Saturday, February 25, 2006

Condi Rice's Winter Wonderland Tour of Middle East Ends At UAE Where She Kisses Up To Our Real Masters

(By Kamran Jebreili -- Associated Press)
By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is an interesting article about Condi's recent insane trip which ended with her kow towing to the UAE and begging for more bones from the same people behind 9/11, all I can say is, we are doomed if Americans think this is all OK. Also, her failure to get these same people to attack the Palestinians is funny considering she had her hand out for bribes and goodies at the same time! Poor Israel. They depended on her to be "tough" with the Muslims. All bark and no bite.

From the Washington Post:
When Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a high-profile tour of Egypt and Saudi Arabia last June, she confronted those governments about opening up their political systems. Revisiting both countries this week, however, her call for greater democracy appeared more muted, as some of the aftershocks of the democracy push have given autocratic governments more leverage in their dealings with the United States.

The Bush administration had advocated legislative elections in the Palestinian territories as a way to reinvigorate Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, but the move resulted in a sweeping victory last month by the radical Islamic group Hamas. Now, in order to restore hopes for reviving stalled peace talks, the United States needs the help of Egyptian and Saudi leaders to press Hamas to moderate its unyielding demand for Israel's destruction.
Isn't it an odd coincidence, *NOT* that al Qaeda (al Quida) attacks Saudi Arabia's biggest oil refinery the same time frame Condi is in the UAE?
Other foreign policy goals on Rice's agenda this week -- such as seeking agreement to confront Iran over its nuclear program and enlisting Arab support for the new Iraqi government as bloody sectarian violence erupted -- also appeared to overshadow the administration's democracy campaign.
Again and again, we can't go around the world making "deals" and doing "diplomacy" when we are really beggars at the doors of the wealthy. Tin cup in hand, Condi trolls about the joint, "Spare a dime, kind sir?" she wails. Of course, when in Israel, they have her turn out her pockets and dump much of it into their hands. They need the money but can't beg their neighbors for it and you can be certain, they don't beg here, either, they demand money and get it since they use a percentage of what they gain to bribe the givers, our "elected leaders" who love this circular gravy train.

Egypt doesn't have to do this, they have another tool: let Egypt fall apart and a 100 million Attas will go bezerk. Already, we have 20 million Atta clones going bezerk in Iraq. We want our real rulers in the Middle East to save us from them only they can't because their own countries seethe with Atta clones literally dying to take them down, too!
In Cairo, Rice met with Egypt's intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, for nearly two hours, seeking his insights on Hamas. The session with Suleiman was longer than a lively meeting Rice held with democracy activists. They urged the United States to put more pressure on Egypt before President Hosni Mubarak succeeds in crippling moderate, secular groups.
You know, on 9/11, the head of Pakistan's secret service was in DC, meeting with top officials, they were going to have lunch together.

Argh. This is beyond annoying. If Condi wants to understand Hamas, she can call me any time. I will be happy to explain to her what is going on in Palestine and I know virtually nothing but what I do know is 1000 times more than what that stupid woman knows. I will even happily explain to her how terrorism works, not that she wants to understand what "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the USA" means. Why isn't this traitor in prison? Huh?

Secularists in Egypt are being attacked by Mubarrak and by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Brotherhood is happy to have martyrs and they are rejoicing in the crushing of liberals all over the Middle East, all of this triggered by America's need to cosset dictators who oppress their people so we can loot the oil and steal land from Palestinian peasants.

Since all rulers hate all peasants, this means we are unified with them in our disgusting actions.
In Saudi Arabia, a female journalist, dressed head to toe in a black abaya , demanded: "How is it possible to harmonize the U.S. position as a nation supporting freedom of expression and the right of people to practice democracy with your effort to curb the will of Hamas?"

Egyptian Television's Mervat Mohsen also rattled off a series of tough questions. "American calls for democracy have unwittingly brought unprecedented support for the Muslim Brotherhood, but you're not happy with the Muslim Brotherhood in power," he said. "Is this some kind of designer's democracy then, Dr. Rice?"
They can see the insanity. They know the push for "democracy" is totally fake. They are in agony, trying to stop this madness but they don't control their own rulers and they don't control us. And we don't control our rulers, note how little Bush cares about our feelings. He knows our elections are fake, he and his buddies know the electronic voting machines are permanently set to redo the votes eternally in their favor, all they have to do is win by 1 vote! And trust me, all our future elections will end this way. One person=one vote for the GOP.

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