Sunday, February 26, 2006

China Cements Alliance With Iran and The Palestinians Demand The UN Censor Israel

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

China finally picks up Iran and walks away with it and its oil. Big loss for Europe thanks to the Europeans working for Israel and Bush. The Mayor of London is punished for comparing the vicious neo-Warsaw Ghetto Israeli Defence Forces to "Nazis" even though they are acting like Nazis, and Abbas demands the UN censor Israel for the zillionth time but Bolton, worried more about sex, will veto punishing Israel. And Iraq is in full flames now, our soldiers being blown up daily, little mention in the press.

From Xinhua net:
Iran and China pledged on Saturday to promote the development of bilateral relations in all fields.

During his talks with visiting Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Lu Guozeng, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad commended China's achievements in its social construction and said that bilateral relations have undergone smooth development in recent years.

Iran views China as a friend and cooperation partner and hopes to strengthen its cooperation with China in all fields, Ahmadinejad said.
End game. When playing the ancient Asian strategy game, "Go", this is the equivalent of making an "eye" which means, with the fewest stones possible, you make an unassailable territory that is yours for the rest of the game.

Meaning, we can't take it away from China. If we made friends with the Iranians, it could have been ours, but since we always meddled violently with them, trying to be the British Empire, they hate us. The Chinese have never invaded or overturned their government so they are reaping a fine harvest.

We have to let go of the Middle East. Back when Europe kept beating their brains over holding Jerusalem, after five crusades, they just gave up and the Muslim tide swept back over the place, as expected. This is because the crusaders decided to go on looting expeditions to Egypt which led to defeat and Constantinople, which was an ally.

From Agence France:
Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas called for international pressure to rein in Israel after its acting premier vowed to press on with a campaign of attacks against militant groups.

Following the killing of five Palestinians during an Israeli army operation in the West Bank city of Nablus on Thursday, Israeli troops shot dead two more Palestinians in the Gaza Strip overnight.
Right after 9/11, Americans figured out we were not going to be happy unless we did something about the festering mess in the Holy Land. So Bush trotted off to the UN and said he was going to back the creation of a Palestinian state.

This set the Zionists into an uproar and they began a deadly campaign to build the Neuer Warsaw Ghetto. This bloody campaign was started by them mowing down the Jennin refugee camp, killing anyone who couldn't flee, literally bulldozing their homes on top of the elderly and disabled.

This outrage ticked off much of the Muslim world which couldn't stop this process since so many rulers of Muslims are traitors to their own people and run their countries for their own benefit. So the Muslim populace had to eat dust. Well, now they are making us eat dust and we don't like it but the ruthless campaign to destroy the Muslims living in territories the Zionists want, continues ruthlessly even though this means American interests are being utterly destroyed in all the important oil pumping countries.

From AP:
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Saturday that the world body is hobbled "by bad management, by sex and corruption" and a lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions.

John Bolton also criticized the U.N.'s budget, noting that two-thirds of members pay only 20 percent of the cost.

"We find an organization that is deeply troubled by bad management, by sex and corruption and by a growing lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions that are given to them," Bolton told an audience at a Columbia Law School symposium held by the Federalist Society, a conservative law organization.
It is amazing that the world's poorest nations still pay 20% of the costs of the UN.

On the other hand, we will soon join them, won't we? Right now, we can veto every UN sanction against Israel, a very costly affair, I wonder why the right wingers Bolton is talking to aren't pissed about that? Since we bankroll the nearly useless UN we get away with using it to shove nations around and do pretty much as we please. We have bases in all but a dozen countries outside of Africa which we are ignoring right now except the Chinese are moving swiftly there, oh, oh! We have 400 military bases overseas while closing many of them here at home. All this hideously expensive stuff is so our empire can protect the British Empire like Australia, India, Kenya, South Africa, England, Taiwan, etc. Hanging on to this very expensive empire is bankrupting us, of course, especially since we decided to take over the entire RUSSIAN empire, too! Glub, glub.

The hornet's nest in Iraq which was a former British colony, is killing us. Egypt, another British colony, costs us a lot and we are seeing increasing hate there, they really hate us and the place seethes with insurrection not to mention Iran and Saudi Arabia, our twin rocks like in Odysseus's tales.

Note that the Chinese have not opened a single military base anywhere but they are picking off former British colonies, they having been one, once, themselves!

Meanwhile, we live in pathetic fear. From AP:
Visitors to the complex that eventually will fill the World Trade Center site might have to submit to iris scans or thumb print analysis to get into buildings, while smart cameras try to match their faces to a photo database of known terrorists. Well-paid armed guards would be on patrol and sensors would test the air for lethal gases.

Preliminary details of a plan to make the redeveloped 16-acre site as terrorism-proof as possible were provided to The Associated Press this past week by former FBI agent James Kallstrom, Gov. George Pataki's senior counterterrorism adviser.
OK, we are officially insane. Way back when, in hysteria, we screamed we will rebuild the WTC which was a disaster waiting to happen, my ex husband worked there as well as many of our friends! We hated the building. I was in there a zillion times, it always creeped me out, it was so big and yet felt fragile, even way back in the seventies!

Now they are going to run businesses there that have a huge barrier, bigger than the Pentagon! To entry? Namely, everyone has to be cleared via elaborate, intrusive ID measures? As if bin Laden were going to go personally? Huh? Besides, the building were attacked from the outside, not inside!

Back after 9/11, we suggested, us lefties, that the site be a public park and memorial. Nothing built there, the two footprints of the basements of the buildings, a twin ponds with trees and monuments to the thousands who died there. But NOOOO. They had to do the whole big, fat imperialist thing and build a big honking building there "to show we are not afraid" only we are terrified so we will surround it with guards and barbed wire. No business will locate there. The Port Authority workers who lost so many because they were stuck on the highest floors which is where the offices were stuck, died on 9/11, imagine working there in the future and besides, who will visit to do business?

I know, Atta.

Meanwhile, bat crazy right wing kids attack their school's "Peace" class because it isn't warmongering enough. From the WP:
Saraf and Avishek Panth, also 17, acknowledge that with the exception of one lecture they sat in on this month, most of what they know about the course has come from friends and acquaintances who have taken the class. But, they said, those discussions, coupled with research they have done on McCarthy's background, have convinced them that their school should not continue to offer Peace Studies unless significant changes are made. This is not an ideological debate, they said. Rather, what bothers them the most is that McCarthy offers students only one perspective.

"I do recognize that it is a fairly popular class," Saraf said. "But it's clear that the teacher is only giving one side of the story. He's only offering facts that fit his point of view."

For his part, McCarthy, 67, finds the students' objections a bit puzzling. He said that although the two sat in on a recent class, they have not talked to him in depth about their concerns.

"I've never said my views are right and theirs are wrong," he said about the students who take his course. "In fact, I cherish conservative dissenters. I wish we could get more of them in."
I hope the two lads demanding this course be changed get to go to Iraq next year and find out, first hand, what their war-hell is really like.

From Reuters:
Iraq's defense minister warned on Saturday of a "civil war" that "will never end" and said he was ready to put tanks on the streets as sectarian violence flared despite a second day of curfew in Baghdad.

Extending a traffic ban in the capital to Monday after battles around Sunni mosques and a car bomb in a holy Shi'ite city, leaders scrambled to break a round of reprisals sparked by a suspected al Qaeda bombing of a Shi'ite shrine on Wednesday.

The gravest crisis since the U.S. invasion in 2003 threatens Washington's hopes of withdrawing its 136,000 troops from Iraq.

"If there is a civil war in this country it will never end," Defense Minister Saadoun al-Dulaimi, a minority Sunni Muslim in the Shi'ite-led interim government, told a news conference.
Oh, it will end...when America goes bankrupt which is a 100% certainty at this point since we are hemorraging over $2 billion a week thanks to Iraq!

Meanwhile, the prison riot in Afghanistan continues unabated. From the BBC:
Inmates have taken control of a wing of Afghanistan's main high-security jail, Pul-e-Charkhi in Kabul, officials say.
Sources have told the BBC four inmates have been killed, although top Afghan officials have denied any deaths.

The violence apparently began as an escape attempt in a section holding Taleban and al-Qaeda militants as well as ordinary criminals.
Make no mistake, these prison breakouts will grow vastly because these prisons are our empire's nastiest face and the ones in Muslim lands are the worst, all Gitmos all the time. I fully expect Saddam to be sprung pretty soon now that the country is entirely in flames.

The Cole attackers escaped from their prison and it wasn't hard, either, for them. The Quisiling ruler of Afghanistan is terrified of his prisoners and he knows they will literally play football with his head when they get finished with the Americans after the American empire collapses just like the Soviet Empire and due to the same reasons, no less. I am betting on Pakistan's ruler flying out on one of his fancy, new American fighter jets sometime in the near future because there is only so long one can hold onto a subject population.

The British thought they had the perfect empire, hardly needed any troops to hold down until WWI and then WWII disabused them of this notion. One reason the Japanese were so easily triumphant in many places was due to the fact the natives greeted them with rejoicing only to find they were as nasty or worse than the Brits so the natives turned to communists for help.

Ah, remember those days! Communism went bankrupt. Just like we are going.
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