Monday, February 20, 2006

America Plans To Nuke Iran And Anyone Else Who Defies Our Power

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Just as we are menacing democratically elected leaders in Venezuela and Iran, we are demanding any country with oil or other resources we desire must be fully disarmed so we can invade easily. To enforce this disarmament, we claim we may use nuclear bombs!

A telltale sign that (using nukes on non-nuclear nations) is the plan is the recent change in the stated mission of Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear weapons are developed. The mission of LANL used to be described officially as "Los Alamos National Laboratory's central mission is to reduce the global nuclear danger" . That will sound ridiculous once the U.S. starts throwing mini-nukes around. In anticipation of it, the Los Alamos mission statement has been recently changed to "prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction and to protect our homeland from terrorist attack." That is the present and future role of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, to be achieved through threat (deterrence) and use of nuclear weapons. References to the old mission are nowhere to be found in the current Los Alamos documents, indicating that the change was deliberate and thorough.
This is pretty alarming news. This was done without public input or public debate. Like nearly all the alterations in America changing us from a democracy to a police state, this gigantic change in policy was simply slipped in. If caught, they will claim that words don't mean anything.

Our invasion of Iraq was a war crime because we went to the UN and lied about our intentions and about Saddam's WMD. Few Americans choose to remember that UN teams were all over Iraq, seeking any traces of WMD and we forced the UN to remove them hours before we began "shock and awe" bombing attacks.

When we invaded and found absolutely nothing, this made it a war crime and Bush should have been arrested and charged and serving his prison sentence by now. Instead, thanks to the naked greed of Americans and Europeans and Japan, we literally got away with murder.

Now we are repeating the exact same charges yet again against Iran. And like last time, our biggest charge is, Iran is working with bin Laden who hated Saddam tremendously and who hates Shi'ites a lot, too. Why his deadliest enemies support him is something our dictator doesn't feel he has to explain.

Our Congress has turned Bush into a dictator. Like Hitler, Bush has to use various power levers to get his way in the present case, the GOP works the levers for him with the open collusion of the media who seem desperate for a police state so they and their clients, corporate entities, can get as much money as possible with the least amount of work as possible.

Since the American consumer is nearly tapped out and now that housing prices are no longer relentlessly rising, the last source of disposable income---mortgages---are going to dry up and the cruel necessity of soaking the remaining pennies from the populace will require brutal force.

Nuking Iran to "make America safe" will be popular simply because they can't hit us with a peashooter, they have wealth we can tap for our rulers so the party and rage onwards here, and we already have corralled Europe into this imperialist jaunt by offering them half of the spoils a la Venice and the infamous Third Crusade.

That turned out very badly for the crusaders destroyed Constantinople and fatally weakened it so the Islamic hordes were able to storm into Europe eventually, all the way to Vienna.

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