Friday, February 24, 2006


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

More news coming in: military in Philippines tried to topple government while President was off at site of mudslide. It seems it was foiled but news is still chaos over there. Much fear in the streets.

From the BBC:
A state of emergency is in force across the Philippines after the army said it had foiled a coup to topple President Gloria Arroyo.
On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the uprising which ousted President Marcos, the BBC News website spoke to people in Manila to get their reaction to the day's events.
The news is pouring in today, can't keep up. As I expected, the fake American excuse for waging an illegal war is reverberating across the planet. We aren't fighting for democracy or freedom, we just want oil and because we have to fake it, this means we lose our freedoms at home, everyone is losing their freedom abroad, fascism and militarism is on the march, the God of War is coming, March is his month, his magic moment because it is spring and this is when wars rage for victory must be won by September! This is why the Romans gave the month of springtime to the bloody embrace of the god of war.

In most countries, the military exists to supress peasant rebellions and to prop up despots. America's own democracy is dying on the vine because we have handed over everything to the secruity/police/military state to "protect" us and they will, with a vengence, alas.

For they can exist only in slave states. Enslaving the populace to feed them and to join them in bloody adventures. Lures of spoils and power overwhelm military minds, the lust for blood inevitably leads to lust for sex and money, this is what has propelled human history for millenia, since the first stone was affixed to the first branch, we killed each other and we killed off any close relations which is why there are virtually none of those left, only the gorillas and chimps hidden on high mountains or deep jungles escaped our bloody campaigns.

Thanks to everyone embracing fascism, we are now heading into a massive world war. The only freedom that will exist in this coming crisis will be the freedom to slay.

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