Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Man Cheney Shot Has "Heart Attack" When Pellet Hits Heart

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Now CNN tells us the guy Cheney shot nearly died of a "heart attack" because some of the birdshot penetrated the heart. I suppose when the Chinese execute people by shooting them in the head, they die of headaches. Right?

From CNN:
The fellow hunter who was shot and wounded by Vice President Dick Cheney has suffered a "minor heart attack" after a piece of birdshot migrated to his heart, a hospital spokesman said Tuesday.

Harry Whittington, 78, is in stable condition in intensive care and will remain hospitalized for up to seven days, hospital officials said.
Gods, this looks more and more like the Sharon news. It was obvious this poor man was nearly killed. Instead of admitting this, the career criminal, Cheney, begged the Texan authorities and the hospital to minimize everything. Oops, he isn't in such hot shape!

I remember when the story broke, the shooter claimed his victim was "sitting up and laughing" ho-ho-ho, "Tis' only a flesh wound! I'm not dead yet! I'm feeling better!" and as snoopy people poke around, the real news begins to leak out, reminds me of Iraq, as things worsen, they have to increase the lies and the misinformation to cover up the crime. No, this lawyer didn't have any WMD on him, only a shotgun.

Well, we might as well use this new way of looking at things. The NRA is right, guns don't kill people, heart attacks from bullets kill people! And brain hemmorages kill people, not bullets. So Kennedy died of a brain hemmorage, didn't he? And poor Martin Luther King had a massive brain/heart failure. Shooting had nothing to do with it.

The fact that Cheney immediately had to lie about all this, prevent the police from contacting him, the Secret Service acting like they were in a B rated "Godfather" movie, this all points to a Presidency that should be taken to jail. Once you lie to the police about shooting someone, they usually go after you, hammer and tongs.

Especially when the victim laughs weakly and gasps, "Please don't arrest the Godfather. He is my best, *cough*cough* friend. We were just joking." No. You arrest him.

Arrest them all.
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