Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Condi Rice, Working for Israel, Threatens Our Ally, Norway

Elaine Meinel Supkis

Good grief. If Israel wants to lodge a formal complaint, they can. Instead, they use our Secretary of State to protest to Norway. And she knew this was a naughty thing to do so she demanded they classify her threats so no fingerprints could point to America serving Israeli interests by starting a row with an ally over Palestinian rights.

From Aftenposten:
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice threatened Norway with "serious political consequences" after Finance Minister and Socialist Left Party leader Kristin Halvorsen admitted to supporting a boycott of Israeli goods.

The reaction was reportedly given to the Norwegian embassy in Washington DC, and it was made clear that the statements came from the top level of the US State Department, newspaper VG reports.

VG claims that two classified reports promised a "tougher climate" between the USA and Norway if Halvorsen's remarks represented the foreign policy of the new red-green alliance of the Labor, Socialist Left and Center parties.
Of course, our entire state department as well as nearly everything in our foreign policy apparatus is focused on doing things for Israel. This hijacking of our entire diplomatic system by a small semi-province that we don't control, it controls us, is a disaster for any empire and in particular, for America, which is supposed to be a country that believes in seperation of church and state and we have all sorts of pledges like pledging alliegence to the American flag, not some other flags, the whole hysteria about burning the flag is coupled with this strange obsession of protecting and promoting another flag even if this means many Americans die.

The merest possibility that some people in other countries that we have treaties with might be angry with Israel for what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. Our Sec. of State has been all over the planet, desperately trying to force everyone into attacking Hamas, the winners of the recent Palestinian elections. This activity is wholly and totally inappropriate for our representative to the world to be doing. If the Israelis want to go around demanding everyone boycott or starve to death the Palestinians, then they could do this if they want.

Instead, they are hijacking our country to deliver this message and I, for one, happen to greatly resent this. I am plenty angry that the Israeli leadership is openly joking about starving the Palestinians to death, this grusome replay of the Warsaw Ghetto is extremely frightful, the whole Middle East is in meltdown mode this year and having the USA bully boy everyone on the planet into obeying Israel's demands is total insanity, it is going to destroy not only our empire but maybe America itself.

Just as our rulers have opened the floodgates to let most of our jobs leave America while bringing in hordes of foreigners to replace us in the domestic jobs at home, so they have used their powers of persuasion to convince us that America should be doing the heavy lifting of all other countries.

We have to "defend" Europe (from what the hell? Who?). We have to defend Israel so they can devour the Palestinians at their leisure without interference from other Muslims. We have to defend the oil wells in Iraq and we have to fight the Shi'a over oil in Iran, we have to protect Japan from China so Japan can thumb their noses at their bigger neighbor even as they kick us in the shins, taking jobs, flooding our markets while firmly locking the doors of their markets, luring us into a scheme to dump dollars in the form of debts into their coffers, all over the world, people use us against our own best interests.

The internationalists doing this to us are insuring that we pay for everything via IOUs plunked down upon our children's future. They are already ordering our government to kill us off, to cut us off from healthcare, to cut us off from food. Already, foodstamps are being reduced over and over again until it is nearly meaningless meanwhile, we see our ruling elite experimenting with turning food into gasoline so they can tool around while the elderly starve to death?


It all fits together. Instead of protecting America, cutting down our reliance on foreign sources of energy to run our nation, instead of unilaterally withdrawing our troops from all over the planet, we have been hijacked into running everything at our expense and for someone else's interest.

Just this month, after several years of misdirection and pushing, Bush announced we should send troops to Dafur. The people pushing for this are the exact same people who are screaming for us to not look at Palestine and pay no attention to the horrors of that ghetto/concentration camp. These same clowns profess to love the people in Africa but then pay not attention to the sufferings of the people in Chad or Nigeria as we pump out all their oil and leave them a mountain of IMF debts in return!

Dafur is a classic "balance of nature" event, when the herders got out of control, when the farmers and herders clashed over water use, land use, overpopulation, they have a mutal meltdown that is pretty violent and which has yo-yoed back and for across all the great plain areas on earth since cattle herders began to domesticate the horse, the sheep and the cow 7,000 years ago. Fixing this requires things we can't or won't do such as birth control and imposing a regime on the people of Dafur that limits the size of herds, the land one farms, sort of like what Ancient Egypt imposed back at the very dawn of agriculture.

The Middle East is undergoing an unsustainable population explosion. Across the planet, religious fanatics are desperately reproducing, seeing this as the chief way of extending their powers. From Hassidic Jews to Shia fundies to Christian born agains, all of them and more are seeking the same tool: high birth rate/oppression of women's rights so they can win their pathetic wars against their equally insane advesaries.

Why is America doing this? Europe and a large part of Asia have opted out of this mad birth rate/mad religion scramble for power. Why are we encouraging it, arming it and egging it on? Just this week, more and more states are rushing in with anti abortion anti birthcontrol legislation designed to dragoon female bodies into this destructive battle that will end only when we destroy our entire planet earth.

For what? Reminds me of the 1930's movie with the gangster on top of a gas tank screaming, "I am on top of the world, ma!" as he blows himself up.

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