Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Israel Unilaterally Announces They are Stealing Jerusalem and Much of the West Bank

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Israel hurries to unilaterally annex huge chunks of Palestinian lands plus the entire city of Jerusalem. So much for the road map. Of course, the plan, all along, was to force the Palestinians to hand over all this without a penny in return. Now, it is OK, it seems. Then we all wonder why Muslims are rioting all the time.

From the NYT:
Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said in a television interview broadcast on Tuesday that he wanted to set the country's permanent borders, with Israel giving up significant parts of the West Bank but keeping the largest Jewish settlement blocs.

Opinion polls indicate that Mr. Olmert and his centrist Kadima Party are favored in the Israeli national elections on March 28, and he says a top priority would be establishing Israel's frontiers, with or without an agreement with the Palestinians.
Isn't that sweet? Israel itself has acknowledged in the past that they merely "patrol" Palestinian lands to "protect" themselves but over the years, they built, at first, very sneakily and then, as they bribed American politicians using money raised in America, more and more openly, huge conglamorates of hostile settlements designed to wrest as much Palestinian lands as possible, as fast as possible. Now, they weep as the pretend to "retreat" from places they never had any rights to, in the first place (except thousands of years ago and even then, very tenuously, read the Bible!) unilaterally seizing the best lands and the major city for themselves.

Anyone who thinks this sort of aggression will lead to America being rich and happy is insane. Already, as we gird our belts, letting it out a dozen notches because we now import much more oil from Muslims than ever before, we think, Saudi Arabia will keep on pumping forever in the face of this sort of imperial activity on our part since we are the chief sponsors and enablers of this open theft.

The Israelis wanted Hamas to win so they could have an excuse to finish their Warsaw Ghetto 2.0 project. The glee with which they have announced this betrays their true intentions. They also have an excuse to tax their subject populations, steal the taxes and not hand them over to the duly elected officials! Great. More thefts.

One thing should be terribly obvious to everyone: Muslim youth are on the march. They are very angry. They are willing to die. They hate our guts. There is a huge number of them. Why we want to motivate them more, baffles me. Quite frankly, all religious minorities should be pushing for NO religious states, NO fascist states, NO wars, NO religious intolerance.

Instead, the struts and beams of a giant Trojan Horse are being built by the very people who will be run over by this same horse. We are not spreading liberalism, tolerance and hope. Alas.

These three things are the only things that bring freedom, security and peace.

P.S.--I know my "popularity" would be much higher and more "liberal" bloggers would link to my blog if I ignore or am hostile to all Muslims or Palestinians in particular. Playing to American prejudice pays off handsomely. I notice that when this sort of news hits, instead of the left buzzing about it, talking about what it means, or anything, they mostly shut up and look the other way. And if any major outlet (we know who they are!) does talk about this, a cadre of pro-Israeli commenters will appear and savage anyone and anything that even hints there is something really rotten going on in the "Holy Land." Blogging about this is very dangerous. On the right, they watch events unfold, like hawks, salivating for the day they can attack all Jews. This is something to fear! Very much!

But turning into right wing imperialists isn't a very sensible solution. Indeed, the lust for power always makes for some really nasty events as we see right in front of us.

This is all very sad and more than any issue, depresses me greatly. For I see no hint of sanity anywhere in any of this mess that is unfolding so relentlessly and viciously. We will not like the Apocalypse. Not at all. And pretending it won't happen won't stop it. Not at all.

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