Sunday, January 01, 2006

Year by Year, Casualties Climb in Afghanistan

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

America and the world were united in the concept of running down bin Laden and capturing him. But then, we changed our minds (Bush always was against going after bin Laden) and joined sides in an Afghani civil war. The allowed the creator of Bush's Trifecta Win to easily escape. Now, after an easy victory over barely armed peasants, we are now bogged down in an increasingly vicious war with these peasants who now idolize bin Laden as the Desert Fox of Muslim warfare.

From the London Times:
BRITISH troops set to deploy to southern Afghanistan this spring could sustain losses on a scale not seen since the Falklands war, military intelligence officers have warned.
They say insurgent forces in the south are preparing for a large offensive by Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, backed by sophisticated weapons and training from Iran.

The warnings follow an increase in fighting in southern Afghanistan over the past year. Several thousand people, including about 100 US soldiers, have been killed.

The insurgents regard the withdrawal of 2,000 US troops as a key victory and are expected to press home their advantage against the British-led Nato force.
This has got to be the biggest fiasco in military history. A very lightly armed man with no navy, no army, no airforce, successfully attacks the world's biggest empire, stabbing it right in the center of the heart, destroys part of the central command as well as a good slice of the finacial district of this empire, then bogs them down in a futile war they can't win in a place made famous for the last 6,000+ years as a nearly impossible place to hold, militarily: Afghanistan.

Like the Euphrates Valley cul-de-sac, another famous graveyard of empires, this place is very easy to enter and very hard to leave. Ask Alexander the Great. This is why reading history like recent news stories from the 1980s would have paid off, no? Indeed, the author of the tactics of this great military disaster, Rumsfeld, has no excuse in all this, he was around, running the military, during the eighties!

Indeed, the GOP and the neocon neonazis running the Pentagon applauded bin Laden's tactics in the eighties to bog down the Soviet State in Afghanistan in an unpopular and futile war! Bingo!

So what is Rummy's excuse? He can't claim ignorance or out of the loop. Ditto Bush and his dad. And the neocons.

Actually, none of them wanted to go to Afghanistan, they wanted to run off to the Euphrates cul-de-sac and get trapped there. The truth about 9/11 forced them to go after bin Laden and they did this with singular lack of energy, brio or enthusiasm. They brought in a pitiful few troops, dropped bombs on peasants all over the place and when faced with a real battle with some battle hardened but barely armed insurgents, belly flopped badly, unable to take any real hand to hand combat. At least, not with real fighters.

Chemical bombing barely armed civilians in Fallujah, ah! That was sweet. Even they did inflict some real casualties on us. But we bested them...only to lose all of Iraq, of course.

I remember the Tora Bora battle which we lost 100%. The Pentagon crowed that it was "the Perfect Victory" and I quipped, "For bin Laden!" And it wasn't a joke. Bin Laden was quite proud of his generalship. Heck, his strategy and tactics are on the same level as Hannibal! And look how famous he is! 2200 year ago!

Bin Laden hasn't brought any elephants over the Rockies to invade Kansas but he doesn't have to since the bellowing elephant herd of GOPers are doing a perfectly splendid job, destroying America's power.


Meanwhile, the war against Al Jazeera filming our many defeats and stupidities rages on. From the NYT:
U.S. forces in Afghanistan have arrested the Kabul correspondent of the Arab television station Al Jazeera along with his driver and cameraman, the station said on Sunday.
Well, bin Laden is slippery and devious but we sure can corner those pesky cameramen! Our rage at them is part of why we are losing. The Muslims have witnesses watching our depraved misadventures and every time we attack their watchers, al Jazeera tells everyone about it and the Muslims hate us even more. The idea that we be nice to the news media and not plot to murder them doesn't occur to Bush but then, remember the anthrax killer who went after only Bush's enemies, especially the media!

You know, Bush would become murderous if the media attacks him much more.

Anyway, the al Jazeera crew filmed stuff that annoyed us. We claimed it was a security breech as if Bin Laden is watching cable in his cave and says, "Hey, look, that huge American air base is in Kalahandra! Wow! Thanks for showing me!" Yeah, right.

Like, the guerrilla warriors are all couch potatoes. Sort of like you-know-who! And where are all those American volunteers who wanted bin Laden, dead or alive? Eh?

Home, Chaunteroy.
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