Sunday, February 05, 2006

Many Embassies Set On Fire Across Muslim Lands

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Even as Western Imperial Powers talk endlessly and breathlessly about the necessity of attacking Iran before they manage to protect themselves by building nukes, the entire Muslim world is now aflame over cartoons mocking their religion. Instead of laughing at this rage, just like with 9/11, we better try to understand why they are increasingly angry and begin to address some of their grievences which means, of course, talking about Palestine, too. We are rapidly spiralling into WWIII here.

From the BBC:
Syrians have set fire to the Norwegian and Danish embassies in Damascus to protest at the publication of newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
Protesters stormed the Danish site amid chants of "God is great", before moving on to attack the Norwegian mission.

Police fired tear gas to try to disperse crowds at the second site, but protesters broke in and set it ablaze.

The cartoons have sparked Muslim outrage across the world, following their publication in a Danish paper.
More and more such stories are flowing in, fast. In Beirut, they set fire to some embassies, too. Since nearly all Muslims live under vicious dictatorships, most countries have muted responses but this isn't due to lack of rage but lack of opportunity to express this rage.

From Reuters:
The leaders of Muslim-majority Indonesia and Malaysia added their voices on Saturday to the condemnation of cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammad, whose publication has sparked outrage across the Islamic world.
Malaysia is a democracy. So note that the President of this country condemns the cartoons.

It is interesting watching the born again Bush side with the Muslims in all this. I suppose, we don't want to see all our troops massacred in Iraq. Of course, the Muslims aren't stupid. They remember the throwing the Koran in the toilet business and know that we are insincere, to say the least. They also know they have us by the short hairs. We need that oil, we need to dominate them, we need them very badly.

We hate them. But like all out of control wars, our desires are used by others for other means which ends up widening wars. In this case, disarming Iran benefits Saudi Arabia so they back our military efforts in this regard, the fight between Persia and Turkey ongoing for the last 700 years!

Ancient wars are very dangerous. Like dry wood, waiting to flame up again, here we see several very ancient wars springing up fiercely, going back to when Islam first swept out of the desert and all the way to the south of France, to Vienna, over the centuries, the struggle for dominance has been one, big, messy world war.

And now we want more of this? Are we nuts?
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