Saturday, February 18, 2006

Famous Blogger, Riverbend, Raided By Masked Troops

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

She started blogging just before the war and has published a book now and won well deserved awards, Riverbend keeps a running journal about life in Bagdad. This week, she had a terrible experience we should all read carefully for this is how our police state will be run if things get out of control here.

From Bagdad Burning:
We were gathered in the living room and my aunt and her husband, Ammoo S. [Ammoo = uncle] were asleep. T., J. and I were speaking softly and looking for songs on the radio, having sworn not to sleep before the cake was all gone. T. was playing idly with her mobile phone, trying to send a message to a friend. “Hey- there’s no coverage here… is it just my phone?” She asked. J. and I both took out our phones and checked, “Mine isn’t working either…” J. answered, shaking her head. They both turned to me and I told them that I couldn’t get a signal either. J. suddenly looked alert and made a sort of “Uh-oh” sound as she remembered something. “R.- will you check the telephone next to you?” I picked up the ordinary telephone next to me and held my breath, waiting for a dial tone. Nothing.

“There’s no dial tone… but there was one earlier today- I was online…”
This entire posting by her is a must read. I am pulling this particular part because this is how our military operates. They cut not only the telephone service but also cell phones. They cut internet access. This is what those blasted "war games" they played this last week was all about. I noticed the web stank between 9-5 for three days. It was nearly impossible to use, at least for me and for a number of people I know.

Rumsfeld whining about the net and how everyone uses it to pass information the Pentagon wants to kill is another warning shot aimed straight at you and me. The pathological near murder of a lobbyist smooching with Cheney and his astonishing "apology" and Cheney's sneering and the right wing cheering him on, we are in grave danger. Riverbend's harrowing night of being raided without a warrant, being menaced and her home turned inside out is just an extention of our budding police state here where police, seeking "drugs", can break down doors shooting. So it is OK to shoot people for fun and OK to shoot them for drugs and OK to shoot them if they are unarmed women in Bagdad, this is what "freedom and democracy" is in Bushland: an ugly police state.

The Democratic party wants a police state, too. This way, we can control things if workers, peasants, poor people, whoever, gets uppity. We sneer at China for attacking farmers but at least the Chinese government is sufficiently embarrassed and worried about this, they are addressing the causes of the farmers' anger. Unlike our police state where they and the media sneer at anyone who dares resist the looting of America.

This is why they attack democratically elected, very popular Chavez. They are terrified we might get fed up and try to vote in someone like him. So they have to either disparage, lie, or assassinate anyone who might lead us out of the wilderness of endless debts and endless slavery.

I read in the news the horror about long life: they say, if we get health care and live on the average up to 81 or 86 years of age, the new pension/social security limit should be 82 years! What?

And so it goes. My heart goes out to Riverbend and her family. My outrage goes out to everyone in Iraq. My fury goes out to the people in America who are enabling these crazy psychopaths to run amok, killing people nearly everywhere they go.

Arrest them all.

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