK to violate the Geneva Conventions. I recall, we executed Germans and Japanese for exactly this sort of crime, didn't we? This wasn't even some "insurgent" we murdered, it was a general! So, capturing generals and then torturing them and finally, brutally murdering them is perfectly fine, or at least, costs only $6000. Chickenfeed.

The soldiers who photographed their crimes because they believed that torture wasn't just OK but was perfectly legal and indeed, something to be proud of, were severely punished. The soldiers who hid their crimes in proper Mafia fashion were promoted and rewarded. Whistleblowers were attacked savagely by both the rank and file and the leaders all the way up to AWOL Bush and his crew of ill tempered, yellow bellied cowards.

Meanwhile, the trial of Saddam grinds onwards, he is accused of killing rebellious Iraqis unlike you-know-who. Geeze. Latest twist to this farce is, the judge is now a man who lost family members to Saddam. Not exactly impartial. And this is the problem with such trials.

The Nuremberg Trials weren't impartial, either. We strove to make it so, but we ruined the effect by acting as if only Nazis or people with slanty eyes could be war criminals. Not us!
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