Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Condi Rice Twists Arab Arms To Betray Palestinians

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Working hard for the Israeli government, Condi Rice lays down the law for all the despots working for us in Muslim lands: attack the Palestinians for Israel or else. This isn't exactly popular with their subjects who itch to remove all these despots. They cling to power only by cleaving to the USA which works only on behalf of the Jewish rulers of Palestinian lands. Bin Laden is laughing.

From the New York Times:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice must try to reconcile dissonant elements of the Bush administration Mideast policy this week -- defending the push for Palestinian elections won by people who oppose Israel's right to exist while seeking help from the kind of autocratic regimes she says have had their day.

Rice, who arrived here Tuesday afternoon, wants Egypt and Saudi Arabia to pressure the new Hamas leadership in the Palestinian territories to moderate its policies, the main message of two days of mostly closed-door diplomacy in Cairo and Riyadh.
You can bet, this was closed door. No way does Condi or the despot ruling Egypt of the thoroughly corrupt Saudis want their own people to hear anything about anything these Quislings do in their name!

Both countries are not only close to blowing up, they are blowing up! Not on the daily basis of Iraq but close. Hama's victory has been a shot across all their prows. The people in Egypt are cheered by the Hamas victory and they will tear Mubarak limb from limb. The Brotherhood stands alone in Egypt, the only opposition party and Mubarak is moving heaven and earth to try to thwart them only each step he takes strengthens them. They are nearing "god" status now, thanks to Mubarak.

Like Bin Laden in Saudi Arabia.

Our loud mewling on behalf of Israel is hastening the day both Israel and the USA will be embroiled in a vast war which will be called WWIII. Israel won't last even six hours in that war. Much of the Middle East will be destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. But this is what we want. We need desperately to steal lands of farmers and shepherds in Palestine. We need them for ourselves because....we want them. So there.

More Palestinians were killed today as Israeli forces raid one town after another on the West Bank, treating this whole Warsaw Ghetto II as some way of eliminating pesky religious/ethnics they need to remove for more Jewish Lebensraum.
''What does Dr. Condoleezza Rice want from Egypt? Why does she ignite Egyptians' anger every time she visits Cairo? Is it a prudent diplomacy to attack a country before she visits it,'' wrote Mohammed el-Shabah, editor of the independent Nahdat Masr newspaper.
This is what Rice does everywhere. Insults everyone, barks orders, stomps around. Geeze. This is how Bush operates, too!

Meanwhile, Hamas goes about, lining up new allies and finding them in many places. From the NYT:
The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, formally asked Hamas today to establish the new government, while the top Hamas leader said Iran was likely to play an increasing important role in Palestinian affairs.

At his seaside compound in Gaza City, Mr. Abbas appointed Ismail Haniya, 42, to lead the government. Hamas nominated Mr. Haniya as its candidate for prime minister on Sunday. Today's meeting was a formality, though it set the clock ticking for Mr. Haniya, who now has up to five weeks to put together a cabinet. However, Hamas leaders say they would like to complete the process in two weeks.

The radical Islamic faction is facing a host of urgent challenges, with Israel imposing sanctions and Western countries refusing to deal with the group.

Meanwhile, the top overall Hamas leader, Khaled Meshal, held a second day of meetings in Iran, a country that has long been supportive of Hamas.
You can bet, they will cleave to Iran! And Israel hates this! So time to have Condi and Bush attack Iran! Attack attack! What if, heaven forfend, Iran gets what Israel has, namely nukes, and Iran then informs Israel they have to negotiate a peace with the Palestinians or they might have nuclear war? So far, no one with nukes as sided with Palestine.

All the great powers are circling the Middle East. We should have not takens sides so blatantly over the Palestinian/Israeli division of the Holy Lands. We could have played brokers there but we broke with only one side. Now, trying to drag everyone into our one sided mess, we are setting up a vast explosion of rage and hate which we see the tiny tips of every few months as subject populations rage at us and at their own rulers.

This unstable mess should be handled adroitly and besides, how dare our country's leaders throw away our country's interests in order to service only one nation that isn't America? This is, by definition, exactly what our founding fathers warned about, vis a vis, England. Not to side with the English all the time. By reaching out to the French, we won our revolution. Yet a mere thirty years earlier, we were fighting the French with great ferocity!

No nation is always our friend or always our enemy. Not even when they were/are communist!

Here is the latest farce from Iraq, concerning the triumphant Shi'ites: From the Independent:
The US and Britain are pressuring Iraq's dominant Shia community to relinquish two key ministries in negotiations for a new government, as the country was hit by a wave of bombings that killed at least 24 people.

The US ambassador to Iraq, Zalmay Khalilzad, warned yesterday that Washington might cut aid to the Iraqis if the new government included sectarian politicians, pointing out that the US had spent "billions" in building up the police and the army.
So, we are going to cut aid? Hahaha. Well, they don't need our "aid". They can kick us out and tap their own oil, themselves, and even cleave to Iran and form a mega-empire again! Makes perfect sense to them! We lost Iraq long ago, we lost our shirts there as well as our sanity.

Think the Shi'ites are scared or impressed by Condi snarling at them? Think of what a funny picture that is to them. We sent Cheney's silly daughter and Karen Hughes to the Middle East to win their hearts and minds and where are those two broads, anyway? I don't see them. Are they hiding behind burquas?

According to the Chinese, Iran and Russia are in agreement now over nuclear power: From Xinhua net:
Iran and Russia have reached a rudimental agreement on principles over a Russian compromise proposal of joint uranium enrichment venture, state television quoted a senior negotiator as saying on Tuesday.

"After positive and constructive talks, the two sides reached a rudimental agreement on principles of a common formula and we will continue our negotiations to further the agreement," said SeyedAli Hosseini-Tash, deputy secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council.
As I explained in a previous article, people driven to the wall often stage astonishing comebacks. The Shi'ites know this. The Palestinians know this. Severe repression has the side effect of strengthening the willpower to resist.

Getting the Muslim overlords to cut funds to the Palestinians doesn't weaken them, it makes them stronger for they don't have to bow to these overfed, weak, corrupt men masquerading as leaders. The hungry lion is a better hunter than a fat sheep.

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