Monday, February 20, 2006

America Is A Police State: Idaho Federal Employee Threatened By Homeland Security For Having Antiwar Stickers On Car

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Idaho Federal worker, a military vet, is harrassed by Homeland Security agents because he had antiwar bumper stickers. This is what all those billions or Homeland Security money is for: not to save any Americans but to silence us all.

From the Artic Beacon:
And now from Boise comes another horror story about how one more average American has been contacted by Homeland Security agents and told "point blank" to remove several bumper stickers from his Ford Ranger parked in a federal employee parking lot where he works.

"We are living under fascism and this is one of the most repressive government's I have seen in my 51 years," said federal employee and former Navy veteran, Dwight Scarbrough, in an extended Friday phone conversation from his Boise home. "What happened to me was a typical example of fascist behavior. They are destroying the fabric of our communities in so many ways, including killing off our children in Iraq and ruining the financial base of our cities."

Scarbrough, who served in the Navy on a submarine from 1975-80 at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, said "it was ironic" that during his military stint he supposedly protected his country from the "Red Scare" while now he lived under it right here in America.

As a perfect example of the "New American Fascist State," he said on February 7 two officers from Homeland Security approached him at his office at the Natural Resource Center, saying he had to immediately remove the bumper stickers from his vehicle for being in violation of federal law in displaying "placards on public property."
This article has the dialogue he recorded. It is a must read.

The busy body rightwingers hired by Homeland Security feel they have the right to go around, imposing their desires on Americans. Note how Cindy Sheehan and even the wife of a Congressman were both ejected from the presence of Herr Bushler's State of the Soviet Union Speech. The charges were dropped against Sheehan because frankly, the arrest was not only illegal, it was utterly unamerican.

Since when have we lost the First Amendment? Eh? There is a reason it was number one! All over America, goons in the pay of Homeland Security as well as Bush's SS officers, run around, snooping on people, demanding to see ID on buses and then arresting working women for resisting this noxious demand, bursting into student housing, demanding to see posters of Bush being hung like Mussolini (I do hope we have a proper trial before justice is served...arrest Bush now!). All over the place, they crawl, seeking to intimidate.

No one has visited me. This is because they know me, they have spied on me in the past and will do so in the future. They figure, my pitiful blog can't touch them since the big guys like the NYT no longer publish my stuff.

They know if any HS or SS officers visit me, I will be very amused and will sit them down and talk to them seriously about the history of America and why my ancestors fled to here in the 1600's and why a police state is a bad idea.

Not that any of these right wing fascists will listen. What they want is power and control. So they can loot the planet, eat up the earth and then die in a horrible war.

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