Saturday, February 25, 2006

Jeb Bush, Host To Atta And Co, Wants Us To Trust The Bushes When It Comes To Terrorists

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

After letting or enabling an entire nest of terrorists to train for and arrange a massive attack on NYC and DC, Jeb Bush thinks we should trust him and his brother to protect us from terrorists and to let the UAE run our major ports.

From Associated Press:
The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey argued in court papers that Dubai Ports World was violating its lease by not getting consent for its pending acquisition of the current port operator, London-based Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine, who is also suing over the sale, urged other governors to join the case.

Governors of Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania have expressed concerns about the takeover; Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has said he trusts his brother the president on such security issues.
Good farking grief. We always come back to where the 9/11 conspiracy was hatched: in Florida, right outside the major Bush/CIA island compound in Florida. Aside from the fact that this conspiracy was run in Jeb's state, it was run in the one place in America that has more CIA agent's second or retirement homes in America. The place crawls with CIA and other spook agents! The same day Atta and Company were making their final plans, the town they were in, Sarasota, Florida, was crawling with Secret Service agents and the Bush clan.

Why was Bush in a school in that city when Atta attacked America? Hmmm?????

Now Jeb tells us to trust these two creeps, J and W, to protect us even as they pry open America's front door to the same entities that attacked us. Already, they and their malicious buddies are hard at work, cranking the propaganda machine to convince us we should sell ourselves to our tormentors. Astonishingly, the GOP has decided to call us "racist" for yelling about this matter.

So, they were racist when they pulled the Chinese oil deal over Unocal?

Revealing that only the UAE gave us $100 million "for Katrina" which was really a bribe for Bush, this again, astonished me. Are we so stupid as to accecpt bribes from our attackers? Then I remember the Bushes took money from Hitler AFTER Hitler declared war on America! This family seriously has no shame.
Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan said: "We believe once Congress has a better understanding of the facts and the safeguards that are in place that they will be more comfortable with the transaction moving forward. So, a slight delay would be helpful in that regard."
It is a "done deal" as far as the Bushes are concerned. They don't care if 74% of Americans polled on this matter are furious about it. They figure their bellowing pundits on TV will drive us all into accepting this deal and if we don't accept it, they will jam it down our throats anyway since this benefits Bush and his traitorous cronies, financially.

Will red state America finally figure out Bush and his gang hate them? Don't give a fig about them? Lie to them? Looks like that is happening more and more. Of course, on this journey to imperial hell, we have few allies in government in either party and nearly none in the media. For America has sold its soul to traitors so we could spend like fiends and run up a gigantic, historic tab with foreign powers. This insanity is called "free trade" and the deal was, we get everything "for free" in exchange for a mountain of IOUs.

This port deal is part of the exchange. One that leaves our belly exposed. Dominant dogs force lesser ones to roll over and expose the belly to their teeth. Then the dominant dog gets to decide if they want to rip out the belly or no. This is a bad position for America. Imagine if GERMANY ran our major ports in 1941.

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