Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cheney's Gun Nut Woes Worsen

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The NRA is silent about Cheney's poor hunting skills and the right wing machinery is running nonstop to make it look as if Cheney is a fine person. But if you read carefully, you can see clearly, Cheney is a psychopath. He shows all the classic signs.

From Associated Press:
Katharine Armstrong, owner of the ranch where the shooting occurred, said it happened toward the end of the hunt, when it was still sunny but as darkness was encroaching and they were preparing to go inside. She said Whittington made a mistake by not announcing that he had walked up to rejoin the hunting line, and Cheney didn't see him as he tried to down a bird.

Armstrong said she saw Cheney's security detail running toward the scene. "The first thing that crossed my mind was he had a heart problem," she told The Associated Press.

She said Cheney stayed "close but cool" while the agents and medical personnel treated Whittington, then took him by ambulance to the hospital. Later, the hunting group sat down for dinner while Whittington was being treated, receiving updates from a family member at the hospital. Armstrong described Cheney's demeanor during dinner as "very worried" about Whittington.
OK, a coward who couldn't be bothered to serve his country during the Vietnam war, a war monger who enjoys planning the deaths of thousands of civilians, who boasted about how we will "shock and awe" the world with our vicious bombing raids, this man who gets pleasure shooting hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS of caged birds released for his pleasure to indulge in a bloody murderous fest, shoots a friend and he is cool?

Like, "Oh, I shot someone. Cool," type of cool? Or "So what if I shot someone. It was his fault," sort of indifference? If I shot someone who was my friend, I would hope I would fall apart with grief and worry and disgust with myself! Wailing and shedding tears, shaking all over! Psychopaths, when they kill or nearly kill people, show no emotion. This is why we call them "psychopaths". They have utterly severed all human feelings.

We bloggers made fun of Cheney at Auschwitz when he dressed as if he were going out to shoot some caged doves. He sat there, stony faced, while everyone else was weeping. He goes to funerals and looks like he is the undertaker. Bush looks like a squirmy little boy at funerals, like, "Mommy, are we done yet, I want a lollypop now!" sort of psychopath. I recall, as we peppered the Saddam sons with bullets, completely riddling their bodies, we claimed, we were not psychopathic, they had a long record of shooting people like killing dancers at a wedding, for example. Hmm. So, our press does recognize what is called "psychopatic behavior" and thinks it is OK to kill psychopaths, right? The description of the after shooting dinner party is another psychopathic story. An unnamed relative of the hostess (who is that, pray tell?) stayed with the victim while Cheney fretted.

He fretted, all right. He spent the dinner, most likely, trying to get everyone to agree on a story line that makes him look less homicidal. Less indifferent. Less responsible. Like Gollum spending his life in a cave, obsessing about murdering his cousin for the Ring of Doom, trying to blame anyone and everyone for his crime, Cheney is desperate to trun the tables and exonerate himself.

So the victim of this latest Bush/Cheney psychodrama has to be blamed for everything. Of course, the poor man was in intensive care while his friends bent over backwards to explain an obvious crime. So let's examine this story. I am, after all, a skeet shooter and a hunter so I am not so easily bamboozled.

"He walked out of the line and got shot" is pure garbage. If he walkes ahead of the line of shooters, he would have been shot where?

The back.

But he got a load of shot in the face. Sometimes people walk in front of shooters but they do it right in front of them, not 30 yrds away. At thirty yards, the man wouldn't have been shot in the face unless the shooter was deliberately doing it. This is because someone that obviously in front is easy to see. He can't "step into the line of fire" if he is that far away. He is, by definition, within the line of sight.

And how, pray tell, could he get 30 yrds in front of everyone without everyone clearly seeing him? Eh? The earliest reports are, the psychopath, Cheney, spun around and shot wildly. This is probably the truth which means Cheney should be indited for reckless hunting which is a crime. I assure you. When the Elmer Fudds go off on their psychotic hunting trips, there are laws preventing them from shooting everything they want.
Pamela Willeford, the U.S. ambassador to Switzerland, another member of the hunting party, told The Dallas Morning News for a story in Tuesday's editions that she and Cheney didn't realize Whittington had picked up a bird and caught up with them.
The ambassador is lying. This is ridiculous. If Whittington had "caught up with them" how can he be "ahead of them by 30 yds"? This sounds like he was behind them, right?

So how could he "step out of the line of fire" if he had merely "caught up with them" but was still a good distance behind them?
Willeford said she has hunted with Cheney before and would again.

"He's a great shot. He's very safety conscious. This is something that unfortunately was a bad accident and when you're with a group like that, he's safe or safer than all the rest of us," she said.
Note how, to supplicate the higher up, this person not only excuses obvious psychopathic behavior, but in a state of complete denial, claims Cheney is a safe hunter when all the evidence points to him being not only unsafe but extremely dangerous. This is also how families of alcoholics operate. Even as the drunk is destroying the house, foaming at the mouth, everyone is cool and calm, watching this.

The drunk will even swear, as he is smashing around, that he has everything under control and is quite cool. Cheney, like Bush, has been arrested for drunk driving more than once. One of the probable reasons he refused to talk to the sheriff or Texas Rangers about his escapade is because, by law, they have to check to see if he was drunk. So he had the Secret Service keep away the authorities until he was sober.

At no point has our Second-Psycho-in-Chief shown himself to the public because he will obviously end up snarling and snapping at reporters because his stupid, fake, full of lies like a bird full of buckshot stories would be ripped apart. Certainly, he won't sit down with a fellow hunter like me and explain himself.

And shame on the NRA. As I recall, they have all this stupid, lying, totally fake stuff about responsible gun users and how we don't need laws because gun users don't kill 30,000 people a year, the deaths are all due to minorities running around, shooting each other and so on. Yeah, that's the story. Cheney shot a man behind him because he thought he was going to be mugged by a Mexican.

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