Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More, Worse Torture Pictures Leaked Via Australia

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

"Able Danger" Continues to nag "investigators" who pretended to check everything out concerning 9/11 and those torture pictures we have been waiting now for years to be released are leaked to an Aussie news outlet. Also, the Repubs decide to not investigate the totally illegal spying Bush and Shoot-em-up Cheney conducted.

From AP:
An Australian television network broadcast photographs and video clips Wednesday that it said were previously unpublished images of the abuse of Iraqis held in U.S. military custody at Abu Ghraib prison in 2003.
I was wondering when we would see this. The Brits are caught in their own Abu Ghraib moment with the movie showing them brutally beating helpless teens nearly to death.
Many of the images broadcast Wednesday were more graphic than those previously published, showing what appear to be dead bodies, as well as wounded people and prisoners performing sex acts. SBS said the photographs of the dead bodies were of people who had died at the prison.

The SBS showed photographs of a bloodied cell block and a corpse, and said the man had been killed during a CIA interrogation.

One clip broadcast by SBS showed a group of naked men with bags over their heads standing together, masturbating. The network said the masturbation had been forced.

Another video, shot from several angles, showed a man described as mentally disturbed repeatedly beating his head against a wall.
Even as our dictator, Bush, worked hard to coerce the GOP in Congress to cover up our many crimes in Iraq as well as the still unknown horrors we inflicted on prisoners all over the world via the secret CIA flights, he claimed the right to continue the torture even while claiming he is punishing the tools doing to torture for him. I think I will have a headache.

Obvious now, the sole reason those soldiers were punished was for showing off these crimes. Note how just this week, Cheney reflexively tried to cover up a crime he committed (it is totally illegal to shoot someone and then get them to conspire to not report it!).

From the Indepenent:
Two Iraqis who claim to have been victims of the filmed abuse by British soldiers said last night that they would sue the British Government.

The threat of legal action came as 1,000 demonstrators in Basra burnt the British flag, and the city's governing council declared that it was cutting ties with British authorities.

The Royal Military Police confirmed that two more soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Light Infantry have been arrested in connection with the assaults in Maysan province, southern Iraq, in January 2004.

The arrests last night followed the arrest on Monday of Cpl Martin Webster who is alleged to have filmed the beatings. However, the continuing British investigation did little to assuage the growing backlash in Iraq.
England's little colonial adventure, "Lawrence of Arabia Goes Insane II" is falling apart just as rapidly as our little adventure, "Little Big Horny Mess II" is blowing up in our fool faces. Unlike America, the Brits don't really have to pay for all this, they are riding on our back. But the results will show up in due time, namely, when WWIII breaks out, England will rediscover the joys of being bombed by hostile nations.

But America and Britain want to pick a fight with Iran who is barely armed but is much more armed than Iraq was when we conspired to invade there.

From AP:

Pre-Sept. 11 intelligence conducted by a secret military unit identified terrorist ringleader Mohamed Atta 13 different times, a congressman said Tuesday.

During a Capitol Hill news conference, Rep. Curt Weldon (news, bio, voting record), R-Pa., said the unit — code-named "Able Danger" — also identified "a problem" in Yemen two weeks before the attack on the USS Cole. It knew the problem was tied into the port of Aden and involved a U.S. platform, but the ship commander was not made aware of it, Weldon said.

The suicide bombing of the Cole killed 17 sailors on Oct. 12, 2000.

If anyone had told the Cole's commander that there was any indication of a problem in Aden, "he would not have gone there," Weldon told reporters. "He had no clue."

Weldon would not say who provided evidence of such intelligence to him.

Since August, Weldon, vice chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, has pushed Congress and the Pentagon to investigate the workings of Able Danger, which used data mining to identify links that might indicate the workings of terrorists. If he is correct, it would change the timeline for when government officials first became aware of Atta's links to al-Qaida.

Former members of the Sept. 11 commission have dismissed Weldon's findings.
Cmdr. Greg Hicks, a Pentagon spokesman, released a statement saying that Pentagon officials welcome the opportunity to address these issues during a hearing scheduled Wednesday before a subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee.
A whole army of people knew about Atta. After all, he set up shop near his handlers and the fact that his home base totally overlaps the one place in America more overrun with retired and present CIA and ONI and NSA officers as well as the heads of the CIA/spook complexes, namely, right off of Jupiter Island itself, the retreat bought up by the first OSS director as a neat hideaway to do squirrely stuff where no one can enter because the island is a fricking fortress and Bush was there the day before Atta went on his mission and Bush and Atta were less than five miles apart at one point...GADS.

No wonder the white washers of 9/11 want to shut this Congressman up! Democrats are no better, they want to keep this garbage going for the same reasons the GOP wants to have war: both parties want war in the Middle East and for the same reasons, ask AIPAC and the American neo-cons!

Time to kill the other investigations! Whoopee! From the Washington Post:
Congress appeared ready to launch an investigation into the Bush administration's warrantless domestic surveillance program last week, but an all-out White House lobbying campaign has dramatically slowed the effort and may kill it, key Republican and Democratic sources said yesterday.
Welcome to the Ess Ess Ess Air, tovarich! The New Soviet State embraces illegal spying because it protects us from those outsiders who try to enter the Iron Curtain country of America. Only our curtain is as full of holes as swiss cheezits.

What can I say. "We are doomed."

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