Thursday, February 09, 2006

Intimidating Scientists, Harrassing Lawyers in Justice Dept, Scaring Letter To the Editor Writers

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

A nurse writes a letter to the editor and gets a visit from Homeland Security agents. Scientists are muzzled, lawyers are quitting the Justice department because they follow the law, on and on, Bush and his illegal gang running illegal wars illegally harrass ordinary citizens. This ties in with the illegal spying on Americans. Arrest Bush, arrest them all.

From the Free New Mexican:
The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico wants the government to apologize to a nurse for seizing her computer and investigating her for "sedition" after she criticized the Bush administration.

The ACLU said Wednesday the Department of Veterans Affairs found no evidence Laura Berg used her office computer to write the critical letter.

VA human resources chief Mel Hooker said in a Nov. 9 letter that his agency was obligated to investigate "any act which potentially represents sedition," the ACLU said.
I am hyper-aware the government snoops read and preserve everything I write. I have an extensive resume with them stretching back to 1955 if not earlier.

I will note, they used to visit me regularily over the years but since 9/11, dead silence. I know they glare in the dark at me. On the other hand, trying to intimidate me illegally won't impress me much since I know the laws. Even with the anti-constitutional "Patriot Act" they can't just go around scaring people even though this is exactly what they do. Note that when they tried to censor Cindy Sheehan, they were at least forced to apologize afterwards.

This poor nurse needs not only an apology, we need hearings in Congress about...hahaha. Everything. From outing Valerie Plame to the various revelations coming out of England about how Blair had to prevent Bush from committing one war crime after another, all this needs airing. An impeachment, arresting Bush, and a trial, too.

You see, the Secret Service and et al can't harrass me for calling for Bush's arrest because they know and we all know, he is breaking the law and defying the Constitution and we are deep in a grave Constitutional crisis and who wrote that thing?


Revolutionaries who used guns to fight the King! Now, if one calls for using force to stop the conspiritors who are killing this Constitution, one can be arrested for...insurrection against the King! Isn't that interesting?

From Consortium News:
George W. Bush has assured Americans that they can relax about his warrantless wiretapping because the program is reviewed by lots of lawyers and intelligence professionals. What he doesn’t say is that officials who object too much find themselves isolated, ridiculed and pushed out of their jobs.

For instance, when Deputy Attorney General James Comey refused to recertify the spying program in March 2004 – while Attorney General John Ashcroft was in the hospital – Bush gave Comey a derisive nickname, as “Cuomey” or “Cuomo” after New York’s former liberal Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo, Newsweek has reported.

Similarly, a high-ranking intelligence official who questioned the wiretapping program told the Washington Post that his objections soon made him an unwanted outsider. He encountered awkward silences when he attended meetings where the eavesdropping rules were discussed.
The old Jr High "cold shoulder/tack on chair games. This stupid gang operates on a childish level.

This is why their enablers in the GOP won't put them under oath nor answer anyone's questions if real questions are asked and why we are sliding off more than one cliff and sinking in more than one sea. This is an across the board degradation of all systems, done deliberately and maliciously.

I realize the danger of my talking about world events. For it is obvious, peasants all over the planet are up in arms over many issues. WTO or IMF or Bush visits---in China, they are actively fighting the government, a newspaper editor was recently beaten to death there for covering a story about the police chief hitting on workers on bikes, forcing them to bribe him.

All over the planet, rulers are using brutal force, shooting people, imprisoning and torturing them, stomping on them with tremendous violence while a lady writing a letter asking us all to be vigorous in removing these obvious criminals from power, she is accused of "inciting a rebellion"!

Well, if we can't peacefully vote because we are using Diebold machines that are controlled by GOP operatives who won't let anyone see how they code their system which can spit out 18181 vote totals over and over again, wow. Anyway, once they make it impossible to gage public opinion, then we no longer have "rule by the consent of the people" and have, instead, despotism which our Founding Fathers despised.

Embedded within our legitmate history is the Declaration of Independence. And within it, is the proviso that all good people, when oppressed by illegal authority that denies them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, can overthrow a regime that does this and have the right to do so, even violently.

Of course, the Founding Fathers would all be in prison if they lived today, what with their radical "Freedom of Speech" and all that.
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